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  1. I had planned on something like them repairing his eyesight a bit, and then they take him to a doctor, who grafts new skin on his face and installs ocular implants for him.

  2. Hey Dak, un-die, will ya? :spin:

  3. Hey, since Varik isn't in the desert anymore, and Zarev just collapsed, do you think you could make Corsail more paranoid? Make him think that Avirela is trying to kill Zarev, and have him open fire at her or something?


    Because that would be really great. :spin:


    This RP is one of the best that I've ever been in.

  4. Oh, I get it. You clever one, you. :p

  5. Gee, you've really drained yourself, haven't ya? 3 chapters in one day. Just sit back and relax. :xp:

  6. In that case, Varik has a Light Side alignment, but it's kinda weak. It'd be at Zaalbar's alignment (in KOTOR) but slightly higher. It's low because of the questionable lengths he goes to aid others - and his strong commitment to his now-dead family. If you follow D&D rules, then Varik would be a Neutral Good. Kif Lomuta is a Chaotic Good.

  7. What type of "test" would Varik and Light and Traver have to perform?

  8. It's better than Lord Vitiate, that's for sure.

  9. We're not fighting Darth Sevairis are we? ARE WE? :xp:

  10. If she proves herself, then yes.

  11. Corsail's plan sounds pretty well-thought-out. Maybe he's the spy? :xp:

  12. :rofl: Karn, you are now officially the greatest RP'er I know.
  13. I love it how everyone doesn't notice that Light and Traver are with Varik too.


    They aren't invisible, are they? :D

  14. Varik wasn't actually going to kill her, he was just pissed off. :xp:


    Oh, the discussion that's going to happen on the Satele is going to be fun.

  15. Varik hates any and all Sith. :xp: They make him sick.

  16. Pfft! Light? An Imperial Spy? Now that's a good one. :xp:

  17. You did an amazing job with the Darth Malak robes!

  18. You're a helluva better skinner than I am. Nice robes! :D

  19. I, uh, kinda lost my two badges... :xp:

  20. Congratulations! :clap2:

  21. Nice, I have faith in ya.


    Rock out brotha.

  22. Ah, cool. What cover?


    Also, I take back what I said about Disturbed. They're great. Like a modern Judas Priest (or Iron Maiden). When I first heard about them, I thought they were a...thrash heavy metal group.

  23. Hey do you think that Varik and Per'dra c...wait, Chev took the unspoken idea from me.


    Ah, a little rivalry wouldn't hurt. :xp:

  24. Again? Damn, man.


    Also, I heard you're in a band. Do you do covers or do you make your own material?

  25. I assure you, I still play KOTOR. (At least once a day) :D

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