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  1. Hey mate! I saw that you managed to get those sabers you wanted to finish...finished. :D Nice work.


    What's your next project? I am working on your dialog, I've just been really busy with college. In fact, I'll finish it tonight if you do the same with Te Mirdala Mand'alor's Sith Tremor Sword.

  2. Sweet! Can you pack up and upload your latest updates? I'd really like to give it a go.

  3. Hi. PM me the links, please. I have to go, so I can't come to TH chat.

  4. Will do. Thanks!


    Death to The Clone Wars, and other such things.

  5. 1) Good.

    2) Okay, I'll explore that place some more.

    3) I'll put it in there.

  6. It is impossible to defeat the Nihilus and Traya entities, with easy difficulty for one.


    Also, I don't know exactly this module links to the rest of TSL, so I entered via cheat.


    Oh, and why did you not use my music?

  7. Canderis, just played the COTS beta. Come over to TH chat please, there are some issues.

  8. Greetings, friend!


    I was wondering if you were still working on your Yavin mod. The excellent skins and Quanon's new modules were all that was needed to get me hooked on it.

  9. Canderis, for some reason Xat's is showing that you are on the chatbox. We think this might be a bug, but I wanted to confirm this with you mate.

  10. Canderis, I know TriggerGod is lazy but please stop bugging him. He tried to send me a 550 MB file and it failed. He spent about three hours trying, so he's probably in a bad mood and not interested in requests for awhile.

  11. 1) I've already given you an update if you recall. To be specific we do have an annoying block issue that we are trying to fix, but on the other hand I have read a comment by Zbyl that indicates he has fixed almost all of innate major bugs within vanilla TSL and added those fixes to TSLRCM.


    2) Ryloth/Ansion is not an on-going Team Hssiss project. It's maker HK-42 hasn't been active in Team Hssiss for about a year.

  12. Hey, I have a question for you mate: How far along do you think we are in terms of the beta testing stage? I only ask because people have been bugging me about it recently and I'd like to give them a decent answer. A rough percentage estimation would be nice, doesn't have to be particularly accurate.


    Thank you.


    Lord of Hunger

  13. Which K1 Restoration? The only K1 Restoration efforts have been:


    1) SithRevan's team, which planned on restoring several pieces of cut content including Sleheyron and the Tatooine Rakata Temple.


    2) Sithspecter's Sleheyron restoration, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment.


    3) My own Tatooine Rakata Temple Restoration, a project of mine I intend on starting when a bunch of the other big mods like TSLRCM, M4-78EP, and my KWIP are all done.


    There's not a big K1 restoration in the same sense as a TSLRP or TSLRCM since K1 is a complete game. Stuff like Sleheyron was not cut because the game was rushed but because they just didn't want to take the time to make such complicated things (Sleheyron would have involved a massive multi-planet smuggling side quest that would have taken a lot of time to design).

  14. 1) I have not forgotten about it.


    2) There's nothing to update anyone about at the moment. We are still testing and bug fixing. I can tell you that it turns out we will be fixing more feature bugs than we planned initially, but it will be done this year.

  15. Not much. How about you?

  16. Trig, we think your internet ain't working right.

  17. Hey, I love your LOLCat collection. I am personally a follower of ICanHasCheezburger.com myself.

  18. Hey Canderis, TriggerGod says it's okay to invite VarsityPuppet to Team Hssiss.

  19. There, I just edited my post. :)

  20. Huh, my bad. Sure, I can edit my first post to have Yoroi meet Naruto/the Sixth Hokage instead.

  21. Hey Trig, do you want me to start working on plot ideas? I saw your plot outline and it looks good!

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