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  1. His new book "Eerie Tales from the School of Screams" looks fun, the grickle sort of fun anyway, which I enjoy. A few years ago there was a kickstarter for a limited production of hidden people garden gnome statues. I didn't get one because the cost was prohibitive for me, but it would be interesting to see pictures of how (creepy) they look in people's gardens
  2. I wish we could get a hint from Moriarty that interest in this may nudge LucasFilms Games to fund the sequels.
  3. In the end-game screen you can also place Guybrush at the church entrance and he'll ask Elaine if they could renew their vows and she says "maybe another time".
  4. I wonder if the concept art we get during the credits, which is randomized, is available in a higer resolution in the actual game files. I think there's a few images that show cut stuff, related to the island and otherwise.
  5. Zero, but I was very tempted during the last chapter in the second ring because I couldn't clearly tell what the in-game rule expected of me. So I spend time looking too much into background details and trying to interpret them, when the solution was much easier. It did help that I took a break to go for a walk with my dog and then return back to the game with a fresh mind.
  6. I'm also wondering about the missing photo. It's under the photo of Wally being chained up. I was thinking it might have to do something with rescuing Wally but evidently this is not the case. One of the many details I liked in the game was that you could show the clure to Bella Fisher's corpse and tell her stories, even after Guybrush destroys her ship, to which he comments that she still looks angry after the story. I'm not sure if any story path can have a different impact on the corpse.
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to leave Cogg Island after you've visited it, or is Guybrush supposed to drown? I couldn't find an exit spot and the blowfish did not extend his air supply.
  8. I haven't watched the whole discussion yet, but I got a chuckle when they were asked to define the adventure game genre, and they really failed to. They offer some characteristics and design principles but many of the games in the genre, a lot of them theirs, would be disqualified based on those.
  9. Thank you very much! Is there a changelog on the web site?
  10. This explains why I remember the scene to be much slower on the original Schneider PC I had played it but then later on faster PCs it played a lot faster than that.
  11. That part does play fast but in this case with latest DREAMM it's almost instantaneous.
  12. During the Loom EGA intro the messenger nymph that travels to Bobbin is moving very fast, and the screen scrolling at this point is also too fast. I am running beta 1.0b3.
  13. I liked the Monkey Island 2 ending as a series ending and the "mystery" reveal.
  14. I'm so excited this is happening! A new Monkey Island from R. Gilbert and D. Grossman!
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