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  1. There are the official Memoirs/walkthroughs of Guybrush Threepwood for the first four games, I believe all written by the same employee at LucasFilm/Arts, Jo 'Captain Tripps' Ashburn.


    I had tried to reach out to him at one time to see if, as a fan, he would be interested in continuing the work for Tales but he didn't seem to notice my request.


    From the hint guides, 

    1. (Can't find yet; need to get to sleep)
    2. Start on page 52 on: https://archive.org/details/Monkey_Island2_HintBook/page/n57/mode/2up
    3. Page 126 on: https://archive.org/details/Curse_of_Monkey_Island_The_Prima/page/n125/mode/2up
    4. (Can't find yet; need to get to sleep)


    Seems someone has made audiobooks of (some of?) these as well, but I haven't listened to them yet.




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  2. He couldn't exactly take 4 months off from work running a whole company. He owes it to his employees to keep steering that ship and not go run off and be a pirate on the Mad Monkey. Although it would be fun to have seen this as a Double Fine production so we could see a two-headed baby as a ship figurehead in an opening graphic. ;)

  3. I remember when Jurassic Park 3 (Allen!) came out and had Dr Statler and Dr Grant separated and semi estranged through an off screen story, and that was jarring to audiences and falling away from expected movie tropes of couples staying together unless we witnessed the breakdown. More like "hey this would fit the story if they were apart for then to have Grant call her at the last second from a dino-poop-satellite-phone".


    I guess what I'm saying is, stay together unless the separation is an earned story point?? I think that's what I'm saying.


    Jurassic Park 3 was fairly awful. That was my point.

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  4. Wow, you have already done some impressive work and research.


    I could see you getting a small number of people interested in some of the items by themselves but I cannot expect the demand to be too high here for the whole package/box and contents. There are boxes for Monkey Island 1 and 2 rather readily available on marketplaces like eBay at decent prices the last time I looked so I cannot think the cost for your hard work may make sense for you, besides your desire to recreate something beautiful, and just that good feeling finishing this recreation.


    A recreated box for Zak may get some extra attention here, as that is something selling for over $300 at times, which is ridiculous.


    I have also wanted to make a few custom boxes for LucasArts titles, like a slipcase to go overtop the Collectors edition of Tales of MI (like old Sierra titles) and a separate box for just the Monkey Island Madness CD collection, but I haven't made the time to work on those much. The work you have already done is very impressive and I can see the hard work that has been done.

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  5. 6 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

    Possible responses to using the Horse Armor:

    "I want to keep it in mint condition."

    "It's not my size."

    "It's out of gas."

    "They can get their own armor."

    "That's not a horse!"

    "I don't think it's fungible."

    "Nope. But I hope it was worth it for you."

    "Hey, there's a hidden compartment here. I think I can get it open..." <Install Update 22> <Update Not Found>


    Clearly it will be:

    "I think I can live without that particular piece of junk."

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  6. I was thinking more of John Hancock shivering looking like this poor unfortunate soul.






    After 10 years, we all will finally be able to play the next game in the series by the original creators on September 16th.


    I'm talking of course about "Space Venture" from the makers of Space Quest. Undercutting some silly pirate adventure game release day by 3 days.


    But really, their Kickstarter campaign for Space Venture started over 10 years ago, and they spent the last two years on the Save-Load system if you were to take their spaced-out updates as any indication. While I've never played a Space Quest game beyond a few minutes, I did back their campaign. There have been plenty of backer complaints throughout the years.




    I'm so happy that we haven't been dragged through ten years of a Kickstarter campaign to get our hands on another Monkey Island.

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