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  1. Can I make up one like someone close to revan in the mandalorian wars who studied under him.

  2. Sure I will join can I be Revan.

  3. and what would that be and what does RP mean.

  4. So what with the shadow of the bat thing for any ways?

  5. Thanks, y.a I going to get it here soon

  6. So you liked the new transformers game. What system did you play it on?

  7. Did you just take those pics of your cat or is it not your cat?

  8. Ya the smiley things, and tell your cat NO!!

  9. So are you not going to tell me how you put demongo pics up?

  10. I wouldn't trust your "calculations" even if it was to save me.

  11. Thanks for makeing me feel good :)

  12. Well you are not a zombie are you now if you want to be I can arange that

  13. Oh also Shaddow is spelled wrong it is supposed to be Shadow

  14. You are alive I SEE YOU!

  15. Where is that? Sorry I am just dumb.

  16. Let us test that theory *opens lightsaber*

  17. I don't need to I sense you and your hardened soul and then I will drain you of your life :lol:

  18. Your occupation is a "shirazer" what is that?

  19. casting call, huh i am confused.

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