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  1. well, the maps arnt out yet. we're still finishing them up

  2. Thanks! im sorry im asking for so much,but, is there a way to make the reload anim more.....fluid and life-like? it seems a little robotic. and also, when you throw a grenade, it doesnt actually toss one.

  3. Well, i meant 1/3 or a second, not 3 whole seconds XD

    can you fix that up?

  4. Clear up your PM mailbox, its full and i cant send them to you until you delete some :p



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    Well, heres the thing. a guy asked if he could join. he knows basic mapping and how to make new weapons (just static meshes on hudarms).


    I think we should up the standards from now on for who we recruit. we have a lot of guys here, and well, all we really need are decent mappers and animators. what do you think? we dont really need anymore texture guys, Me and 6 are working on properties and scripting and Luis and 6 are animating. WE got our cast for voices, and a couple of us can make models. so I'm just saying, if we are to accpet any new members, let them have a skill that could really contribute to the team, you know?

  5. haha no problem, glad i could help! it only took me like 20 mins to write the readme (i know what im talking about :p)

  6. we could just Pm back and forth? or ill try to catch you online.

  7. Ok its up on SVN! under the "other" folder

    Happy Birthday!

  8. can you add a .3 second delay before he moves the clip out,


    press R

    .3 seconds


  9. Do you know what pathnodes are, or would you like me to explain that?

    and do you know how to make a new pawn class as well?

  10. I cant today, got hockey

    cant tmmrw trip to NYC

    then hockey on tuesday.

    so ill try for wensday?

    srry :/

  11. Nice work! i really like it! but you did forget to change the idle anim :p

  12. not sure yet....ill get back to you on that

  13. Can you make the reload anim a little longer, like a little longer before he brings his arm back up?

    and for the attachload/ attach holster, just have it be the same, except for the part where he puts in/takes out the clip in the side

  14. well, try out the one I'm currently making :D

    we released a patch for it today :)

    dload the 3.0, then the 3.1


  15. done, go get it!

  16. Video is unlisted until file get authorized. awaiting authorization now.

    uploading to SVN right now.

  17. ETA on 3.1: 10 mins of testing, 5 mins to make a video and then upload it.

    if it isnt up for authorization tonight, ittl be up by Wensday, i promise.

  18. intresting.....i cant open it.

    well, thats why uou should save multiple versions like so:

    save 1: death_1

    save 2: death_2

    save 3: death_3

    save 4: death_1



    (save frequently)

    this way you can trouble-shoot what went wrong, and have an older version that works

  19. im lookin at your map. see if i can fix it.

  20. New Helmet texture? you mean the Clone HD skins?

  21. ok, ill get to work on that

    oh and upload the map on SVN (the one that doesnt work), maybe i can fix it

  22. sometime this week ill help you wit it. what would you rather have:

    a pawnfactory "kit" (easier)

    or a step by step instructions on how to do it?

  23. I enjoy the humor I recieved from your witty avatar. :D

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