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  1. Thank god. He just really irks me. It's kind of cool that they managed to create a villain that I can actually hate for once though....


    Btw, what is the setting of this RP? Is it before or after the Fake Karakura Town Arc? During?


    As for my fan fiction, I'll probably start again tonight. I had Chapter 8 done two months ago, but I lost all the work so it's hard to start over....

  2. Ah yes, Kenpachi, one of my favorites. Ironically, Bleach and Naruto are polar opposites for me: I find the villains more interesting than the heroes in Naruto while I like the heroes more than the villains in Bleach. I love Hollow Ichigo, and Stark, Harribal, Barragan, and Grimmjow are the only Arrancar that I like. I find the other Arrancar extremely irritating, especially Ulquiorra (he just gets on my nerves). Meanwhile, I find the Akatsuki far more interesting than I do a lot of the other characters in Naruto. They are far more developed character-wise IMO.

  3. Oh, it's okay. I'm actually taking this time to work on my two characters, especially Hatsune. The guy is literally going to be the first Shinigami to fall in love with his own Zanpakto. :D


    Btw, did you base Takai off of Hollow Ichigo/Hichigo/Ogichi/Surosaki?

  4. Pretty much, but I've busy with RL. As soon as TSLRCM is finished I'm going to be writing up a script for the GenoHaradan Patch.


    How's the K1 Enhancement Mod going?

  5. Hey dude! How's it been going?

  6. Not done yet. Been very busy and sleep deprived.


    And I throw that question back at you by asking this: How's the Sith Tremor Sword going?

  7. Not much, actually. Just finished finals, so I'm available for writing.

  8. Thanks. :D Philosophy is generally one of my greatest hobbies and I've generally learned that when it comes to improving a nation and people we can't simply wait around for politicians who are not guaranteed to uphold are interests.


    Here's to more debates. :)

  9. Look I really do want to help with this mod, it's just that I have finals and I can't be around every moment. Just PM your request and I'll probably have it done either Thursday or Saturday. ;)


    And good decision on making a separate social group. We'll get so much more done if we keep the socializing and the working separate. I really want to see CG done, it's a brilliant idea and it'll help make another section of KOTOR feel more complete like BOSSR did.

  10. For god's sake Candy! If you want to talk, PM me. I'm not on all the time, I have finals tomorrow as well!

  11. I'm not sure he knows how, and frankly I don't. In fact, if you could take the time to create a visual tutorial on how to use the dlgeditor, that would be very helpful. I frankly could not figure out the existing one in Holowan.

  12. Hey dude, cool to see the new developments.


    I recommend that you recruit my friend Juansaman. He's a pretty darn good storyline writer (I'm honestly only slightly better than he is :D ) and will work very hard.

  13. I'm coming to TH, but if it's important you should talk to me on PM.

  14. Not much at all. I'm working with Sith Holocron, Jediphile, Varsity Puppet, and Juansaman on a revised M4-78EP plot.


    What's the latest of ROR?

  15. Hey, I managed to get internet access. However, please keep the pace about the same just in case.

  16. Hey, a bit of a complication. I'm going to be gone on Wednesday through Saturday. Therefore, I'd appreciate it if you and the others can draw out the three days before our characters' big fight.

  17. Yeah, I'm in agreement. I prefer option number three, because of some development in Yoroi's personal story that you'll see in my next post. Also, Yoroi wields several S-Rank techniques such as the Six Paths, but lacks endurance. He's likely to land some pretty powerful hits on Kaneda, but then get pretty beaten up afterwards.

  18. Hey, I just posted my first character origin monologue! ;) Anyway, the RP has been very fun so far. Thanks again for letting me join!

  19. Agreed.


    What's the latest on your end?


    Btw, I think it'd be cool if you updated your avatar so it has the new version of Cain. ;)

  20. Pretty much. Some of it might change, I'm actually thinking of inviting Jediphile because some of his ideas are becoming a bit more attractive in my mind as I think about it.

  21. It really depends on when TSLRCM and M4-78EP is done, but I'm hoping to work on getting some voice actors together by the time TSLRCM is done.

  22. Interesting. Good writing. :)

  23. Cool.


    Just posted more feedback. :D

  24. Hey, I responded to your two posts in the FFM social group. Enjoy!


    Oh, and watch out, I was very charitable about most of the powers, but not all about some of them. ;):D

  25. Hey, what's the latest mate?


    Seen my Geno outline in DeadlyStream?

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