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  1. I don't think I've heard about this project before, but it sounds (and looks from the screenshots) like an awesome fan work! Thank you for your efforts on the English translation. And happy holidays!
  2. Yes, I did read that bit on the email, but thought it was unclear, too. I guess we wait and see.
  3. The article here mentions that on GOG one should see the discount at the game's page, if they already own the original. This is not working like that, not yet anyway. The game's page (on GOG) still shows the full price. You have to click on "preorder now" on the game's page to see the discount (and at the same time the game gets added in the shopping cart).
  4. Does anyone know if the Game History Foundation intent to make the youtube stream publicly available at some point. They did sent me the link to the archive but there was no mention of it going completely public /accessible to everyone.
  5. Inclusivity is a good thing. I argue that how it is currently applied in the gaming industry (and movie industry and other sectors) leads to a bad place for the reasons I've listed. I don't see it promoting unity, or even harmony in business or the society that receive its products. I do see it used as a new marketing "weapon" or an evasive maneuver to deal with a current overreacting crowd and/or signal allignment with specific politics. It will unfortunately change if or when the tide shifts. And the tide is guaranteed to shift because when you apply inclusivity in a
  6. Because this happened in this day and year, of course. Me assuming they did it for that reason, does not necessarily mean they actually did it for that. However, I mean, just look what is happening in the industry, it cannot be just coincidences. Nobody seems to want the "bad" kind of attention and companies rush to make changes at the first tweet. The "bad place" is an answer to the question about the slippery slide ie. "we may be heading there". Obviously, it's not a "bad place" for a developer to make a decision that reflects their political views, albei
  7. I thought I just described it above. Isn't it obvious? To me it looks like a step backwards (hiring based on skin color and removing content out of fear of what people will complaint *loudly* about) and a slide into a pit of creating resentment everywhere -- eg. dismissing (or worse firing) talent or existing work for the sake of "current politics", being called a racist, bigot, (or at the very least "hater" if you disagree with this trend (in many places, it's not my experience here nor on most non-US forums), and essentially having the terms "racist' etc meaning degraded. It's probably
  8. The modern sensibilities change as time passes and politics shift. The dangerous slide is to try and respect the most loud complaints. It's hiring and firing/dismissing based on skin color, it's "respecting" that an actor cannot voice a black character because he/she are not black themselves, it's "respecting' that an actor cannot portray a paraplegic because he is not paraplegic himself. This goes on of course, it's not just two or three examples, and all just in the past year. It's a slide towards a really bad place.
  9. Always nice to discover stuff like this. I bet this art (the original asset) is still somewhere on someone's drive, waiting to be shared! If it were to be restored, it would probably have worked as a secondary camera angle during the intro cutscene.
  10. Well, in this particular case, the reasoning behind recasting the character was that the voice actor was white (portraying Bosco, a black character) and that did not "sit right". It was not an offensive quote, or an offensive portrayal. Just... that. It's basically because this is apparently a thing that's been happening in the last year or few and mostly in the US. Looking at it from a country outside the US), this looks weird. It's pretty much specific to this current period and specific politics (and therefore marketing) in the U.S. P.S. The
  11. Hmm, I haven't tried with my old lucasforums account, but I'm pretty sure I was more of a lurker, and barely ever posted. Also the e-mail connected to that account was probably a now-defunct one on yahoo. I used to love reading threads on the lucasforums, especially ones on the sub-forums for the adventure game titles. But, anyway, hey all!
  12. Only thing that should matter is if he did a good job with the voice acting or not. All the rest of it is, I agree, because of this day and age. I really don't think this should be a thing, but here we are, and the decision is already made by the devs of the remaster.
  13. I mean, yes, I understand why they would not want that, if they are still maintaining a policy of shutting down every fan made attempt on the titles or their (acquired) IP property. But on the other hand, maybe it's time to rethink that policy? All these old titles are basically rotting currently, and I can't see how it would hurt to allow release of these old tools --probably with some basic license to protect assets or whatever. Modding community and open source projects are basically doing stuff "backwards" and working off their own tools and understanding of the res
  14. The fan game creation community and modders would do wonders with those early LucasFilms Games tools. Which seemed surprisingly easy to use (the scripts too!) and also working without issues, albeit under dosbox or some such.
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