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  1. could you please delete this thread? Spammers are on the loose




  2. Its no problem. just wanted to see if you had anything, in case you had something, i didn't want to upload without asking. I think we have enough for a decent update. Good luck with your project!

  3. do you have any maps that can be used in a relase in the next few weeks?


  4. sorry, i wont be on. got a hockey game.

  5. well, Balkoth is in charge of writing the script, so my guess he would know...

  6. That looks great! could be really helpful.


    hey, if you'd like, you could send me what you've got, and I could finish em up if you dont got time.

  7. ah gotcha. Well, i finished the jabiim base map. Was there some bomb map you were working on? and also, i rmember you were going to fix up the kamino map I made, add props, etc


    how is the Udk coming along though?

  8. It's in our converstation, a couple pages back

  9. hey long time no see!

    how are the maps coming along??

  10. hey, remember that nimbus skin? can i have it?


  11. hey, my pc blue-screened. ill work on getting a mic

  12. Sorry, I lost power today (Huge freak snow storm). Dont know when im gonna get it back

    (using my phone to write this)

  13. Ill flatten the front and middle top, but you can see in the pic, the back slopes down a bit.

  14. thanks! Ill be uploading the other maps soon(and im sure six will as well). we'll have an internal beta first, then release them :)


    You probably cant see the ATAT though right?

    ill add a package soon with all the updated files

  15. K, tell me how it is

  16. ah, technology. well, the map is up on SVN

  17. ok cool! I just uploaded 5 pics, some of which you guys haven't even seen yet.

  18. Sure, some Ill post some screens of some of the maps

  19. Paniky first sentence, with a worried second sentence :thumbsup:

  20. When you get a chance, can you make a voice for a clone pilot like the jabiim one for:

    "Alpha Actual, they're picking us outta the sky! We can't land reinforcements until you destroy the AA gun closest to your posittion"

  21. Do you mind asking for me? thanks. :thumbsup:

  22. can you show me an example?

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