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  1. no i do not happen to have that, I've reformatted during your absense and I've lost most of my modding data, including the little stuff you left with me

  2. Getting into some Manchurian Candidate, for a couple reasons, the chief one being that the Cold War era (for those who want to argue what the 'era' is, I personally consider it the entire time between the end of World War 2, and about the year - or year before - the Soviet Union dissolved). Not very far in it, as I am not used to the pace the book is set to, which is somewhat slower than the generic action novels being produced at breakneck speeds by authors today. I finally got to the part where they are being conditioned by the scientists... which if you've read it is about 3 chapters in.
  3. Last book I read/movie I watched/[media type here] I [anything]ed that somewhat messed with my mind (in the slightest) was The Manchurian Candidate.
  4. I was fully expecting this topic a week ago, but didn't have time to do anything that a real Kavar's topic would contain (a source, a 5 paragraph essay on my entire opinion, and even an interesting fact!), so beggars can't be choosers. Anyways, I have no real opinion on this, except for the Unions, and that would be pretty 'tl;dr~'. All I know and care about is its going to severely affect my humble little town. Around 6 years ago (or has it been 8.. I honestly can't remember. haha.) GM closed it's plant, and laid off innumerable workers. That kick started the Recession for us. we were in the recession before it was cool This year, our entire student body was shocked and rocked by the decision by our school board (who's vocabulary includes only "cut," "budget," and "statistics") to raise the students:teacher ratio for classes (from 18:1 to 24:1), then cutting - and laying off, if that's their only class - those classes. Because of the budget issues the school board proposed to 'fix' with this plan, the teachers who remain won't be getting any increased income, if anything less. Now think about how p.o.'ed the teachers are when you combine each part (school budget, budget cuts proposed by Walker, the whole Recession) means they got, instead of the 20% paycut experienced statewide, they'll get a 30% (or more, depending on how much the board actually ends up cutting) paycut. Yesterday most of the students of our high schools, myself included, accomplished the first non-violent, peaceful protest that this town ever saw (if you don't count the occasional sign wavers about the budget cuts, on that weekend), and it was, from our point, extremely effective and proving that the students DO care about schools. Two amazing speeches, 5 kids yelling "Viva!" and "Anarchy!", and a carpool later, we found ourselves at our district offices with kids from the rival high schools, protesting for change. The kids who didn't end up going out on the walkout had their own reasons (ie. "I'm on probation," "I already have 5+ truancys," "Coach says we're off the team indefinitely if we walkout," "I just don't believe it'll do anything," or "It doesn't affect me" being the popular excuses) and most of the teachers, our principals included, were actually in support of what we were doing, because it also directly affected them
  5. So yeah I heard Fergie singing at the halftime show and I turned off the TV. I had to have a friend tell me when it was safe, and once it was a false alarm because they saw people other than the Black Eyed Peas. Slash was a redeeming part of the game. Also, Lombardi is coming back home Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  6. Because the Saints disappointed me against the Seahawks, and because I was raised to root for my home state's team, I'm gonna have to hope for the Packers to make the Super Bowl this year. I predict the Superbowl will be the Jets and the Packers.
  7. well, google harder

  8. I don't quite recall how we got it to work, did you try google?

  9. Multi-booted a couple versions of Ubuntu with XP way back in the day, but never really used them. why?

  10. If you did some searching on KOTOR Files, you would've found that there is tunics akin to the ones from the prequel trilogy (however, not as long as Clone War tunics) for KOTOR (I honestly can't recall if there was ever a version made for TSL), and there was, more recently, a mod made that delivered the prequel tunic, in robed form, in TSL. Due to the fact I'm currently posting on a forum on a magical device that's not actually a computer, I can't help you with any links.
  11. The aliens showed up in their ufos and the birds got all stressed out. they died from stress. they also has 3 kids and a desk job
  12. sorry, assumption based on the fact that the people who I know and talk to often who brag about their significant other on the internet (not necessarily here, mainly people i meet through online games and communities like Steam) are either girls who want to make it clear they have a boyfriend or a 12 year old guy who's excited because his girlfriend has tits. if you had mentioned it somewhere i missed it.
  13. This year is no different than any other new years, we have friends of the family coming over for booze (none of whom I particularly enjoy the company of, sober or otherwise), with some kind of fancy meal (this year its lobster) and alcohol with french names. who wants to place bets on whether or not he actually wants to get some with him
  14. I'd finally fit in with the rest of America, so I wouldn't dare try to find it. What would you do if you didn't do what you did for that Klondike bar? Its extremely far back in history, but I am related to a German princess (6th in line to the throne, IIRC). So its no different than any other day.
  15. Hoping to get Black Ops through steam's giveaway, otherwise I'll probably end up getting it for Christmas. Being the COD fan I am, I was even a little wary about spending 60 dollars on a COD game after MW2. But after hearing about how good it is from pretty much everyone (except the PC users, who whined incessantly about how its laggy on multiplayer), I'll definitely wanna get it for Christmas. Pulling teeth without any anesthesia while being stabbed with a very large knife is better than Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. (you got tetanus as a result)
  16. I mistyped on what I meant in my last post that GTASW quoted, I've edited that part People have been making entirely new games, or expansions, using the source engine, but not via GMod, as that is only a sandbox editor. You can make interesting stuff, like for a movie (there is a full length gmod movie out there somewhere, based off of War of the Worlds IIRC), but after that its usefulness ends. You could get the Source Engine devkit and make your own levels, and that could eventually lead into creating your own games. The two big "modding" engines I can think of are the Unreal and the Source; both are fairly higher-end graphics and physics, without sacrificing that much power. In fact, as a little side project, me and some friends are working on a video game completely from scratch, only pre-made would be the Unreal Engine. Although, I have ask; what does this have to do with TOR? Source engine and TF2 and gmod have pretty much no bearing on TOR, aside from TOR's graphics reminding me of TF2's.
  17. Honestly, those are the only reasons I dislike the news about TOR. I can live with designs imitating that of the movies, and if it couldn't have been a single player sequel a la KOTOR 3, I'd have liked it to be a game similar to Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (which I am patiently awaiting for PC release) or like Portal 2 (Likewise) that has a single player game, but also has a separate, multiplayer "attachment" that you don't have to touch if you don't want to. But from the news I've read, you could play TOR almost entirely on your own, but you'd need friends and/or other people for certain parts, at least once for the main quest. But saying it'll be the equivalent of at least 7 sequels just sets them up for disappointment, considering the fanbase the first 2 achieved. I have this personal dislike of MMOs, I'm not sure where it roots, but its there, and it gnaws at me when I see a spinoff game that is an MMO, that makes me want to buy it because its of that same franchise, but at the same time not want to because its an MMO. And yeah, "He shot him," from that dialog or voice acting (whatever it was) trailer a while back made me think A+ "20 novels worth of dialog with professional voice quality". And in case you didn't realize that was sarcasm, I'm gonna go and strike out that A+ and replace with a C-, at best. And yes, I am a prophet, go ahead and scrutinize me. I'm a gypsy traveling Eurasia and I read your palms and I steal your babies then brainwash them into being our slaves give you friendly advice on how to raise your children.
  18. The most common link you'll see from recent mods is kotorfiles, a part of the filefront network, and the most common you'll see from older mods is PCGM, which has, unfortunately, crashed. My modding groups are, yes, mostly dead (exiled studios is really only me at this point, Canyon has crashed and burned and Exiled rose from the ashes, a lot of other groups for discussing bigger mod projects also are probably is disuse...).


    And there are no "Sections", just threads, where, in holowan, a modder can post WIPs while the masses go "ooh" and "aah", in the taris upper city emporium, a modder can release a mod for the masses to download and go "ooh" and "aah" while actually playing it. In the modding request forum, you can post a request and hope an active modder will see it and maybe take your request. And in that same forum, you can request any mod that is hosted on PCGM, and, IIRC, any site that has been proclaimed Dead on Arrival.

  19. You can edit the heads, but you can't create new heads, due to the engine. Some people have managed to add some detail to existing heads, but its a very small amount of detail. KOTOR and TSL are fairly laid back on adding content to the game itself (new stores, other quests.. etc), despite having no official mod tools. But when it comes to new models, the game is very finicky. Because it is an older engine, can't go all hyper-detail like any new-gen game these days, generally limit your polys, give yourself a budget and work with that. We've managed new weapon models, new areas even, but if theres one thing the game refuses to give up its secrets on, its head models. We can re-shape them, edit them, give them a new skin, whatever. Can't add too much more detail to them. But no new head models. Not at this point in time, and I doubt we'll reach that point for a while, until some visionary comes in again and tinkers with the model formats more.
  20. Its possible; but I highly doubt it. In my high school alone, there are easily 10 people with my last name, only one of whom I'm actually related to, at least 4 with the combination of my last name and my first initial, and I'm certain there is at least one with my first and last name.


    If you look enough, you'll find that yeah, there will be more Vachos, more people with your last name, my last name, everyone's last name, and they probably won't be related, and if they are, its probably a distant relation.

  21. RIP, Sgt. Vacho. I told myself I'd never forget any of the important dates this month, but I already forgot the 5th and almost forgot this important day of remembrance. Wasn't until near the end of the day, while listening to some online radio.
  22. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Skip to about 1:36 to get to the actual song, as the first minute and a half is just the intro to Dracula's Curse. oh yeah, prly a little NSFW
  23. Was planning to go around raiding houses for their candy as Scream, but my costume was lost and my parents decided at the last minute I was gonna hand out candy. I saw 3 super marios, 10 Jasons, 1 spaghetti and meatballs...
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