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  1. Oh don't worry there are enough of them:D With Boba Fett and a few other heroes(I won't write spoilers here:p) Just a few screenshots and you can see Malachor:D

  2. I'll take screenshots from the map editor. About the Star Forge: I'm not sure how the map editor works but I think I could put it in. Yaaay finally you have FoC:D And now:


    This is a MUST HAVE. Seriously I'll cut off your head if you won't download it:D

  3. Yay finally I'm back from a long Holiday:D Did you manage to get your hands on FoC or EaW game? Either way I'm making Malachor V(ground) for FoC and I'm almost done with it. If I show you a screenie, will you tell me your opinion?:D

  4. Will not be here for a week I guess..(again:()

  5. I can send it to you, though this is my first attempt at "if"s so.........well here it is:





    Actually I think you know a lot more about "if"s than me:xp:


    EDIT: Oh no I saw Star Admiral's script!:D I won't show you mine:p

  6. Sorry Cand, I'm not completely sure what's the problem. When I try to compile my script it always says "Unexpected end of file" so I can't really help you with this. Try to ask StarAdmiral or someone Veteran Scripter.

  7. it doesn't matter:p

  8. a few minutes? you're pretty good at these things:D

  9. Whoa an animation!!! Yaaay:D I love animations:D

  10. Hey ner' vod check out this mod I made some hours ago:

    It shows the true power of a Mandalorian:D:fett:

  11. Nice cars and Thanks!:D

  12. Oh and I made a Walkthrough(not complete yet) in Medium Difficulty so if you find it and want help in completing the Campaign, just click on the link in my sig:D

  13. May the Force Be With You:D

  14. Broke??? Well that's.........bad. I don't recommend buying it again just for one mod.

  15. I saw you commented on my map:D(Battle of Malachor V). Make sure you install Forces of Corruption not the simple EaW. I don't know if it works for EaW, but I think it doesn't. So make sure you have FoC and thanks:D

  16. I will create the Battle Over Rakatan Prime(without the Star Forge:cry6:) next. And Thanks:D

  17. Here is the link:


    Tell me what do you think while looking at the screenshots:D


  19. Okay I managed to figure out, how to create space maps and I already uploaded my first: The Battle of Malachor V

    I think it turned out quite well but when it is uploaded, I will give you a link and you can tell your opinion from the screenies:D

  20. Will not be here for 3 days

  21. A question if I may:

    Do you need the Sith thugs from Korriban? Y'know those who want you to tell them a joke:xp:

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