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  1. Well you are doing like ten at the same time it gets hard.

  2. how are ALL of your mods going.

  3. But still you have to admit it is weird. :D

  4. Dude i was thinking about it i am like in your yesterday and your in my tomorrow :xp:

  5. Okay thank you. Oh hope you had a nice Birthday :D

  6. Happy Birthday as i can see, but any ways i posted on the name change thread about 5 days ago don't know if anyone checks it any more. :)

  7. Whoa. I live in Texas and it is 11:43 a.m.

  8. 3:30 Huh were do you live?

  9. Shouldn't you be doing school or are you homeschooled.

  10. nice avatar, hope you enjoyed memorial day.:)

  11. No problem, just loving the way the mod lis looking.


    Also cheers to redoing TSL :p.

  12. Hey can you tell me how far along RoR is?

  13. Are you sure cause i am not exactly a modder.

  14. You da man. i will take care of it when my computer with TSL works again.

  15. dude whats "Holty chat" you don't have to tell me if you want though. :(

  16. That's cool man keep up the good work.

  17. You can say that again. Go Indie. :)

  18. Hey do i need any special program to beta test Hunter's Run mod?

  19. That is okay good to know people put the effort in, even if people don't care. :)

  20. what about taking kotor's revan mod and converting it

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