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  1. We should get all the posts back but we won't use YaBB SE again.
  2. I don't know when we're going to get our forums back but it might take some time. Just relax and try to ignore the icons for now
  3. It's only a temporary forum while we wait for a new server to run non vBulletin boards.
  4. Thanks! It could actually be better with some personalized images but the forum is only temporary and it isn't worth the trouble
  5. Just to say hello and welcome to The Legend of Monkey Island forums. Enjoy!
  6. We're still hosted by mojo. Some of the other sites are waiting for the back up. We should recover the five months stuff soon
  7. Funny, mine too! I remember we had wacko moderator at MILegend back then but I can't remember his name
  8. Thanks, Met! What a relieve to my eyes!!!!
  9. Nope, I see the default LucasForums design.
  10. I think someone should change this not good looking design to the superb mojo design.
  11. Hi! Welcome to the forums. I'm glad to see more portuguese adventure fans around here. I hope you'll stick around
  12. I'm the owner of The Legend of Monkey Island. Unfortunately, I've been very very busy with university lately, but I promise to make a big update sometime in the near(?) future. P.S.- I'm glad you like the site.
  13. A custom, (animation) ripper for all animations in CMI. That would be cool!
  14. MI1 - Main theme, SCUMM bar, LeChuck's theme, Voodoo Lady's theme. MI2 - Kate Capsize boat, skeleton dance, main theme. MI3 - Barber shop, Plunder Island map, all music on Blood Island. MI4 - Lucre Island Lawyers, The Scumm Bar, Knuttin Atoll.
  15. I must say that the sound is still not sync. but it's much better than it was.
  16. That won't fix it, but I know how to solve that prob. Go to My Computer -> Press the right button over your cd-rom letter (usually d: or e:) and click on Properties. Choose the Hardware tab. Select your CD-ROm and press the properties button. Uncheck "Enable digital CD Audio for this CD-ROM device" on the properties tab. That should do it.
  17. Most probably when we move back to Mojo.
  18. I'm the webmaster and designer of The Legend of Monkey Island. MILegend is a bluish site with the biggest downloads, characters and animated gifs section of Monkey Island.
  19. This forums look amazing! Nice design I love the colors.
  20. I already had mentioned that to Spaff.
  21. Pretty cool! You're getting addicted, aren't you? I know where you took some of the images to make some Monkey Island avatars
  22. My second fav. character is Lemon Head next to Blondebeard. He's so damn funny.
  23. I told you, he has been drinking. OH..NO! HE'S GOING TO GET ANOTHER BEER! STOP HIM! We should put a padlock on the fridge. BTW, I'm a monkey now I'm so excited! Oh yeah! I forgot to ask if you guys like my new avatar?
  24. Blondebeard

    Good Luck!

    My apologizes, I didn't realize this forum was so old. I found it using the LF search.
  25. Blondebeard

    Good Luck!

    I must agree agree with you, SCUMM system rules. 2D gives another atmosphere, to adventure games, that 3D doesn't have. Anyway, there are also nice adventure games in 3D like Grim Fandango... Escape from Monkey Island was also nice, but the other three Monkey Island games were much better (in my humble opinion). BTW: nice to see an adventure game thread on a Star Wars forum.
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