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  1. My dream team member for ME3 is Aria fully voiced by Carrie Ann Moss again. She was such a bad ass, I can just imagine the arguments between her and FemShep, and watching her kick ass would be awesome.
  2. Sony has pledged to give PlayStation Network subscribers two free games when PSN's down time finally comes to an end.
  3. So long as it's not Megan Fox. Here are some other great threads with lots of scans and info from magazine articles... Hobby Consolas Official Playstation Mag US NAG
  4. It seems the new Tomb Raider film will be focused on Lara's origins, just like the game. The Iron Man writers have been hired to do the screenplay, which is good news (I love Iron Man). Looking forward to finding out who is going to play Lara. clicky
  5. OMG! I'm posting this again, just because of the awesomeness...
  6. UHQ "Lara" Concept Art/NAG Releases PDF article inclusive of HQ screens/concepts Damn, this game is looking good!
  7. I'm actually happy about the delay. It shows that Bioware are serious about giving us a more polished product and not a rush job. And two new screenshots:
  8. So I start a thread with news on ME3, people spam it up and suddenly I'm lusting after a hot topic badge? Hmm, makes sense. Please, feel free to delete what you like.
  9. This is how I imagine her to look...
  10. New Heavy Melee Class?
  11. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) ... Q&A for Hardcore fans At least the important Asari Eyebrow question has now been answered. New screens (Both of the screens highlight Commander Shepard fighting Cerberus forces on the Salarian homeworld).
  12. Bioware's main men Dr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka talk about Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, future unannounced games, and much more in an exclusive interview with Game Informer. Judging by that it's obvious that ME3 is not the end of Mass Effect, so I'd have to agree that an MMO is a strong possibility at this point. I think they'll probably wait and see if TOR is a big success or not first and then make a decision.
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    Nah, the squirrel was too cute. ^^

  14. This is interesting, it says there WON'T be any multiplayer... http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/711673/mass-effect-3-details-revealed/
  15. Mass Effect 3 to have deeper RPG elements, expanded skill trees and alternative endings
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    LOVE the new avatar. ;)

  17. I heard about a Mass Effect film months ago, and tweeted @sentuamessage to ask them to confirm it and they actually answered me on Inside Xbox, but all they did was confirm it was true and didn't have any other real details. http://yfrog.com/c9i2yj. I was under the impression it was going to be a live action film, but I guess not.
  18. In other news... Mass Effect gets Anime Movie Deal
  19. The May issue of Game Informer is going to have a feature on Mass Effect 3. Does anyone here get the magazine? It would be great if someone could scan the pages for us.
  20. For your squad, use Garrus and Legion equipped with sniper rifles near the end, they make life alot easier (especially with Legion's Widow sniper rifle which is an upgrade by talking to him on the Normandy). I took out the last boss first go on Insanity with those two and me as Sentinel. ... Free PC Mass Effect 2 for those with Dragon Age 2 http://dragonage.bioware.com/me2offer
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