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  1. How is the mod going

  2. Nobodys active on the Dark lords, sith followers, and sith. Whoever made them wasted their time, no offense to any one. :)

  3. Hey how is the LO mod going cause nobody is posting on the thread anymore. :)



  4. I heard it takes like a year to do something like that is there an easy way. Also what was wrong with lucas arts even they couldn't do it. :(

  5. Hey man about the revans cape thing is there a way to take like the dark padawan robe's cape and transfer it to revans robe or take kotor 1's revans or robe and convert it? I don't know nothing about modding so i figured i would ask someone all knowing about it as your self :).

  6. You should check out the sith followers social group.

  7. Hey did yatsookay come back, his profile said he was on today

  8. Lovely pics man. :D

  9. You said you were an artist then you should show some of your work in your albums.

  10. Nice to know what other peoples opinions about the things i seem to find myself thinking about (which is useally when i am doing school :)).

  11. To complicated for but maybe i will give it a try anyway, thanks. :)

  12. How did you make it anyway.

  13. Hey like your RoR signature.

  14. Welcome to the forum. :)

  15. Sorry about not accepting your friend request a while back.

  16. Okay Revan was a master practitioner, defeated mandalore, malak, AND was the first to discover the true sith, and nobody knows how much he learned from the jedi archives about the sith and there powers. So in all nobody knows how powerful he is. Nihilus or you :) i mean come on the exile beat him :p. Not saying i don't like him he would probably be my second or third favorite sith lord.

  17. Comunity as in modding or the forum...... And by the way my dark lord can beat yours :)

  18. Thanks, ya i noticed he disappeared *poof*. But didn't you retire from modding

  19. Do you what happened to the lost ones expansion mod the thread isn't posted on anymore

  20. she was. i also realized i am the only one typing visitor messages to you, let me know if you want me to leave you alone hehe!!

  21. I went fixed the disturbance at the ebon hawk and then i went to see him and he just blabbers about how calm i look just like as if I was the exile but whatever

  22. I fixed it the stupid modules installer needed to be readone. And i keep hearing about a atton quest but when i go to him he just blabs on about how i look calm.

  23. nice RoR signature

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