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  1. At the risk of sounding off-topic, I think that America's, and the world's, for that matter, hierarchy of respect is terribly askew. I can only speak for the U.S.A., but our priorities are out of whack. Television stars and professional sports players are some of the most respected people in the country, but for what? Money, big houses, and other such things entice people and draw them away from other, more reasonable, professions. If it were up to me, Teachers would be the most respected people in our country; the top of the pyramid (of respect). To me, nothing is more important than instilling intelligence in the youth, and yet, teachers make around $40,000 a year, while professional athletes make millions. And for what reason? Athletes are playing a game, while the teachers hold the future of our country in their hands, if not the world. Of course, since they would hold such a coveted position, becoming a teacher would take a series of rigorous tests. You'd want the teachers of your children to be well-qualified, no? Back on-topic: Oil companies do deserve to make profits, but not in this way. Companies are responding to the increasing prices in oil, and even if it get to us (the gasoline, that is) for three months, we immediately feel the increased prices. That's a bit odd, isn't it?
  2. As if profits on a billion scale weren't enough. I really don't see the point, save for greed (and possibly squashing the middle class). Sure, gas is the sine qua non of the United States, but when will we take a stand? How much longer do you think that we will be able to afford these prices? I'm not implying that we all form militias and take over the oil derricks, but, at the very least, the public shouldn't just sit vacuously and take it, while our pocketbooks are drained. Of course, that's just my two cents.
  3. If only it were that simple. America would be the most fuel efficient country on the planet, then. If gas prices keep rising the way they do, however, we're all between a rock and a hard place. The world runs on oil, and if we don't start preparing for an oil-free existence, we're going to really regret it. Oh, and on-topic, the price of gasoline just rose a few more cents here, as well. I wonder if it has anything to do with the massive amounts of people driving this weekend...
  4. I think the complaints are, more or less, directed towards the exorbitant costs of gasoline today. Something bothers me more than just calling the companies a name, though. It's when people complain about something, but don't do anything about it. Basically, "I'm honked off enough to complain, but not enough to do anything about it." That aggravates me, mainly because (the complainers) refuse to do anything to help the situation. That all leads to why I suggest that the Government drill in Alaska. Sure, we'd lose a few trees, and it would be a loss, but at what price? By cutting down a few trees in the short run, we'd be saving them in the long run. How do I figure this? With the money that we've made by making our own oil, we'd be able to create alternative sources, and we would have no need for gasoline anymore. Of course, I don't think that anyone is going to try that, but that is an entirely separate argument. Please avoid using expletives. --Jae Sorry about that. I didn't know that the word wasn't acceptable.
  5. According to executives at Exxon, the reason for the increased profit is due to the increased demand. This is true, but only in part. China and India, the up-and-coming developing countries are consuming more and more oil, while the supply stays the same. I think the question is, "Does the increase in demand justify the exponential increase in cost?" To me, the answer is absolutely not. Sure, it would make sense to increase a bit, but in the past month, a barrel of oil has increased from $100 to $130. Does this sound fair in the least bit? Where are the mass-protests? To my knowledge, a good portion of the country watches the news, and everyone is constantly bombarded with the increasing gas prices. If we're so displeased, why haven't we done anything? I have a friend, and I mean no disrespect, who is completely dedicated to Bush. She has six siblings, and the family car gets ten miles per gallon. The increased prices are crushing them. When I confronted her about this, she responded with the statement of "He's (Bush) doing the best he can." Monkey-turd. I'll get back on-topic now, and answer your question: The increase in price is mostly unjustified and incredulous. However, both factions are to blame. The Oil Companies should be ashamed of themselves, but the Public should be responding in an uproar. So, the question is, "How long will we just sit around and take this?"
  6. I'd like to see where I implied that. However, we should be focusing on alternative options for fuel, and not groveling to OPEC to produce more. For example, Alaska has enough oil for America to be supplied for quite some time. Let me present this situation: The Government drills in Alaska, and sells the oil at 100% profit. Not only are we away from Venezuela and Arabia, but we are now dependent almost completely on ourselves, the Government is making the money it needs to research/fund alternative sources, and the stranglehold that now grips America is alleviated. Of course, I realize that bureaucracy would most likely get in the way, but it's better to try something than nothing at all.
  7. I enjoy "House" very much, but, like with the rest of television, many of the topics/episodes have exhibited an increasing degradation in quality. I enjoy all of the variants of "Law and Order," but I think that if Criminal Intent's characters were the main characters in the regular Law and Order, the series would be even more amazing.
  8. It's almost four dollars where I live. Let's recap the situation? America, and many other countries that are completely dependent on oil, are being destroyed, while OPEC and others with oil are becoming insanely rich. Sounds fair, right?
  9. Well, seeing as I joined today, I guess that this forum is an appropriate place to make my debut. Name: You guys get to call me "Litofsky" Age: You get to guess! Location: United States Occupation: Participant in the American Education System Hobbies: Reading, writing, and listening. The Computer might hold some interest, too. I'm not sure that there's anything else needed, but I've been aware of this forum for a bit, and finally signed up. So... I'm here to stay!
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