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  1. My sith powers go very far for many things don't I repeat don't make me use them. :D

  2. Did you make that thread just for me :¬: or did you do it just for the helpful badge that is why i was trying to figure that out about the badge congratulations.:thumbsup:

  3. How is my uh.....my aid doing?:D

  4. Just to give you a heads up if someone sends you a visitor message you need to go to there wall and post it :D

  5. Hey how do you put that thing under your name :)

  6. Hello my aid :D Welcome to the forums.

  7. I have one question for helpful badges does it have to be posted on a thread to be considerd helpful?

  8. Hey have you or somebody else removed some of my post?

  9. But i mean its is happening in other places and i havent recieved any pm's or anything. *gets idea*

  10. I just posted it again it said "That you did" quoting one of Dak's posts.

  11. Dude i like posted on mando assault forum yesterday and when i looked today it wasn't there help. :(

  12. Who is the avie of?

  13. Haha okay i will do that. :D

  14. Would if i could but my gameing comeputer is down and it has all my stuff on there.

  15. Hey buddy how is it going :)

  16. I am sure you enjoy it but your avatar is driving me crazy :headbump

  17. Welcome to the forum :D

  18. Welcome to the forum :D

  19. Okay i guess school seems to be pileing up every were i look and my game computer is down so i can't ATTEMPT to mod anything so overall i can say it is going good :D

  20. Hey hows is it going. :)

  21. Good to hear or read :raise: something like that. :)

  22. How is it going man. :D

  23. Haha better you than me and i bow to your efforts :worship:

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