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  1. Very cool! Don't miss the hidden secrets
  2. The address you posted was breaking the IMG tag and the URL tag. I'll add it on attachment.
  3. Try running the game with Quick & Easy. You can also use ScummVM.
  4. I'm waiting to finish the php script for that section to put it online. People will be able to submit their own Fan Fiction. And no, I don't have fan fiction ready to put there
  5. Please don't capitalize all the letters. You can also edit your own posts if you want to add/change something
  6. Very nice ! Congrats! Who did the design I can't read it at the bottom?
  7. About the fanart..we're going to use phpBB and it doesn't support post attachments which means that the fanfiction/fanart forum might not make sense. Anyway, the new forum is already done and ready to run. We're just waiting for the backups (which I'm still not sure if we will be able to convert to phpBB2) and the dedicated server. P.s.: Does anyone remember or have the sub-forums descriptions, it would eb appreciated
  8. I agree, all of the above. I rarely enter the harbour because it's generally full of crap. I'm glad you guys are going to start moderating this forum. P.s.: Oh yeah, be prepared for the hatting messages..
  9. Fan stuff could go in the Monkey Island sub-forum, but I could always add another forum for that.
  10. Maybe something like this would work: Monkey Island Discussion - Monkey Island - Monkey Island 5 - Help General Discussion - Off-topic discussion - Forum games The Legend of Monkey Island - Site and Forum Feedback
  11. Here's a bunch of screenshots of most of the rooms with a list of the main differences between the MI2 demo and the final version. Check it out here: http://www.milegend.com/comments.php?id=408
  12. Till now I'm getting music at this places: 71 - (LeChuck's Fortress) LeChuck's tune, I don't think I've heard this version before 52 - (Guard Kiosk) it looks similar to the original 29 - (Phatt Island jail) go to room 27 first and then enter the jail. The music is the same that is heard in the final version I think. 27 - (Phatt Island wharf) IIRC it has nothing to do with the final version. I like it 9 - (Bloody Lip Bar) Leave and enter Woodtick and go to the bar 7 - (Woodtick) Leave and enter Woodtick to hear the music 2 - (Scabb Island) Just leave Woodtick to hear it
  13. Really interesting You can also get the demo at MILegend: http://www.milegend.com/downloads/downloads.php?id=1
  14. The problem here is that newbies don't read descriptions. Mods can move them but our old forums had a lot of moved threads. I think the Help forum is really needed in case they want to make general help questions like "where can I get all Monkey Island games?", etc..
  15. What sub-forums should we have on the permanent forum. Should we have the same we had on the old MILegend forums? If I remember correctly it was something like this: -[b]General Discussion[/b]: General Monkey Island discussion Off-topic Fanfiction Help -[b]Monkey Island[/b]: The Secret of Monkey Island LeChuck's Revenge: Monkey Island 2 The Curse of Monkey Island Monkey Island 5 -[b]The Legend of Monkey Island[/b] Site feedback Forum feedback Maybe on the future forum we should reduce the Monkey Island categorie to only two forums: Monkey Island 1-4 Monkey Island 5 What do you guys think?
  16. Sorry, but sending game files is illegal. Try contacting LucasArts maybe they will help you...or not.
  17. Thanks! Most of the stuff used here will appear on the permanent forum.
  18. Just to let you guys know that the thread list icons have been changed. I hope you like them.
  19. I'm still here but I don't even need to say that Oh..I'm from Portugal as you can read in the left.
  20. IdioticFan: Please try not to post the same reply 4 times.
  21. I would go for Blondebeard, but you already knew that It's a funny and crazy old guy that runs a restaurant and no one can complain about his food. He's also obsessed with El Pollo Diablo, the giant demon chicken, releasing his chickens and scare the customers away. I don't think we will see him again on another Monkey Island game though.
  22. This forum needs some more activity so I'll bring an old topic. All MI forums have or had a topic like this. What is you favourite Monkey Island game and why? I'll start. The third Monkey Island game I played was The Curse of Monkey Island and I got hooked to Monkey Island world since then. What stands out in this game are probably the backgrounds and the music. I think Bill Tiller made an excellent job as Lead Background Artist. The music also fits the game very well. The only thing I would probably change is the Guybrush look and maybe the roller coaster of death (I didn't like that last part). Your turn!
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