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  1. Have some time to chat? I can teach you if you'd like to meet me in the DS chatbox

  2. Good to see you back!

  3. Thanks, I feel it's the thought that counts :)


    And yup. Thanks!

  4. Well we've still got a lot to do if you still want to help!


    I'm doing well. I'd like to say I've been quite busy, but half the time I'm just busy putting stuff off with youtube :p

  5. Good to see you're still around!

  6. Hey, would you take a look at these? I think they're spam but they're a little deceptive.


  7. Thanks! Glad I finally get to help!

  8. Grats on the Super Mod Promo!

  9. Well that's convenient. I had just moved my main to the Harbinger. Unfortunately, all of my best toons are Imp. I do want to get my trooper up to max soon, though.

  10. Are you still playing TOR with other people from LF? My guild just died and I'm tryin to find a new home on a new server.

  11. If you ever manage to get anything moving, shoot me a PM and I'll be there to help out however I can in reviving this place.

  12. I'm not a moderator. Nothing I can do.

  13. Hey, I managed to get the installer to work inside a VM so I no longer need assistance.



  14. Not right away.

    I'm working on finishing up my own website, and the release of my mods will go with the release of that.

    But after that I will upload them to deadly stream.


    I'll have the download for you tomorrow.


    If you'll run it and then send me the log, that would be perfect.

  15. Na, testing the mod isn't a big deal, just the installer. It's my peragus mod.

  16. Hey man, I'm having issues running the TSL patcher on my pc, if I sent you a mod, would you mind testing the patcher for me to make sure it worked right?

    I'm trying to update all my old mods (the good ones at least).

  17. Nothing too extravagant.

    This is what I have currently:


    What I'm looking for is something the same size, with the same words on it, but looks a little nicer.


    If you can't get to it that's fine.

  18. Hey RR, I was wondering if you'd be willing to create a banner for my new website?

  19. I thought about it quite a long time ago when it was first announced but I've decided not to get involved with anything other than my own mods. I don't want to let people down because I can't get something done. I've done that more times than I care to admit.

  20. Yeah I saw that. Blast from the past. That mod actually would have been finished if I didn't have as many problems making it as I did. It's been locked now though.


    Have not worked on my mods in at least a year now though. Maybe will again soon though.

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