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  1. You can be my test subject and we will find out won't we. :evil3:

  2. But to choke them with the force is awsome :lol:

  3. Ya well I don't don't need souls I just kill the person. :D

  4. Hey man about your Shadow of the bat thread it says something about joining, what do i have to join or can i post on it

  5. I guess i could say welcome to the forum even you been on for a while.

  6. Welcome to the forum. And nice pic.

  7. How did you do that

  8. No but hope you have a awsome time man.

  9. Hey I visited Abraham's Statue a long time ago, I thinks i was 5 or 6 yrs. old. Have fun man.

  10. Love the avie man :D

  11. Hey man it doesn't have a join button :(

  12. Hey is the lost ones (K1 mod) a public group or is it mod discussion one?

  13. I know but it makes me look bad :)

  14. Hey how is it going man

  15. Hey how are your mods comeing along :)

  16. And i was trying to be funny :lol:

  17. For your sig you are supossed to put something funny :D

  18. Nevermind i figured it out god i am retarded :p

  19. No no man i am trying to figure out what rcm stands for?

  20. Darn.......I have a long way to go:(

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