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  1. sure. I'll get them in a minute:D(or two:xp:)

  2. Hey Ulmont, can you give me a link to a Mando dictionary or something like that? I wanna learn:D

  3. About the TOR Bounty Hunter armor:D And if you have too many requests, you don't have to do this first, because I have to do a lot more modding before I can add it in the game:D

  4. Okay, I'll try it. Hopefully I can fix it because it is annoying=_=

  5. Yeah, I think something is wrong with my explorer because KFiles is loading pretty slow too=_=

    Anyway is there something important going on?

  6. Hey loh is there something important going on at Team Hssiss? For some reason I can't open the forums:(

  7. As I said in the group, wellcome to the Bounty Hunters of LF:D Sorry for the great delay.

  8. Sure I can:) But forgive me if the quality isn't the best:(

  9. Oh well..............gotta go. Just send me the pic via VM when you're done and thanks again:)

  10. Don't worry if you can't it's not emergency I just wanted to know:D

  11. Will you finish the droid in 10 minutes? I'm just asking because I have to go after ten minutes.........

  12. Well you certainly don't waste space, because it took 3 times longer to load than any other map:D

  13. It looks really nice:thmbup1:

  14. I'll test it:D

  15. If you can, please remove the outline:D

  16. Hmm...just a sec. I'll test it.

  17. Yeah well I said I wasn't sure about it:D You don't have to send me some previews(yet:xp:)

  18. Well I can only say THANK YOU:D

  19. Wow, you're almost done with the Mando skins? I think I will write your name in the credits list with BIG LETTERS:D

  20. Sorry for bothering you again but can you do me quick job?:D

    I don't know how to do it, but I want the background of this picture to be transperent. Please can you help me?:D


  21. Well not really sure:p Make it look like a warrior's armor:D

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