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  1. Hi! The engine is still SCUMM (version 5, the one used by Monkey Island 1 CD and Monkey Island 2), the new graphic elements IIRC are overlayed on top of the original virtual screen via textures. I wouldn't know about the inventory though...
  2. Sure, but if someone has to get to that point I'd say that this is inherently a poor design choice
  3. I did open a thread about it on the steam tech support board, but I think that if you guys also try to ask Terror Toybox about it they might at least see that this is a real issue plaguing other people, and they might at least take that into consideration.
  4. Apparently that's the exact purpose, but it should trigger when you don't play for at least 2-3 days
  5. I guess this counts as fan music? This is awesome, I didn't know @Dmnkly played the accordion! I really have to follow up and join the jam with bass and drums...
  6. Like a lot of people here, I initally had the "what the hell" reaction. And I thought about it, for several hours and up to this morning. Then the whole thing grew on me, it just clicked! I wrote some scattered notes about the ending, which I'd like to share with you: So, what did I gather from all of this? I think that the secret (in a way) is that the Monkey Island saga are Guybrush's adventures, as told by him to his son (kind of like how it happens on the TV show How I Met Your Mother, which means: exaggerating them and changing their details when he feels like doing so) . This reasoning allows for every single game - even the monkey head becoming a robot - to be canon (if we really want to talk about canon anyway). The games are just a visualization of Guybrush's adventures, but in the way he tells them to his son: e.g., EFMI happened, but some details might not be necessarily real. The actual secret that Guybrush found that day might not be important (and in fact it might have been fairly disappointing to him, a thing which brought him out of the "loop" of the obsession over this fabled thing). But the bottomline is that this is a father teaching a valuable lesson to his son: if you build up exaggerate expectations over something, it will NEVER live up the hype and you might risk obsessing over it endlessly. Of course there's still some room for interpretation, IMHO; the very ending might even be literal, in the sense that Monkey Island stories might be: In part tales of Guybrush in his very early youth, lived in the times in which the very concept of pirating was starting to go out of fashion and "modernity" was starting to sink in; In part outright fiction which he made up for his son while working (after his youth) as a flooring inspector for a pirate themed amusement park. This reasoning might even justify the fact that Elaine found the map to a treasure, just to help him relive those same very old adventures. Finally, the final decision about what the secret is up to the player: what was the secret? Gold and jewels? Friendship? It's better not to know it? Anyway we decide, this choice will directly influence the post-credit scene, which might actually might constitute the only things which we are sure that really happened in that world. Again, we are the one to decide what really happens! We can even re-open the "employees only" door with Stan's keys and take the backwards path for a different ending with a different post-credit scene (Guybrush and Elaine sailing on a ship), which might just mean: Guybrush didn't want to believe/know the secret, so he just bailed on it, with the consequence that the MI stories are real and not some kind of metaphore. I think this is a clever way to try and make everyone happy.
  7. (Sorry for the OT: if the scene fade transitions are still broken on the current version of ScummVM please DM me and tell me more about it)
  8. Whoa, whoa, slow down it's probably just the plain VGA version with a voice clip from the SE edited on top
  9. Jesus the hard rock rendition of the Scumm Bar and a perrrrfect Curse rendition of the theme before that
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate that! Yes! DREAMM, other than being a blessing in itself, is definitely the one spark which started this new "accuracy wave". So big thanks to Aaron for that! But I'd like to point out that it's never just me: in these recent times a lot of people (old and new) have an active part within the SCUMM team (and some of them are here! @dwa@Torbjörn Andersson). We've had (and still have) a lot of things going on, the implementation of old video modes, countless accuracy fixes for even the most small and almost unnoticeable things, the enhancements!!!, and so on. I'd say it's very exciting to be a SCUMM maintainer these days
  11. Uuuuupdate: grab a ScummVM 2.7.0git daily build here and play COMI with the original GUI! Now! We're working on older games too: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4206
  12. Neil Ross is 77 years old, he was 65 during the Special Edition, and he was 50 when he did COMI. I wouldn't say that the older tone is deliberate
  13. Thanks! About MI2 I can't do a full recreation of the three hours or so, and beside I think the SE did a good enough job. ... but maybe some tracks here and there, published sparingly... I'll think about it
  14. The more the Cursed soundtrack comes out in these threads (thanks by the way, I appeciate it), the more I feel the urge to "remaster" it and give it a new coat of polish
  15. YES! Thanks! It sounds like a mix of COMI and EFMI and I fricking love it!
  16. Let's bring back this thread with an update on my end: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4033 This pull request adds support for the original GUI and menu for COMI. I encourage those of you who are able to compile builds and have some spare time to test this and see if it works fine After these changes are merged, my project is to proceed backwards from SCUMM v7 down to whichever version I can reasonably arrive to (so probably not v0 or v1).
  17. Nah, it probably would have worked fine anyway given how the iMUSE "clock" works internally, I think that issue might have lied in the fact that they needed to resequence 2 hours of music for what essentially was a 4-channel tracker and find a different way to embed layered transitions inside of those files. Something which (if true) ultimately just wasn't worth the hassle. Another theory could be that they only ported only a part of the iMUSE system with the essentials, given that the original works very closely with some variation of the standard MIDI format and, again, they had to deal with a 4-channel tracker. EDIT: Also, being that there was no built-in synth engine in the Amiga (I think?), each of those music pieces had to be shipped in a self-contained way (samples+sequence), and it probably occupied too much space
  18. Speaking as a (primarily) guitar player I'm probably biased, but I personally still think things like slide guitar and more complicated dynamics are not very credible when done on VSTs
  19. Sure! (Note that whenever I'm saying "synth" I'm actually referring to sampled instruments from the E-MU Rack Instruments) Drums are live except for orchestral pieces (where there are marching drum patterns, like snare rolls); Percussions are also live for most part except when there are a LOT of percussion, in those occasions the live percussions are augmented by synth ones (the cannibal theme on Blood Island is a perfect example of mostly synth percussions); Marimba and steel pan are live on in-game pieces, and synth on cutscenes (except for the intro cutscene and the Elaine becoming a statue scene); Reed and woodwind instruments are for a good half live and for the other half synth in-game, while are completely synth for the cutscenes (except for the main theme, in which the only synth instruments are the hammond organ and the MT-32 organ); Keyboard instruments are synth (organ, harpsichord); Bass guitar is always live, played by Michael Land himself, and can be heard on any band based track. Non-band tracks use a synth pizzicato doublebass instead; Electric and acoustic guitars is always always live (thank god, sampled guitars just suck ); The whole orchestra (violins, violas, strings in general, brass instruments, timpani) is synth;
  20. My musical brain is already tickling, this is some fricking good stuff! The production level seems to be on par with Curse (well, at least for these 12 seconds), which is only good news take this with a grain of salt, but (judging by ear) the wind instruments seem to come from SWAM virtual instruments, which I have used many times and are so good. And I agree with @KestrelPi, not-live/synthesized does not equal a bad soundtrack: want to know how many synth instruments Curse has versus live ones? You'd be surprised It probably comes down to choosing the right instruments to be performed live (notably percussive, exotic and band instruments), choosing some very convincing samples (and as a musician I can say that in 2022 we're basically overloaded with those) and having the right producer working on it and mixing the final product. Unfortunately, IMHO Tales lacked in all these three departments, but Return already seems to excel at each one of these!
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