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  1. @Benny is there any possibility for preserving these two versions somewhere?
  2. Well, whaddya know... Thanks @Laserschwert for the suggestion
  3. Why are you pretending you don't know what's inside when I already told you on discord it's the GOG version? 😛
  4. nullJust so you folks know... 😛 I'm already filing an additional support request, other than the one for LOOM which I already filed.
  5. This is an incredible preservation effort, kudos!
  6. Oh no no, that's perfectly normal! 🙂 Whenever you do one of the following things: * Looking at the Pollo Diablo painting; * Looking at the recipe book; * (Probably one or two more things I can't remember)... The engine makes what's called heap savegame (a temporary savestate), and then proceeds to change room to our destination (the painting or the recipe book). Whenever we have to go back to where we were before, the engine re-loads the heap savegame. That's a neat trick which avoids moving around SCUMM variables to only show a room which has very few interactions. The caveat here is that the iMUSE state is being saved into the savegame (as it normally should) and then reloaded: this means that the music will restart from the point it was saved before. So TL;DR: that's normal and happens on the original hardware as well.
  7. Wowie-zowie, that's true, music should play! I can reproduce it too very consistently with my english copy. EDIT: and THIS is where it gets weird, playing the original EXE without DREAMM consistently yields no music as well. But this is not a collective allucination or some kind of Mandela effect, music is really supposed to start there... I should try to see what happens in the disassembly. EDIT 2: ever weirder, the issue is not there when running the game with the IDA debugger with the windowed flag, nice 🙂
  8. Oh god, Maniac Island... this brings me back 😄 the Italian fan game community was flourishing at the time! It was a great time to be on the internet 🙂
  9. The Russian version is from Akella, whose translations, if I understood correctly, were some kind of middle ground between being unauthorized and being the de facto official way to play LucasArts games in Russia. Oh so you have found the Chinese one for CoMI! Is it archived somewhere?
  10. Hmm... I took another look at the ScummVM detection system for the SCUMM engine and it seems you are correct: if (id == GID_CMI) { switch (size) { case 439080: // 2daf3db71d23d99d19fc9a544fcf6431 return Common::EN_ANY; case 322602: // caba99f4f5a0b69963e5a4d69e6f90af return Common::ZH_TWN; case 493252: // 5d59594b24f3f1332e7d7e17455ed533 return Common::DE_DEU; case 461746: // 35bbe0e4d573b318b7b2092c331fd1fa return Common::FR_FRA; case 443439: // 4689d013f67aabd7c35f4fd7c4b4ad69 return Common::IT_ITA; case 398613: // d1f5750d142d34c4c8f1f330a1278709 return Common::KO_KOR; case 440586: // 5a1d0f4fa00917bdbfe035a72a6bba9d return Common::PT_BRA; case 454457: // 0e5f450ec474a30254c0e36291fb4ebd case 394083: // ad684ca14c2b4bf4c21a81c1dbed49bc return Common::RU_RUS; case 449787: // 64f3fe479d45b52902cf88145c41d172 return Common::ES_ESP; default: break; } } So indeed there are Korean and Chinese versions (both translated in text); of those two I only found the full files for the Korean version but no separate CD images unfortunately. For the Chinese version I only found some sort of translation file conversion, which turns the english data files into the official chinese data files. This must be the biggest Mandela effect I even remember a YouTube video of decades ago picturing a fully translated Japanese version with dubbing as well. If it exists, it has never been found then. And I was wrong as well on the fact that the COMI executable has JAP specific code, it was DIG who had slightly different code for the three CJK languages in the same executable for strings rendering EDIT: it seems the table image doesn't show up anymore on the first post? EDIT 2: Oh, also, there are DEFINITELY Chinese versions of EFMI and GRIM out there! Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese for EFMI: https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/11940
  11. Great thread! Are you folks absolutely sure that there is no Japanese translated version of CoMI? I seem to recall that we had an entry for ScummVM for a version with Jap text... and the executable for Chinese and Korean seems to support Jap as well.
  12. The main point to be stressed here for the sake of argument is that, as Didero rightfully said, ScummVM is not an emulator 😛
  13. Great job Aaron, and congrats for this new release!
  14. I love this, thanks for sharing! Also, I remember that iMUSE sequencer git repo from a few years ago; having only worked with the digital iteration of iMUSE, at the time I found it to be very interesting to look at.
  15. I heard on an Aric Wilmunder interview (by Daniel Albu), that he is trying to push things towards that road, who knows 🙂
  16. This is so great! Love it, thanks for the insights; please post more if you have it 😁
  17. Yes I agree (but you already knew that 😛), this is the one complaint that I usually have about these releases; I might not take authenticity into account, but I am pretty serious about preservation of obscure or plain unavailable versions.
  18. You can't wrap your head around it but I can, and that's what matters to me in the end. I'm not searching for maximum authenticity, I have other hobbies which draw much more money away from me (music), so if there is the possibility to snag these boxes at a price which won't cost me like a new guitar, sure as heck I'm gonna do it! 😄 I just want to have those games on display on my shelf, I'm personally not interested in real value and other gate-keeping forms. I do understand why an original boxed copy is better, of course I do. But there are some instances in which you just can't have them, and you have to make compromises. And I like compromises, just like other people do! And this is why you shouldn't feel foolish about it: other people seem to hate them. But what about you, do you like them? If you do, that's the only thing that matters, frankly.
  19. Well, people who would like to collect these and don't want to spend at least 500$, are probably going to buy these 🙂
  20. How did this discussion over Google Docs/Forms/whatever technicalities become so heated? Please calm down
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