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  1. Did anyone else notice that the map seen on the table next to Kate Capsize as you begin your Legend of MI Quest, is a slight remake (rip) of a World Of Monkey Island map of the MI islands, from 2002? I can't seem to find the artist but I assumed it was a Paco Vink piece but I could be wrong.





    Am I way off here?


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  2. I completed an objective, signed off, and when I returned to the game using the book on my ships table, I had my progress still saved but none of the Pieces o Eight I had collected. So I'll have to do that but all over again and now I'll recommend anyone do a playthrough in one sitting.


    Bringing my ship back to the island did let me see I could instead disembark at the Governor's Mansion as there is a spot to dock and two ladders to climb up there before you're supposed to be there. You can't enter the mansion or do much of anything. You also cannot walk past the guard as if you wanted to go back into town. Just thought it was interesting that you can even get over there by water.

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  3. 2 hours ago, OzzieMonkey said:

    LOL so I watched a reaction video to the trailer and as soon as the Lucasfilm logo popped up they said "they're doing a Star Wars crossover with Sea of Thieves?" 😂

    I was just sitting there, watching an Xbox preview show, minding my own business, when that iconic music started to play. I literally said outloud "What the f...?" and was pleasantly surprised!


    I'm super sad to hear that involvement of any kind with Ron wasn't bothered with.


    And here I was attempting to start tracking down the musical composer of the previous Monkey Island tie-in on Sea of Theives for a MOJO article, and now we have a whole expansion based on MI.

  4. I want to track down the video of the current CMI speed runner champion. Watching FrozenSpades crush this game repeatedly at about 19 minutes makes me truly wonder how someone could beat his time in not mere seconds faster but by several minutes.

  5. I watched some of his practice runs and there were a few things I learned and a few things I was amazed at. I do like his "swag" move of having Guybrush enter a scene like the cove strafing backwards because of huffing on a balloon. But they've also figured out how to keep Guybrush moving while fiddling within the inventory.


    I also liked seeing breaking the snake-eating animation so that Guybrush isn't eaten but stuck on screen in an angry talking animation.


    I wanted to make a news post about this whole thing beforehand, but his start time kept being pushed back because of donation events that added time to earlier streams. 😕

  6. There is the Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis 4 comic mini series that had to adapt the story away from just STEAL ITEM USE ITEM puzzles. But I don't have them out of storage yet for me to give a better synopsis other than "it exists".

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  7. I can understand the feelings that some fans have here about the lack of authenticity on some of these releases existing and what they represent vs getting the actual originals. As someone who has an original release of basically every LA game EXCEPT Zak, I am stoked to have this release. The absurd prices online have caused me to hold off on that purchase. (Especially that joker who is selling a copy for 2,500, hah).


    I did assume this release was coming down the pipe and am thankful that it has finally been announced.


    I also don't think Zak was released in a slide-out double-box but only a top-flap open box, but I could be incorrect. I do like that this release will have Zak box conform to the rest of these releases.


    I do rate this licensed release higher than a very well done reproduction copy of the box, as this at least wears it's repro label on its shoulder side and may not creep into forgery-resale, even on accident.


    Maybe someday I will get my hands on a legitimate box but this is a nice way to let my shelf no longer have that void. :)

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