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  1. well RC's formats are stl and t3d

  2. can you tell me what the formats are?

  3. wait, what kind of meshes does gmax alow you to import?

  4. sup? and sure you can have it on ur site but a mesh is basiclly the "mussle" of a wire skeleton, if there were no mesh, it would be made of straight lines caled bones and the texture goes on top

  5. taps payback on the shoulder, "so you met my clone i see?"

  6. I put u and mandalore under supper so you were right!

  7. what trailer showed them with dc 15 rifle?

  8. welcome to lucas forums!

  9. im uploading the ARC mod trailer and everyone that contributed to the thread is in the credits :D

  10. there is also a burned trooper and burned commando skin

  11. well i made a new "clone commando" actor but when i issue squad commands, like demo or breach, the game crashes

  12. yayz ur back!

    we (I mad e the whole thing)made quite some progress:



  13. you said about the Arc thread that lucas arts wouldnt help, we dont need their help. check it out



  14. try replacing a differnt texture first like clonecommando07

  15. i gtg ill send tommorow and look at the arc thread i posted sreenies

  16. no idont know ur email and not the mp texture, the squadattchments. its near the bottom of that page

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