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  1. That would be me To be fair I didn’t come up with most of them. I asked for help on Twitter and people sent a lot of suggestions, but most of those are actually suggested by people that commented on the YouTube videos.
  2. Wow! Impressive. The clouds behind the chimney look much better and it seems it kept better detail in same places (like the SCUMM bar sign). Also, mine looks stretched vertically, not sure what happened there. Did you do any manual retouching or is it just the model you are using that is better? I am just using a default manga trained model with ERSGAN. (Sorry for going slightly off topic)
  3. I upscaled the SCUMM Bar picture (all credits to scummbar.com) from Bill Tiller using ESRGAN. I am sure Laserschwert could do much better, but this should work. Also, where can I find the other “Cursed” soundstracks? I have only heard the one from MI1. I didn’t know there here more from the other games.
  4. That’s a hurdy-gurdy! I think it’s quite popular in the Sea of Thieves world (I’m not really a player, I have only played it a few times, but I have seen a few videos where it’s used).
  5. Another fan version of LeChuck’s theme.
  6. I also only saw it recently when someone mentioned it on one of my YouTube comments. Dialogue/singing from both SE and VGA below: The 100 bottles of beer dialogue is slightly different for the SE as you can only pick between 4, 42 or 508 while in the DOS version it seems to be completely random. They most likely did this to avoid recording all the numbers.
  7. Very well described! Also inline to what Bill Tiller commented: He also went on to say he loves it: Source
  8. https://twitter.com/TimOfLegend/status/1511010980502798339?t=JLw_gYvc7LpbcsZ5YYS6CQ&s=19
  9. It seems you were absolutely right! I wonder if it was the art director that managed to convince Ron not to do pixel art or if he decided it by himself. In any case, I am quite happy they decided to go in this direction and not pixel art. Can’t wait to see more!
  10. Thanks Lasershwert! You are absolutely right. A more obvious picture: https://www.deviantart.com/skittlefuck/art/eagleisland-background-dump-779071147
  11. Bill has recently been replying to some comments in my Instagram account and he said the following regarding the draw lines (or lack of it): You can find the comment on this post.
  12. This is awesome! For some reason I always thought it was from Bill Tiller, but now that you mention it, it does match the EMI box drawing style. Can’t wait to see the final result. The image works very nicely as a profile banner.
  13. You most likely need to run a daily build and not the official build. Same for the three turrets fix.
  14. I have not checked myself but didn’t andywinxp fixed those recently? Or at least greatly improved. https://mixnmojo.com/news/All-I-want-for-Christmas-is-CMI-with-iMUSE#comments
  15. Have you considered improving the background picture of The Curse of Monkey Island ad? Seems to be from a German magazine but I have never seen it with proper quality. Not sure from which magazine though.
  16. Try this one as it might have what you want: http://jsg.id.au/scumm/scummrev/
  17. You can find the high resolution version here. He actually created 2 versions. I prefer the dark one as it's more similar to the original. I kinda like it, it just takes a bit to get use to it.
  18. That is true, but I was I referring to proper point and click adventure games. Humongous Entertainment games were made for kids Ron also mentioned several times that if he were to make a new Monkey Island it would be a pixel art game. In addition the unannounced new game was originally intended to be a pixel art game (or so it seems based on the first job opening), hence my comment.
  19. Sounds like they changed their mind then. Looking at Spine examples I believe you are absolutely right as the tool would not work well for pixel art. I am quite happy Ron is now evolving his style instead of relying only on the old Pixel Art. Don’t take me wrong, I did enjoy Thimbleweed Park and I like Pixel Art but it is nice to see Ron trying something different.
  20. It seems they no longer mention pixel art like the first job opening but “2d illustrated”. I am curious to know if that means they are shifting art style. I would love to see cell shaded style coming out from Ron.
  21. Thanks for sharing Remi! I had never seen this as I only have the MI2 from the white label double pack. Those are the maps that will be included on the reverse side of the Monkey Island Anthology mini-posters. I was wondering where they were from, now I know.
  22. He posted several hours before you so I gave the credit to him. I also saw his first and then yours.
  23. Maybe you saw it here: https://limitedrungames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/22000236142-international-customs-fees
  24. Thanks for the preview! It looks amazing. Great job as always. Looking forward to see the proper one.
  25. Any news on the clean (without text and thumbnails) MI2 back? How is it coming along?
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