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  1. lol, sorry. Its actually only one, if you read the read stuff at the bottom (in red), but it was over 40,000 characters so I had to separate it into two posts. Wow, you were on that quick. Burnseyy's gonna be pissed. She has been asking about this chapter and as soon as she signs off, it gets posted. :xp: Ah well, enjoy!



  2. O.K. :) I'm typing up a chapter for my own fic right now. The first three chapters are already in the CEC if you are intersted. *more shameless self promotion* :D But I should be done in 20 minutes so I'll be sure to check it out!



  3. Oh, I know, the sun always brings out my freckes. Makes me look like I'm twelve.


    Well I'm betting your math is much harder than mine. I'm sure you have heard about how cruddy math is in American schools compared to Europe. That and I'm only in Geometry/Trigonometry. Your probably in Algebra IV or something insane like that right?


    I'm sure you got good grades. Well done, nothing below a C? Wow. What are the GCSEs anyway?



  4. Magic eh? We'll just see about that ;P Yeah, the whole boys are better with numbers thing is not entirely cortrect. I'm a boy and math is my worst class. I mean I get As, but I'm not in Honors or anything. And I hate it...so many numbers, eurgh :xp:


    I'll pre-order your book over the internet right now :D...


    How's the sunburn doing?



  5. :lol: Yeah wouldn't it be weird if someone just looked on my profile and saw us talking about that?


    Still, there is a whole page of me and Burnseyy discussing bra sizes, which is very weird as I'm a boy and she is a girl...wierdest internet discussion I have ever had. Still, imagine if her dad was to walk in. "Hey, what are you doing?" - "I'm talking about bras with a guy from America." :xp:


    Eh, I could propose it if I became a senator of representitive - oh wait, DC does not have any - never mind.


    You said you had inspiration with SiD. How's that going? (I understand you can't give too much away, especially since anybody could be reading)



  6. Yeah, he is enormous. Imagine that junping on you everyday you get home. I have him by like 15 pounds, but still. He's 135lbs of pure muscle too. I feel bad for the guy who busts in to try to steal my TV. :xp:


    I know I've been ssaying this like everyday for the past week, but hopefully the story will be up today. :)



  7. Urgh, how do you girls do it? So many confusing numbers and letters...wow us guys have it easy, just throw on a shirt and pants and we are ready to go.


    Well if I get it abolished in the US and you get it abolished in England...next step THE WORLD! :lol: I'll just start drafting that legislation now, and get it to the Justice Department :D.



  8. I've been fine, I just got back from Spain. I have been trying to accept your friend request, but it keeps telling me that I'm not signed in or somthing. It has done this with my other friends as well. Whatever, I'll sort it out eventually. Just so you know you are not being ignored. ;)


    I'm looking forward to more of your art. :D I have been busy as well, and I just can't find the time to post any chapters for my fic, so I know how the whole overloaded thing goes.


    Anyway, its great to see you back, and hopefully I'll figure out that friend request thing soon.



  9. Meh, Ive reread this chapter so many times that I'm sick of it and keep putting off typing it. I could probably recite it word for word now - there was nothing else in English to read in Spain. You are aiding in my procrastination! Typing is like work for me, as I'm so slow.


    Anti Aged Speedo Wearing Act! :lol:


    Just one more: DDs are like Pamela Anderson over here in the states. (Google her if you don't know her)



  10. None as far as I know. But he can break into the bag that has his dog treats if he really wants too so...I'm guessing that was the case. He is a big dog though, at like 135 lbs ( about 62 kgs). At least before Spain, hmmm...*runs off to weigh Fred.*



  11. She is 16 and I meant DD. :D E and F? Well I don't know, I'm not a girl so I'll take your word for it. Hah, I can't believe I'm talking about bra sizes online with a girl. :xp: How does she do what?


    Oh, I know right, they should put an age limit on speedos, seriously. If I ever go into politics, that will be my first piece of legislation. :D Yeah, I just slap on shorts, and I'm onm my way.


    Oscar for the win! I would play pazaak with you if they had it online. *sigh* Too bad they don't. :(




    P.S. If I take long top answeer, its because I typing TFP while we are talking.

  12. Thats why I don't get fish, because their memories are so short. I have a dog named Fred and he is always happy to see me get home - he certainly remember I'm the one who feeds him. :xp: If it was up to my parents, he would starve, as they always forget...its really amazing he survived while I was in Spain.


    I like the sound of those Tiger Oscars. I had a fish once. I accidentally bumped into the tank, and one of the decorative rocks fell and crushed him. :(...:lol: Both sad and funny. Oh, well, never cared for him much anyway.


    I hope your connection does not drop!



  13. I don't know what you are talking about...in America D is the largest size. If you are any bigger, you need custom made. :xp: Must be different in England.


    :lol: That is so funny about your shirt. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Yes water slides and bikinis are not a good combination. :) Wow, this is cool, you, me and DY online at the same time...that has not happened for a while.



  14. No, Burnseyy got a rock from a volcano she visited and named it Oscar. :D What were you talking about?



  15. Oh, thats cool, I want a teddy dolphin! Oscar...thats a good name for a pet rock. I used to have one, wonder where he went...:D Hehehe, sucks to be that girl, having your bottoms fall off in public. My friend had her top fall off while going down a waterslide and she is a D cup so she got a lot of stares and wolf whistles. Her top had floated to the other end of the pool. :xp:


    Well your accents are awesomeness.


    AND painkiller?...:xp:



  16. Actually you guys have 16 gold medals! I found the medal standings, finally. :)http://www.nbcolympics.com/medals/2008standings/index.html Women's beach vollyball tonight. U.S. vs. China for the gold. :D I always go for England or Italy when the U.S. is out. I'm half Italian and believe it or not the English are very well liked over here. (At least where I live)


    Yeah, dolphins are so smart. The U.S. Navy trains them to locate underwater bombs and mines. Yeah, you should probaby just chill tonight. Oh, those poor dogs! I never heard about them. You should buy some after-sun cream, let me tell you, it's well worth it.



  17. Thanks. :D Yeah I'm not going to rush, its just frustrating because I have good ideas, but am too tired to form them into a good story, much less type it, as I'm the worst typer ever. Still, the jet lag is getting less everyday so...:D Once all three of us are in our home envbironments, we will go much faster. :)


    No, I was just speaking general. I didn't expect anything drastic to have happened, other than the whole Russia/Georgia thing.



  18. I like certain things in the Olympics, though I have to say U.S. basketball is rather boring as its always a blowout. Honestly I've been enjoying Volleyball the most, great match against Serbia today. There are a limited number of things I watch in the Olympics, but yes once they are over...I doubt I'll watch that much more.


    As for the outcomes, I'm fairly pleased except for gymnastics inj which I think China bribed judges because they always win and there were many people I thought were better. Its funny how most of the stuff China wins is the subjective stuff. Makes my blood boil. Those "tiebreaking" incidents you mentioned are infuriating.


    As for jet lag, I'm just trying to get a lot of sleep, but I'm so tired, I keep putting off typing then next TFP chapter. I'm really trying to force myself to adapt to American time. (Spain is six hours ahead). Still, its kinda bad for K3 that so far there has always been one member gone. You are not going on vacation inm a week are you? :xp:


    How have things been going in the month that I missed?



  19. I have not actually checked the medal standings but I'm fairly sure that the US has the most medals, but China has the most gold. Its funny how they always win the stuff that is being judged.


    America has either had amazing wins or totally blown it, but thats usually the way it goes. England is usually consistant with their medal are they not?


    :lol: Burnseyy the pool shark! Ooh, shoulders, I burned my shoulders before. It sucked cause I always sleep on my side...yeah I know how bad burning goes. Happens to me all the time. As for being drunk - hope you don't have like a huge hangover tomorrow. :)



  20. Unfortunatly, I've read and reread it so many times, typing it is becoming so boring. But I'll definitly have it up by the end of today. Yeah wait till your sober, I think you will enjoy it better. At least you are not like me who did the sober dance while I was drunk. Me and a couple of drunk friends danced in a circle singing: "S-O-B-E-R! Sober, sober, yes we are!" Yeah, I know I'm a geek. :xp:


    I have seen quite a bit of the olympics. Though the American teams have blown a couple of things...some Americans here just expect America to win everything and are outraged when we don't. They make us all look bad.


    Phelps was amazing...America is still in for basketball (which is a huge sport here) and women's soccer. They don't show much of England here. How have you guys been doing?


    @DY: Oh, god there is so much bias in the judging.



  21. Hey, how have you been? I have not seen you around lately. I've been away so that might be my fault, I don't know. :) Whats up?



  22. Wow, she sounds real sweet. :p


    O.K, Uni is sort of the same. Here, when you go to college, you pick a major (which is what you will mostly study and get a degree in) and a minor which usually compliments the major. Like if you major in physics, you would probably minor in math or something. But some people double major, and then there is grad school and all that. I don't know if they call it grad school in England or not...


    Yeah clingy is a big no for me. Many girls tend to have that problem, unfortunately. Can't run up my texting bill either like my friend who will text - "guess what?" than when I reply "I don't know" will say - "Just guess". Not all of us have unlimited texting! :xp: Two of my friends had bad break ups while I was gone so I'm playing the "consoler" right now. Man, I miss everything!


    I am trying my best to type up TFP now, though since I am a slow typer and have gotten in tthe bad habit of typing with one hand...it takes forever. But at least I have stuff written? How are your fics coming along?



  23. Yeah I know how the tired thing goes. I have the worst jet lag right now. :( I assume college over hear is like your university, but then again I really don't know. :)


    I know college is going to be so different. I'm hoping I'll like it, I'm not ready to leave my high school friends. But your right, thats two years away...thank God. :D


    I'm staying in touch with most of the people that went on my trip. They certainly are not my best friends or anything, but we plan to go out a few times. A lot of guys go for the shy girl and vice versa. But yeah, you need a guy who is not afraid to take charge once and awhile, you know? I unfortunatly have a thing for tough girls, which is not good when thay can probaly kick my ass. My last girlfriend knows Brasilian Jujitsu (sp). I think I'll go for someone a little less... you know. :xp: Currently single, with nobody in my sights. Go for it Burnseyy!



  24. No, you were original. I said Hermione/Luna, not Handmaiden. :) Hehe, yeah, she does look like a lesbian, the hair and all that.


    And a great floodgate you opened too! I just hope I don't become the burden to you guys, but now that I'm back home I should be much more reachable. :D Oh, God, college, I guess I got to start looking for them next year.


    Yeah, we guys are pretty simple when you get right down to it...thats why we have such a hard time with girls, because we just don't understand them. You all are so complicated. :xp: Hey drunk kissing is still kissing...but yeah it did get old real quick.



  25. No but I thought about it! :lol: Yeah it was not easy let me tell you. Sorry it took so long to get this back, my friend called me about dinner plands on Wed. She's quite the talker.


    Well lets see...a bunch of my friends got wasted, they did not respond well to alcohol. I had to walk a few of them home...then again I had to be walked home once or twice. I got some TFP and K3 stuff done...we went to a Spanish amusement park which was a ride at your own risk kind of place...so many pirated DVDs there. But I got yo go to the beach every day. I went to the Gugenhiem Modren Art Museum...and I still prefer Rennaisance art. Had to meet the Spanish Department head today and I was approved for Hn. Spanish 4 so the trip was a success.


    I have terrible jet lag though. It was a 9 hour flight and I had gone over 24 hours without sleep. I'm still rather tired...but happy.



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