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  1. We already had Mother's Day back in March. The kids took me bowling and a movie, then we ended the evening at a lovely restaurant. It was a great day. ^^
  2. Those are called Asura, and yeah they are cute as hell. You should see their funny little actions. http://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/races/asura/
  3. This. Easily the best super hero film I've ever seen, so completely action packed and hillariously funny in places. The script was amazing. There are four Marvel Studios flicks confirmed and scheduled. Iron Man 3 on 3rd May 2013 followed by Thor 2 on 15th November 2013. The Captain America sequel is penned for 4th April 2014. The fourth film (scheduled for 16th May 2014) has yet to be titled but could very well be the next Avengers film. Or a Mark Ruffalo Hulk.
  4. It was amazing, I loved every second of the beta weekend and I'm so glad I pre-ordered it now. Really looking forward to it's release, I can't wait.
  5. I'm still around, kinda.
  6. I played as a Human Ranger and didn't die nearly as much as Stoffe did, but I think that is mainly as my pet keeps enemies at bay and if it dies I just run away leaving a trap in my wake to slow them down. I could easily handle 2-3 enemies on my own, but more than that and I was definately struggling. I plan on playing as a Norn as my main when the game is finally released, and I'll be giving that one a go in the next beta. I had a great time in the 10 of so hours I played it, and I'm glad I pre-ordered now. At one point a group of us had all done a dynamic event chain of events together and we were in the swamp when all of a sudden a HUGE, and I mean HUUUUGE swamp beast demon thing that took up the whole screen suddenly came out of nowhere. I think we were all in shock but proceeded to start taking it down. There was a lot of dodging and killing spawned enemies and it took about 20 minutes to kill it. At the end there was a huge chest in the middle with lots of good items in and a green item (which is good in GW2). We all just stood around chatting in chat about how amazing it was for about 5 mins afterwards. It was just brilliant. Edit: I found a video of event I'm talking about
  7. Seems the forums are down too. I don't really know if I'm downloading an update or just downloading the whole thing again either because there is no indicator to inform either way. I downloaded it all yesterday so I'm hoping this is just an update, but it's strange because it doesn't seem to be actually installing anything on my pc. I don't get it.
  8. Getting ready to jump in soon, just waiting for the installer to finish updating. Anyone not sure about this game should watch the Yogscast videos, they are great.
  9. I decided to play MP right before the end of the game to get my Galaxy At War up to 100% (my EMS was 6323 going into the last fight), and I loved it. I levelled an Asari Vanguard to 20 and had alot of fun doing it.
  10. No, only Big Ben, and of course the iconic red phone boxes were a nice touch.

  11. Same, I'm glad they decided not to, I cant help but feel I would of been disappointed with whatever they did. I applaud them for holding out against all the fan pressure. ;)

  12. That was a pleasant surprise yes, especially after those rumours that it wasn't going to be there. :D So tell me, were you angry that

    you didn't get to see Tali's face? lol

  13. Yeah I finished but I'm not hating as much as everyone else seems to be lol. I enjoyed it. Yes the ending could of been better, but the overall experience was excellent. I like the way everything was tied up. I'll prob write a full review in the thread after I finish my renegade play through. ;)

  14. So wait, does it show her face in the art book? I need a heads up so I know not to look through it until after its been revealed in game. Ive managed to remain spoiler free so far.
  15. Seriously WTF!? They drop such a bad ass trailer, get me all excited and I don't even get to fight there? SO annoyed.
  16. ^^ How's it hanging?

  17. Pretty cool vid, I'm loving that new Vanguard Nova, and did you notice the little roll move at the end?
  18. Yeah me too. I have the CE of 1 & 2, so I'm not about to change now. Plus, it looks bad ass. Oh hai! ^^
  19. I just love the reaction of the two boys at the end. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  20. Collector's Edition Unboxing (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  21. *dons hoody and kicks Bill in the bollocks*
  22. Sorry guys, been very busy and after installing a new hard drive on the computer, it decided to die. Thanks for the birthday wishes. ^^
  23. Congratulations on another successful rotation around the sun! Ah, memories.
  24. Trailer kicks ass. I loved Saints Row 2, it was so much better than GTA 4 IMHO, because it focused on pure unadulterated fun. I'll be getting SR3 for sure, maybe not straight away though.
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