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  1. Like Meowster, I rushed through the first playthrough (Vanguard manly shepard), and I lost a lot of people. I completely forgot I had Legion until you went through the ship as a certain crewmember to save the ship, and since if I waited, I'd slowly lose my crew members (and I was in a romantic relationship with Kelly, where I give her the good stuff and she feeds my fish.). So I just ignored his mission. And I didn't have enough P or R points in order to keep loyalties with both Miranda and Jack, so I lost her too. And for some reason, I lost Thane (possibly due to me picking Morinth for the biotic part, and having not done her mission properly). So my casualties first time around: Jack, Thane, Legion. After that, I made sure to pick the best team members, and I'd never lose another again. And on an unrelated note, Lair of the Shadow Broker (new DLC) is being released the seventh of September, for 800 MS/Bioware points (10 dollars), and, to both the joy and dismay of many gamers who decided to tap Miranda/Tali/Kelly/Thane, you'll have some competition, as;
  2. AFAIK, those are the only sabers that have been created as 'canonical' sabers for the KOTOR/TSL era characters, aside from the sabers already in game.
  3. Hey look, an aspect from Mass Effect! And aside from those announced, in the Space Combat thread, Alexrd put up a pic that caught my attention while I was looking through them. You can add Jedi Guardian and Jedi Sentinel as advanced classes for the Knight. The picture in question. The one thing that worries me is their canon. I do not recall Windu wielding dual lightsabers at any point, only his signature purple blade. Although if I ever play it, I'll have to go for the Sentinel (or the Sith counterpart, if there will be one), as dual lightsabers always appealed to me, for some reason.
  4. I totally did not see this coming And by that I mean it was totally expected. For you people too lazy to read the article, we can expect Zombies to make a return.
  5. What I meant was how everybody loved it.
  6. Avatar - I never understood it, and I never watched it. I guess I'm not a fan of 7 foot tall blue people with ape-like noses and who live in the forest. After it came out, a lot of people in my classes was saying how it was the best movie ever, and that they wished life was in 3D like in Avatar. I wanted to punch them all in the face, and for some I may have. Most stars today - Attention whores, all of them. Paris Hilton has been mentioned, but all of them just crave attention. And they'll do anything to get it. I'm tired of hearing news about how Kim Kardashian is getting a tummy tuck, or how Lindsey Lohan is going to jail again. Doctor Who - While I haven't had the apparent pleasure of watching the original Who, I have caught a couple of episodes of this new series and my head hurt too damn much to finish any of them. That coupled with that fact I only see it on at 2 in the morning slot on BBC. Modern Warfare 2 - I admit, I was into it. But over the span of a couple months, I slowly grew bored of its repetitive gameplay, in both single player and multiplayer. In single player you get a half assed plot where an old man tries to replace all those people lost in the nuclear explosion in the first game. In multiplayer, you get guns, and you get to shoot them at people. Occasionally you'll play a different type of game, like Search and Destroy or Capture the Flag, but in the end its just you shooting at a bunch of people with guns. Everybody knew the good hiding spots, all the good glitches, everything the game had. Besides from perhaps that first month, the most fun I had playing MW2 was when someone hacked a lobby, gave us everything, and gave us different ways to play, like with fully auto SPAS, low gravity, and double health. Assassin's Creed (1) - When I played that game for the first time, it was right after AC2 had come out. I got it and wanted to play the first game in the series before I played the second. Took me several months to complete because I couldn't stand all these little itty bitty side quests that are supposed to help you in your little killing quest, but never really helped. I knew I could just not do them, but all those markers on the maps really annoyed me. AC2 was a lot better for me.
  7. Yeah, remember that weapons pack I said would precede the Shadow Broker DLC? Time to spend more money on weapons they could've included in the original game!
  8. Thane was fairly religious, but not to the point of Maggott or Ashley...
  9. In case no one saw the challenge. "A very intense woman in armor threatened me with a gun if I didn't say this. I'm Commander Shepard, and this my favor-" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" And oddly, the Shepard in this video looks like some odd offspring of my femshep and Astro's Isabel...
  10. Yes. Oh, yeah and according to Jarrett Lee, regarding the Shadow Broker DLC: Zaeed ended being my favorite and 'most satisfying' DLC, and the rest of it that I've played (haven't tried Firewalker, Kasumi, or any of the add-on item packs unless its the Blood Dragon Armor) were meh, so good luck with that.
  11. Inyri has a point. My eyes are pretty good at noticing detail (or lack thereof, in some cases), and when I first played USE, I couldn't really tell the difference (except for a slight difference of smoothness, so slight I couldn't tell until I was at the end of the game after a 12 hour l4d2 marathon) between framerate for this game and framerate for my other games, like L4D2 (which caps at 60), Modern Warfare 2 (caps at 60 for multiplayer, goes well above 100 in some scenes in single player), or Half Life 2 (which I have seen go upwards past 300 FPS)
  12. Been a while since I saw this thread... Anyways, heres my contributions: L4D2: And because Shepard is like that... ME2:
  13. I'm personally not a cop-hater, but thats probably due to being raised in a family of law enforcement, (Dad is a cop, one grandfather was in the Navy and the other was a county sheriff in a county near Milwaukee) and I never really understood why many of my friends hated cops. I asked one of them why, and he told me that when he was a little kid (maybe 4 or 5) his dad got pulled over by a cop. Apparently they thought the car would be impounded and their dad taken to jail. That incident made him uneasy around cops, even though we'd always cheer on the cops when we'd watch a high speed chase go down highway 26... As for my other friends, I didn't ask them, but I kinda assumed they wouldn't like them because everyone kinda supposed we were the 'delinquent group.'
  14. tux is the only good thing about linux

  15. By CD Install I meant that the folder structure in the KOTOR folder for Steam would look the same as the KOTOR folder for if you installed it via CD. To install the game, just open up Steam, and if its greyed out, then right click and press install game.
  16. I recommend you separate/copy my post from this thread and make it a sticky, because I swear to god I've seen like 10 different threads about this. So you want to find the KOTOR files if you bought it through steam? Heres what you do. Find where you installed steam. (ie. C:\Program Files\Steam\) Open the SteamApps folder, then open the commons folder. In there, you will find all the non-VALVe games (excepting the L4D series) you have bought through steam. In there you should find your KOTOR folder. In there, it should have the regular hierarchy that a CD install would give you. The .ini file should be in the main folder, where you can easily edit it.
  17. While the CheyTak M-200 is possible to model and get in game (albeit it wouldn't have the scoping power, the accuracy, or the bolt action of the rifle), the ghille suits probably wouldn't. Would definitely involve heavy body modeling, and all we've accomplished is little edits and modifications, with an occasional "moderate" (not refering to skill, but more towards the amount of editing) edit every couple years or so.
  18. Congrats to the family. And you'd better get her started on searching the net for stories tagged with the word nude nice and early.
  19. I sure hope I'll be able to enter a random store, endorse it by saying its my favorite shop in the entire city, and get a discount for it.
  20. I used to play Unreal Tournament 2004. The Clan I was in, TG. I was, unofficially, one of the best players of UT2K4 at the time (this is around early '05). Whenever me and the clan would have a friendly fight, I would usually dominate everyone. Combining the tag and my apparent skill (I personally didn't think I was as good as everyone said I was. I knew I was good though), they started calling me TriggerGod. I guess it stuck.
  21. Many previous examples of theocracys have all failed so far. I fail to see why one would work today, or even in the near future. Especially in the United States, where everyone is granted religious freedom. Or so I was told. But in the end its your call.
  22. Personally, for me, its the 'stylized realism'. The first non-TOR game that comes to mind is Team Fortress 2. And, well the stylizing makes sense with the game becauses its meant to be a funny, not serious game. But with TOR, from what we've seen, the only reason I've seen for their stylizing is that it lasts longer, which I tend to agree with. But I also see it as a way to save space, make textures that aren't as complex as, say, Mass Effect or Crysis.
  23. I personally call it soda, but I have caught myself calling it cola at times.
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