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  1. As much as I love the CMI verb coin, I think it was Jake that brought to my attention that with Full Throttle you could still see through to where you clicked on. I do find that highly useful, so 10 points to Whatshisname.

  2. 2 hours ago, Niemandswasser said:

    I remember EMI was rated T in the US for alcohol, tobacco use and "suggestive themes," which as far as I can tell consisted entirely of Guybrush's "It's the door to our bedroom...ohhh yeahhhh" response.


    Weren't there a bunch of sexy baritone @Dmnkly lines in EMI? Rated M for M-eow.

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  3. Another mysterious package in the mail, courtesy of late-night Etsy purchases...















    Pictured: Substitute "Manny".


    I was hoping that the pins by CanvasQuestArt would be the appropriate sizes for this model. They're close, but as of right now they are too heavy to stand on their own. I'll get some standees if I'm feeling it.




    "Do you have a reserva.... Madre Dios! That's not the correct 'Blondebeard'!"





    You can get your own Blondebeards Chicken Shack Book Nook on Etsy.

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  4. MI 1 Special Edition: Toggle back to classic when doing the mugs of grog puzzle.


    With my wife, I introduced her to the series with CMI, but we started on Lite mode. After seeing how fast she was blazing through it but also missing out on some of the fun puzzles with humor and more storyline, I decided she needs to pause and start over.


    I also made thsee fill-in-the-blanks Insult Swordfighting papers for her to play along with and keep track of her progress.




  5. Why can't the monkey head that was part of the robot not just be the "third" biggest monkey head that Guybrush has ever seen, conveniently also situated on Monkey Island? I mean, with so many giant monkey heads laying about it's no wonder they named the island after it...


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  6. Oh dang it. I did not realize they were up on Archive, by Dom himself. I wouldn't have bothered uploading them to SoundCloud but I also was having trouble finding them in mojo's archives so I thought they were a bit of lost media. Just wanted to give some people a bit of fun before the next MonkeyMonday, or TreasureTuesday for the Aussies.

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  7. After the recent spectacular MixNMojo retrospective with Larry Ahern and Jonathan Ackley where among other things they mentioned that they had sealed CMI boxes from around the world, I reached out to them. I mentioned that it was likely the South Korean release of CMI has an actual cloth map within the box. There was one post about it over on the LucasArts Museum website of which the linked image is a dead link and I couldn't yet find my saved copy of the image on my old computer.


    Never intimidated by a treasure hunt, Jonathan Ackley discovered this:



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