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  1. Haha, yeah coffee is blegh I don´t care what anybody says. :xp: Tea for the win!


    They made you stay in the room ouch...I suppose that was his/ her revenge on you all. Stink bombs are like a fashion on the last week of school at my school. Teachers have no problem catching people, the problem is catching everyone. Everywhere you turn theres somebody dropping a stink bomb. Whole school smells horrible! Thankfully, its only on the week before summer vacation. Incidentally, in the part of Spain I´m in, there is so much dog doo on the streets I´m almost used to the smell. Everybody has a little fluffed up dog here...


    Yeah, I could type it in 40 mins if my handwriting was not so difficult to read. That and all those ideas hitting me at the last minute...yeah, some of the best Aruil stuff in this chap. :D Should be up on sun unless the cafe randomly closes like yesterday...



  2. Haha at least your invisible. Many of my teachers openly dislike me: maybe cause I don´t pay attention, or argue with them when they are wrong. (even though a 90 is an A not a B at my school but whatever, I won in the end)

    The only teacher that has any right to dislike me is my chem teacher, as I brought a fart machine to his class. It was a little speaker with a remote. The button on the remote got stuck so it kept going for 10 minutes straight. :xp: Funnily enough he likes me (though he never found out it was me with the machine. :D)


    Honestly I drink loads of tea myself, despite America being a coffee nation.


    One day I´ll sit in this cafe for five hours if I have to, to get it up. (I´m a veryslow typer, plus I always think of new stuff to add as I type...don´t know why...) It´ll probably be up sunday. I´m still adding more to the chapter, but I think its too long. Might split it in two. Aruil fighting will definitley be in the next chapter though. I´ll be back in the states on August 16th with a computer that isn´t as slow as a snail, and I´ll have plenty of updates for TFP.



  3. Yeah its Cambrigde the univerity. I consider myself at the most slightly above average, intellignace-wise...I just know how to tweak the system and get the most out of it. I get decent grades because I moniter what the teacher stresses on the first couple of quizes, and then I just learn what is likely to be on the next one.


    But yeah that 1st week I didn´t use the internet at all :eyepop it was hard let me tell you. But as for being smart - the other kids on this trip completed like spanish 10 or some crazy number like that an here I am with my spanish 2 :xp: Oh an I´m about to die from all this spanish let me tell you :D


    Yeah I think England will be more my cup of tea (no stereotype/ pun intended :) ) Oh yes I think Aruil fighting was my favorite part of writing that chapter, - should be up in a few days.



  4. Ah just read the first chapter. Quite up to your usual standard, which is awesomeness!


    Yeah its fun but hard, and God I can´t wait to get home to my own computer. I´m using an internet cafe at the moment. I am living with a family who can only speak spanish, and I´ve only finished Spanish 2. :xp: But thats the point of the trip, to improve my spanish and of course for fun. I like it here, but can´t wait to go home. :)


    I do like Europe though. I´ve already been invited by Cambridge (yes the Cambridge in your country, England) to take some summer classes there next summer. I think England will be more enjoyable as they speak English there.:D

    I should be posting more of my fic as well, later this week.


    3 fics at once? How do you do it Burnseyy?



  5. I left a message on DYs profile about the group fiction idea. (this way I don't have to type it twice. ;))



  6. Oh, God, I picked the worst possible time to go to Spain! :xp: I just started my fic and now this great idea comes out of the blue. I would love to help in any way I can. We all have different writing styles so if we combine our talents we should be able to write one hell of a fic. I never tackled the "KOTOR III" fic idea because I thought it was too big for one person, but I would love the group effort.


    Even if I manage to sneak on the computer to chat (which I'm technically not supposed to do) I won't be on for hours at a time like I am here in the states. So if we do decide to go through with this and start while I'm abroad - just pm me ideas, the parts you and Burnseyy have written, and things you would like me to work on. If I don't get back to you and Burnseyy, I'm not ignoring you...just can't get to a computer. I'm going to be in Santander, in northern Spain. It's kind of secluded so I'm not sure how many internet cafes are there. :xp: My laptop is busted, so I can't even use that. Hopefully I'll figure somthing out, cause this is a great idea and don't want to miss out. :)


    Also if you could tell Burnseyy to read this as well, I would appreciate it.



  7. :lol: Combine our stuff, and we have like the ultimate KOTOR 3. :xp: Of course poor Darren after all his searching would then realize that Revan is back on Corescant with Yuthura Ban :lol: But whatever we could work around that. We should design Kotor 3! We'd have th most awesome storyline...
  8. No problem, just let me find it...


    O.K. here it is. Don't remeber where on the site I found it though...enjoy! :D



  9. I got it off some site with like a million avatars for download. I've been meaning to make my own as well, but then I stumbled across this one...and thought it's better than what I would make. :xp:

  10. Haha thanks. Your title and avy together cracked me up. Gizka sith, as he just keeps hoping...love it!

  11. It's finally up Burnseyy, enjoy! :)

  12. I plan to have a romance integrated throughout the story. I am hoping to turn this story into a series and the second story will have alot more. I'm trying to make this story a variety of suspence, action, and romance. Don't know how successful I'll be. But I'm typing up the prologue (I always use pen and paper first) as we speak, should be up soon, though it will take me a while to make adjustments.


    Mira was never a romance option in the game but hey, when playing as a male exile I was like "I don't want Visas or Handmaiden, I want Mira." As I said I liked the Mira drunk thing. Others may not because it does not fit their view of Mira. But this is your story, remember. ;)

  13. Yeah, although it will be quite different from yours, because the exile won't even be in mine, other than it being mentioned that he went to look for Revan in the unknown regions. As for multiple plots, I will try to make them clear. My plan is to have the main character have his storyline, and at the same time have a couple more going. So in a way this is really the untold story of what goes on while the exile is gone.


    As for Mira being drunk: I liked the idea, and it made perfect sense to me that the exile has a lot to learn about his party members. Looking forward to more chapters from you as well. :) I'll probably post the prologue tonight. ;)

  14. Yes I am, probably heard from the Purple Evil Twi'lek Association social group. Welcome!, to it by the way. :) Right now I'm at the early stages of writing a story that takes place five years after TSL. I'm mostly gonna use new characters, maybe incorperate some from the game, we'll see. As for story line, I don't have a whole lot yet, but what I can say is that there will be multiple storylines (right now I'm thinking 4) and it will start out on Corescant. As for the story line I won't give too much away yet. ;) Hopefully exciting.


    I might post the proloque very soon. It doesn't really have that main characters in it, but it will explain a few things. :D With the prologue will be a list of the main characters in the story. I have written some of it, but I want to write more before posting chapters. Summer projects are keeping me very busy.

  15. I'm liken the awesome hair! My friend has something similar and I love it.

  16. Hey Padawan...sup?

  17. Haha... well I do like my pies... so I am high on them :p




    Edit: And yes I know I'm strange. :D

    Edit2: just for the PETA club, I didnt delete the purple evil twi'lek pics, they are under all albums. ;)

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