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  1. Hey you can release the control panel man no prob...i have nothing against you or deadlystream im cool

  2. Yes i know many will disagree or refuse it comes down to a choice...i have my personal reasons why i decided to do this one being its become very time consuming. But this is no different than people asking for donations really...and i still offer free stuff so it works out for both sides

  3. What file controls the texture for the chairs on Taris. The large grey chairs with the white light?


    LTS_Rwall01 and the file that makes it glow has the same name

  4. Yea right now i use mod db

  5. well right now im trying to get ideas brewing ive been looking at star wars wikia for ideas

    I am correct to understand your not changing the models of the files correct

  6. Well first i cannot take credit for the skyboxes as they were created by hazel and necromancer. But the main challenge with the skyboxes is the skyline and sun position. Relevance is important to most as i couldn't put a mountain skybox on dantooine.

  7. ha ha thats funny somebody must have falsely reported it any way yep the sky box was changed and the lightning is still there

  8. i dont know hes expressed no need for me to help skin his modules

  9. Could I release a compatability patch for your peragus, and my peragus lightmap change?


    Sure its cool with me go ahead

  10. thanks its pretty simplified from early versions

  11. Thanks im putting so much work into this one it will be the last ever but the best one ive done ever.... its coming soon

  12. Thanks you too for the badge

  13. Well at the moment im trying to finish up my tsl visual enhancement. That mod would essentially have the same levels, how ever unless there were new areas. After i finish my last visual enhancement mod i'll be retired from modding unless some one wants me to help skin their project

  14. Thanks for the vote its unexpected

  15. thanks for the vote

  16. thanks for the vote

  17. Hey wow ok thanks this is unexpected thanks to everone

  18. Hey i realize that you guys have lots of files submitted to you at kotor files but i recently had 7 files rejected cause they expired. Now i don't know what thats about but please can you at least get 1 file of mines in when i submitted cause uploading isnt fast as downloading.



  19. Sorry Hold off on planet droid until i talk to stoney

  20. Hey i was wondering if its possible that you can assist me in getting my new Enhanced graphics 2009 mod on knights filefront. I am unable to upload on to their servers cause of my ip blocking certain ports. Any help would be appreciated



  21. thanks for the save now ill see what i can do with the planet

  22. Hey i was wondering if you would have a savegame file with m4-78 on it. I started a new game and for some reason i cant get past peragus turret game it blanks out. Remeber i asked awhile back if i could mod m4-78 graphically but i can't even get to it. any help would be appreciated thankz

  23. shure ill upload it there when the chance presents it self. Auto resume is a good feature

  24. Yes i've ironed out the wrinkles and its being released today

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