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  1. Hey just wondering...how is the K1 NPC Enhancement Mod going? I am more than happy to beta test it for you.

  2. Well it looks like I was wrong and you were right about ZimmMaster. My apologies.


    Shame though. I'd been great if those two mods could use TSLpatcher so compatibility would be much easier.

  3. Yes, that would be awesome. :)

  4. Happy birthday, mate!

  5. Hey mate! Wat's the latest?

  6. Yes, one of my greatest works of art. :D

  7. Do you have Firefox? If so, try that.

  8. Nope.


    Try downloading the most recent version of Firefox. Trust me it's lightning, and unlike a lot of people who use it I'm still pro-Microsoft but I still recommend it over IE.

  9. Works fine for me. Have you tried restarting your computer?

  10. -That was cool, he certainly is an unorthodox Sith Lord isn't he. Can't wait for Chapter 1!-

    What makes you think that?

  11. Oh ****. Listen ZimmMaster, I am so sorry, I've been super busy testing TSLRCM and making a vid for that. Please forgive me, I'll try to work on it today. Is that okay?

  12. Hey TriggerGod, can log onto Team Hssiss chat for a minute? I need your help with something.

  13. What's the new stuff? The RP?

  14. *summons an Army of Sith Assassins using Force Vampiricy*


    Nope. ;)

  15. *uses Force Confusion on the Mandalorian Supercommandos*

  16. *attempts to use Force Silence to stop Te Mirdala Mand'alor from using Mandalorian chants, thus decreasing morale*

    *parries sabers, summons three lightsabers for telekinetic combat*

  17. *ignites Makashi style hilt*

  18. Not if I strike first!


    *uses Force Insanity and Force Lightning on Te Mirdala Mand'alor*


    [Lord of Hunger has gained 1,000,000,000,000,000 Dark Side points and has gained super, duper, uber, ultimate, extreme, awesome, epic, legendary, total Dark Side Mastery.]



  19. Unfortunately not. My apologies, I've been rather busy with various projects I am part of. If you wish to revoke my membership because of this, you may do so.

  20. Hey dude, I'm on Team Hssiss chat. Come talk if you'd like.

  21. Nar Shaddaa...how do you make Nar Shaddaa more run down? :D

  22. NICE! What module are you using for the Works?

  23. Well...let's see:


    The Good

    -D'arth Syyth: I thought the concept of this entity and it as an explanation for the differences between the planet destroying Sith of the KOTOR era and the manipulators of the Movie era Sith was perfect.

    -The Eagle: I liked having a bigger ship than the Ebon Hawk.


    The Bad:

    Mostly all the stuff you pointed out, plus a lot of poor execution. I'll still give TJM an A for effort since it's the very first conversion mod for TSL, but still....

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