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  1. I think it’s a gotcha more than a puzzle. If you try to follow its logic it’s pretty time-consuming, but just ticking limes or I guess any box is probably enough. I was in no mood to keep reloading and trying options. 😀 He does give a subtle clue when you examine the fish at any point, saying that the portion is essentially bottomless (or something like that). This of course is how I was able to try 10,000 contest attempts before resorting to the hint book. But it also nods towards the fish always being there to use.
  2. I’m not sure tides exist in the Monkey Island universe. Shall we examine arguments for and against?
  3. Or is it the same island and the state of the tree and indeed which island you’re on really just down to your imagination?!
  4. As well as the face value gag, I guess this could be another example of the secret’s unveiling being foreshadowed. That secret, anyway.
  5. Wow. That’s my daughter’s name and I didn’t pick up on that at all. 😂 I did notice the superficial resemblance between Dee and Lila, but also Flair. The name aside, Lila makes the most sense because…
  6. Maybe not an obsessive fanboy but I definitely got that collector geek sort of vibe from him, which fits the character. 😀
  7. Initially I thought Dee was meant to be a child version of either Madison’s magic wielder or Flair, similar to the whole Chuckie/LeChuck and Boybrush/Guybrush paradigm. This never came to anything so I’m guessing it was just a similar design (indeed just like how the two adult characters I mentioned look similar), unless anyone knows better.
  8. I hereby designate this an award-winning take. Thank you. 😄
  9. 🚨🚨🚨 Please wrap any Return to Monkey Island spoilers in spoiler tags. 🚨🚨🚨
  10. This is from the pre-release thread but it’s still compelling I think, especially given Ron’s cryptic post on Twitter a while back asking why Guybrush arrives on Melee Island via the arch and not via the docks — something he does again in Return. * Archway? Park entrance? * Guybrush and blind Melee lookout stand in the same place as Guybrush and deaf Booty lookout relative to the entrance? * Big Whoop is Booty Town but also not? And in Return now a seaside park too? * Big Whoop ticket desk is Captain Dread’s ship? * Guybrush arrives on Melee expecting weenies, which happen to be next to the Big Whoop entrance? * You also start Monkey Island 2 next to a weenie shop?????
  11. I didn’t really consider this before, but your comment about Guybrush’s brother made me remember that that whole brother exchange did happen in MI2, even though in ReMI it’s just Guybrush’s friend, right? I think my head is roughly at: * During MI2 we see Guybrush as a child playing around with his brother * During ReMI we see Guybrush’s son playing around with his friend, reenacting one of his dad’s made-up stories * During ReMI we also see Guybrush making up a new story for his son I am leaning towards all of it being made up, however grounded in the fabric of places where Guybrush and his family spend time at different points in their lives. An amusement park, a seaside park, a theme park — we see all three and they’re quite distinctive from one another. 😄
  12. Yes Thunderpeel, very dream-like the way that’s done. It starts out as a fairly faithful reproduction of MI2’s Big Whoop, but then becomes a strange seaside park.
  13. I think in most cases it wouldn’t make much noticeable difference and did probably help keep the production of so many character sprites breezy, but yes the Melee top did stand out and perhaps warranted a special case. He spends most of his time talking to you with the shirt reversed after all.
  14. Here’s a thought. Is the intro shot actually just… Moving on… The covered-up ‘spit’ sign itself isn’t particularly subtle, but I enjoyed how the actual location of that area is roughly where it should be relative to the Big Whoop-ified version of Booty Town.
  15. It is possible you were expecting a bit much of the poor guy. He couldn’t even see Guybrush! Unless it was all a ruse to mess with people. In which case the cataracts could be a ruse too. How else would he find his way to the mansion, and see the pirate ship in MI1 for that matter? Maybe Elaine’s alternative route to Monkey Island is simply going west — it’s right there — but nobody thinks to head that way. In all seriousness, I think Guybrush just meant the lookout was facing his way.
  16. Yeah I think they should have signalled this sooner to avoid exactly what has happened, which is people taking time off work (as fate would have it not an issue for those in the UK now).
  17. In fairness the later part of the quote suggests that they did keep some of that in the game. I personally wouldn’t mind if they initially went more ‘all in’ on that and decided to dial it back. I find the relationship fairly uninteresting overall and am equally disinterested In seeing it fall apart. I’d rather it simply not feature all that much in the story at all.
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