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  1. Hey mate! How's it going?


    Have you been to the FFM social group recently? I posted a bunch of new ideas for force powers. :)

  2. Yup! I was planning on downloading it.

  3. Sounds cool. Send me the links, please, I'd love to see them.

  4. Possibly, but I don't really mind. Nihilus-fans UNITE! :D :D :D :D

  5. Does he? Hmmm....


    I have a different sig? :D

  6. VP I think I am having connection issues with TH.

  7. Hey Canderis, I think I'm having connection issues with TH. Just to let you guys know.

  8. Sounds good.


    I'm planning on having an outline up out in the public today, but no guarantees. If haven't seen, there's a thread about the GenoPatch on Deadlystream.com .

  9. Thank you! :)


    And you are welcome! :D


    Hey, how's Pre-Beta 2 going?

  10. Great, count me in for the beta testing...provided I have time.

  11. 1) Hmmm...if the mod is balanced, sure.


    2) By all means, let them host it!

  12. Possibly. What does it do?

  13. You mean by Team Hssiss? Not really, we've only released Curse of the Sith and KWIP 1.0. Right now we're either busy with life or working on projects.

  14. Oh hey! Been busy, I'll download MBII now.

  15. Nothing much at all really. Just dealing with college.


    How about you? What's the latest on ROR?

  16. Oh, okay. Lol, "my soon, Trig soon"....:D

  17. Hey I know you probably have plenty on your plate from other stuff like school, but I'd really really really appreciate it if you could finish that Sith Tremor Sword at some point, please.

  18. Awesome! Glad to hear that things are looking up.

  19. Hey how is it going?

  20. This is the basis for the Sith Tremor Sword model and skin:



  21. That works. Feel free to take that part out of that specific dialog and save it for another. I'd do it myself, but I have a lot of school tomorrow.

  22. Actually I was matching cannon, but I suppose I could change it....

  23. Hey I just finished your dialog. PMing it to you.

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