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    Cleaning up my syntax in Atom until I pass out.
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  1. It works for me now! Thanks Remi!
  2. Good eye! But wasn't it always like that? I can't remember.
  3. The cache has been cleaned up and I'm usually browsing in InPrivate/Incognito while at work anyway. Let me see if I can find something in the client logs. Edit: Nothing in the logs I could find but then all that stuff is probably hidden from us, mere employees. I did however came across this error message in the console, regarding something called ARIA, which I'm utterly clueless about. Let me know if I can help with anything else.
  4. This is what I get on my side. Could be the office VPN/Firewall interfering. We're using FortiClient.
  5. Right. What kind of a world we live in where IT departments block CORE FUNCTIONALITY from Mojo?
  6. Thanks! But I've refreshed and hard-refreshed until my keyboard died of input refreshing and it still doesn't refresh work. That damn toilet paper from hell keeps spinning. Edit: Okay, I've tried on my phone and it works. Must be something related to either Edge or some IT security thing (I'm at work). Sorry about that!
  7. Okay, okay! I give up. How are we supposed to access Mojole lately? I've tried clicking every pixel of that damn toilet paper a hundred times and now my mouse is dead, my fingers hurt and my dog is looking at me funny.
  8. So do I. The LeChuck theme, OMG.
  9. Hahaha what?! Tchaikovsky's music is what makes Loom Loom. Forget about the ballet. Swan Lake was totally written for that game; the composer just didn't know it yet when he wrote it.
  10. This sure is a nice reaction video! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Not to mention it was impossibly creepy. I still have nightmares from that scene. Compared to that, The Fly looks like a visit at Grandma's.
  12. Thank you! I can resume my daily tasks now and stop thinking about it.
  13. The toilet paper isn't properly placed. Someone should fix it.
  14. Even though I played Last Crusade several times and enjoyed it greatly, I could never get into Fate of Atlantis for one reason or another. I started it many times but was always turned off by the art style (which, to me, felt so inferior to MI2, released at around the same time) or how the story is first presented. Then I turn on the voices, get annoyed by half of them, and turn them off again. I know it's highly regarded but I kind of hate it frankly. Maybe I'm just not that big of an Indy fan after all. Sorry!
  15. I agree so much with that sentence you wrote. It echoes what I feel when I lurk around the rotten corners of YouTube and Twitter. It hurts me to see such anger, self-entitlement, disdain and malice from individuals who call themselves fans. What do they gain from it exactly? Do they feel better after all that venting? My guess is they don't. I'm kind of happy I wasn't around when the announcement trailer came out.
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