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  1. Well, I just finished BSing a Beowulf Essay for British Lit. :D Yup I'm a junior...its hardest year academically( been doing homework today - blegh) but its a fun year though. None of that Senior responsibility to deal with. :D


    My K3 piece is coming along well, just a few additions and tweaking and it'll be up. Of course I still have to type it *shudders* TFP was going to be up a couple days ago, but I decided to add a new character to make the Sen. Jace plot a bit more exciting...so I had to write her up today.


    Right now I'm modifying my sig - incidentally, is there any way to get text next to a picture instead of below or above it?


    So, how are things going for you then?



  2. No, no, a 70% is a C-. I was the only one who got above that, got a 90% A (which is the lowest possible A :xp: )


    Yup, Jordan. :)


    We should form that group. Sometimes teachers suck up to the popular kids...sickening. Sorry to ditch ya now, but I was supposed to have this eassy finished an hour ago...oops. Talk to you later. If I get this essay done I should be able to update TFP this weekend.



  3. Well, I don't know how far you got, but he starts going with Jordan Baker later on. She does absolutly nothing the whole story though. :xp: Oh, one teacher remembers my name, but she said it was because she was gonna pick on me all year.


    Passive noun?...erm, I don't know, always sucked at grammar, as you ptobably noticed in TFP. :D Eurgh, that reminds me, I supposed to be doing a Beowulf alliteratiopn pattern essay right now. *barf*


    Well I added the cyborg girl, Gina, into next chapter and I added her into the last chapter, which was funnily enough, like the second one I wrote.



  4. I mean, I can understand better than the other people, who are a bunch of dumb seniors (I'm the only junior in the class) and I'm the only one who got above a 70% on our first test, got an A. :D I like language, but I don't like classes on it. One of those things I'd rather learn on my own. But to get in a good college over here you need at least three years of languge and its better to have four...so I put up with it. Could be worse, I could be taking French. :xp:


    1990's America? Wasn't Gatsby in the 1920's? Hehe...you are like me I'm smart, but overlooked. Nobody considers you the "smart one" even though you get better grades than half of the "smart kids"...so typical.


    Still, my school has a Sci-Fi Lit class, so maybe I'll take that next year. You spend the whole year reading Sci-Fi stuff and writing scripts. The teacher has conections to the Paramount movie studio, and he submits them there. That could be my "fun" class next year.



  5. She said ash as in the tree? :lol: Not to discriminate, but what a blond moment! :xp:


    Thats how grade work at my school too. But I'm okay with it cause I basically got 90% A in every class, cause I do just as much as I need to to get an A and thats it! :D There's math in psychology?


    Oh, I despise that teacher who asks me those questions. He just drones in monotone the whole class, saying stuff like "Located on the board are the questions for tonights homework assignment. You are to complete said questions as I alluded to earlier" blah blah blah. :xp: AP Government is a bitch. Wish I took psychology...and dropped Spanish, but then I would have went to Spain for nothing, sooo I stick with it. The class is taught in pure spanish so I don't understand like 95% of whats being said.



  6. I know right? Thats why I want to write a whole fic before releasing it but I never have the self control to do it that way :xp: When I get a good idea I just have to blurt it out.

    A lot of times good ideas come at the worst possible time, like when your bored during a test. And its so frustrating cause you can't just write them down - your taking a test - but you can't concentrate on the test either cause of your good ideas...maybe thats just me though...bad luck. Damn tests!...buit on the other hand they have provoked some good ideas. Hmmm.



  7. Happens to me all the time. I don't know why sometimes ideas come, sometimes they don't...I wish I knew. A lot of times just watching TV drama gives me ideas, somtimes reading a new book does too...other than that...no idea. Strange how it works, eh?



  8. Eurgh, The Great Gatsby. Read that in Hn. American Lit. last year. *shudders*


    Sophie's World is about this girl who gets mysterious letters from some stranger and through them he teaches her philosophy. Its basically a way not to make philosophy dull. (My teacher said, these days you get mysterious letters you call the cops and sue the guy for harrassment. :xp:


    For AP Government he grades the homework by randomly selecting a person to answer one of the questions orally. There were 25 questions. I did 24 of them ...which one do I get called for - you guessed it the one I didn't do!


    Haha, that happened to my friend too, a couple years ago when we were freshmen and some guy hit on her at the pool. (I was like okay, total creeper but whatever) She says I'm a freshman. He says freshman in college right? She says nope freshman in High school. (In the U.S. we start High school at 14 and college at 18. The guy was like twentry something. :xp:


    Psychology sounds hard if you've never taken it before, like me. Good job in Media! :D My only good grade now is AP Environmental Science. Got me a 102% (brags :xp:) Failing most other stuff...Spanish 4 Bleghh!



  9. Hey Burnseyy!


    Hows college treating you?


    My english class started a new book today. When I saw the title I laughed. You'll like it, its called "Sophie's World" :D Damn we have not talked in ages. I guess we are both busy with school. I had three tests yesterday...and failed two of them. *sigh* There goes my striaght A's. Knew that would not last long. :xp:



  10. Don't worry, take your time. ;)


    I know what you mean. I always use pencil and paper first, cause I just write better that way, but I'm the slowest typer ever. For TFP I have the next 6 chapters done but just don't have the time to type...oh well. Maybe I'll try short stories, that way when I run outta ideas I can just wrap it up. :xp:


    Yeah, Burnseyy and DY keep me going on our thing but as for my own fic...nobody to crack the whip (in a good way, you know?


    Still, you are doing multiple fics at once, I really don't know how you do it. How do you do it? I mean you get chapters out pretty fast.



  11. Yeah, best not to get them going. :xp:


    Well at least its "kinda" coming along. You worry about dragging a storyline and I worry about rushing. First three chapters of my fic are so rushed...but any way - keep plugging aeay and you'll prevail. :) The first few chapters always come naturally to me and then I can't think of stuff anymore.


    During the summer I could crank out chapters (but I'm a slow typer) like crazy. Now, its slow, oh well. Sorry if I missed any updates to your fics, been really busy. :)



  12. Thanks for the link! There are some awesome pics in there. I have seen a funny pazaak one elsewhere, I'll try tto dig it up. :)



  13. Heh, well I got a few new good ideas, but they are not for "The False Peace" but for something me Burnseyy and Darth_Yuthura are cooking up. I don't want to spill the beans on that though. :xp: They'd have my head on a plate :)


    Down with homework!


    How is your writing coming along?



  14. Aaaawww...just when I have to get to bed. Oh, well, my piece is up in K3 so, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Sorry to just sign off in your face...bad timing, I know. Talk to you later. :)



  15. Hey, DY!


    My part is up at K3, ready for revision. Been a rough week, so it took a bit longer.



  16. "You sure you don't want to invent your own name and dazzle us with the amazingness of it's randomness yet perfect...ness?" ~Burnseyy









  17. Duh, the nexus! :doh: God I forgot all about that with all this Exile, Dustil Carth talk floating around. :xp: Oh, okay, it makes much more sense now.


    Damn my 5 weeks in Spain! :eekanime: Title approved. :D



  18. The Force Corrupted is fine with me, but how does it realte to the story? Pm me if the reason is spoilerish.


    I'm going to start typing what I have so I can stay online and talk with you and DY.




    EDIT: 1 week it is then!

  19. Are you from England too?


    Hehe, yeah, I've been working on K3 today so I have not been on much. Had to ask Burnseyy a technical question that involved her storyline. I think I'll type what I have now. :D



  20. O.K. I just got your pm. Two or one...hmmm. Does not matter to me. It affects you and DYs storyline more. To mine it makes little difference. You two can decide. It is a little fact that is easily changed in my part. Whatever works best for you two. :)



  21. I just finished reading youre addition, so I guess I know the answer to the pm I sent you now huh? Sorry about that. Hopefully my piece will be up in K3 tomorrow.



  22. Yeah, its DYs than yours, than mine. I should probaly finish writing/typing mine so I'll talk to you later. :)



  23. I had thought about that too. What I will do is set it two weeks later and make it that Carth informed Mission, who then informed Dustil. Its the easiest way that requires little explaination.


    Dustil is starting out on another planet and most of the first chapter will be traveling to Dantooine.



  24. Well, if you mean grammar than yeah, maybe, there would be some proofreading. But the parts will be reviewed in the K3 group before hand so it shoulod not be too much trouble. I would trust you two with my part. :) You go ahead and do the first one. ;)


    But this is a long way off, so we should deal with it when the time comes. We are trying to finish 10 chapters before posting I believe? Thats still far off.



  25. The only problem with that is the sections might not go up in the order we want. I would prefer one person to post all the sections of a chapter and thatn the next chapter go to the next person and so on. Pm makes this fairly easy. This way its all of our work together, rather than each posting our own sections of a fic. That sort of makes it divided, you know?



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