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  1. LDR

    Lol I was just bored when I did that... :xp:


    I plan on having everyone meet up in the Dark Star Lounge or C-Sec HQ.


    She's your character. Do as you wish.

  2. LDR

    Congrats on the badge! :)

  3. Alrighty then, no problem. I'll start it up in a few days or so.

  4. You don't need to worry about that. I dislike premature postings. But I completely understand where you're coming from.

  5. I am being patient. What makes you think I wasn't?

  6. Are Dark Elves know to... not kill people when they're standing down? :xp:

  7. Anyways, I'm going to start up the RP once you get your character in.

  8. LDR

    Alright, your colors would then be a darkish blue primary color, and a silver-black secondary color. :D

  9. LDR

    Which one? Normandy SR-1, Normandy SR-2, or the Alliance Normandy SR-2? And yeah, most of them are on the Citadel.

  10. Indeed. I apologize for my impatience.

  11. No, it's my fault. :xp: You just had to make it more sense. Haha.

  12. Heh, I'm actually both. And have you decided on whether you'd join the RP?

  13. I'm scared of Poteryannyĭ. :xp:

  14. Alright then, no worries. :D

  15. Forgive me, but have you made a final decision on whether or not you'd join the RP?

  16. Ah, so the forest finally has a name. :xp: And what does it mean that: "though a warrior, he made each step deliberately"? Like, he knows where he's going, or he's purposely stepping like that? I'm sorry, I just woke up from another nap and I can't make sense of this... lol.

  17. LDR

    We've been acquainted via Kyr'am Galaar.

  18. How could they not? Geth are awesome. :) Possim grade awesome.

  19. So..I see you're awake at this hour. :D I'll assume you'll be one of your many legions of Geth once you join the RP?

  20. Mostly Prison Ship and Recruit Balak V'stok. Once I can actually beat myself into modding again...

  21. Nevermind I fixed it. :) I think I did good with this, because even though the three of them are in a "Pro-Dark Elf" extremist group within the Purge, doesn't mean that they trust each other. Uradus and Athaso have been trying to kill each other for years - the only thing keeping them from doing so is their mutual goals with Fa'ask.

  22. Hey SH! Have you been working on any mods recently?

  23. Hey Chev. We're only waiting on 3 people. MsFic and ... Writer (lol) just joined the RP. Cyborg will most likely join. Alkonium might, considering he participated in the two other Mass Effect RPs. And Archon, well, you just never know with him. :xp:

  24. LDR

    She may be...


    And I like The Justicar. Nice bio! :)

  25. LDR

    Akeirra talks a LOT like Mordin Solus.

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