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  1. The MILegend forum will most likely be converted to vBulletin or another PHP forum, since I'm converting the whole site to PHP. I'm not sure yet where the forum will be located, however. BTW: Do you guys like my new avatar?
  2. Yeah, I was having the some prob. If you refresh the page it will also solve the problem.
  3. 25 posts? I guess I'll only see them next year. Unless I sp... ah.. never mind, I don't want to get killed by a "British Pimp"
  4. No problem <IMG SRC="http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smilies/cwm30.gif" border=0>
  5. Thanks! BTW, I'm Blondebeard with an "e" and not Blondbeard (another member of this forum).
  6. Sorry to make this announcement here, but this is the only MI forum online. As you might know The Legend of Monkey Island is hosted by <A HREF="http://"http://www.mixnmojo.net/"" TARGET=_blank>Mixnmojo</A> . MixnMojo server has been down for too long due to the moving of servers and I decided to create a temporary page for MILegend (Mini Page) where I will put some news. You can visit it here: MILegend Thanks! [This message has been edited by Blondebeard (edited November 05, 2001).]
  7. No one banned you or Niko. I don't see your point.
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