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Over the past year and a half I've had a rather busy schedule but each time I tried to access the server I was unable to. Emails to ET haven't provided any helpful info. Sadly I don't have time to fix it, so I'm just going to say for now a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped the server over the years. I'd love to bring it back some day, I just don't have the energy to focus on it right now. It's been lots of fun, though! MTFBWY



Been busy for the last year, but I am working on getting the server back up. It seems to have been down for most of the past 3 1/2 months, for which I sincerely apologize. Since I'd be busy with school I really didn't have time, but now I'm trying to see if ET can get me access again. I am wondering if perhaps something went wrong with a server transition. In any case, I'm sorry for the delays and hopefully we'll be back up again before the end of the summer (fingers crossed).



The server should be back up and working again at



I've been busy lately with a summer internship that turned into a year long residency. I am not sure what's going on with the ET server, as I haven't checked it in several months. I am hoping to find out soon whether the server is up, where it's at, or if it's down and not coming back (hopefully that's not the case, but we'll see). In the meantime I want to thank EscapedTurkey for hosting us for so long and for the many people who have played on our server over the past few years.



I just learned that EscapedTurkey, our hosting company, is shifting their servers around.

The new one is in Chicago, so there may be a new IP.


I don't have time to update the web page and the JediTracker yet (probably won't for awhile, but hopefully I can do that this summer).


If the old IP is no longer working, PLEASE try the following one instead (and add to your favorites):







Yes, without any interruption in service, ET, our benevolent host

has decided to give the Meatgrinder a new lease on life, as a sponsored Jedi Academy server. As such we'll be throwing in some plugs to their service and putting some unobtrusive ads on the page out of respect (much like we did for JediServers, our first sponsor, back in the day).


This is great news for all of you who haven't had a chance to join us yet,

or those who were itching to come back. I for one am very pleased with

this news and can't thank them enough.


As for this thread, it is becoming unwieldy, so I may be starting a new one

to provide the latest info and status on the server. For now, consider this a bit of nostalgia. Add the Meatgrinder to your JA favorites!


3/1/10, 4:50pm CST


The server is canceled. Until I can afford to spend the monthly fee for a high speed rental on top of everything else, I decided this was the best course of action. It's been fun! The server appears to still be up as of this afternoon, but I'm talking with EscapedTurkey to find out if this is just a glitch, or if it will automatically "run out" at the next billing period (March 13th/14th). So if you see it on there and it's accessible, enjoy. If not, thanks for the memories.


If the latter is the case, then you've got a few more days, if not, then it's curtains for now. MTFBWY!




Happy New Year! I forgot to update this thread in awhile, but anyway, I can't afford to pay for this server month to month anymore, so I'm really, really taking it down at the end of this month (February). I hope you've enjoyed the extra months. I kept forgetting to cancel my subscription. If someday in the future I get more money to throw at it, I might. But I think the Meatgrinder has had a good run. Thanks everyone for the fun games!




I figure I can afford to let the server continuing running through December. But once we hit January I may be strapped for cash again, so I may have to finally cut it off indefinitely.


We'll see.


EXTENDED the server for another month of renewal. Enjoy!



A "Vent" server for the game is now up! So now you can voice chat with

other players (assuming they're logged in as well).


Get Ventrilo HERE.


Vent Server: vent8.gameservers.com

Port #: 4544


Channel "A" Meatgrinder




The server appears to be up and running smoothly! Map cycles are being modified,

but overall it should be set for the summer in terms of getting things going. Join





Yep, folks, I finally broke down and rented a server. So, after eons of downtime, and my recent attempts at hosting sporadically off my home PC, I've thrown in for a decent server from EscapedTurkey for the summer.


Now I repeat, this is ONLY for the summer. I probably won't have the cash to spare or time to monitor it after this, so enjoy it while you can!


I'm currently uploading files and tweaking settings, so if you try it now, it may be buggy, but bear with me! I hope to have it smoothed out and running well by this weekend.


However, if you're curious and want to try it out, please go here:




The trackers should be updated, and I will restart it once a day to make sure things are working properly. Please shoot me an email or PM if things are not looking right.


The rotation should be two rounds of siege (six matches), followed by a run through of the JA basic maps, then the JA Bonus map pack, then I CTF (then the CTF bonus map). There's a "mayhem" map thrown in there every once in awhile too (a Duel map set to FFA, meaning it's basically a mosh pit!).


Dismemberment is enabled, and tons of Star Wars skins are supported... I will also try to get some Siege Destroyer/Asteroids Mod setup for later this summer (if they'll allow it).


Here's the IP:




I'm introducing a friend to the game this weekend, so look for the server then!





Okay, I'm a little late, but the server is UP NOW, SAME IP AS IN MY SIG.




[Post cleanup, I'm deleting a lot of the old updates in this post, but see

the end of the thread for more]



Old Updates:


EscapedTurkey is back and apparently faster than before, so Meatgrinder is back at full steam, hooray!


There is now a Downloads Page on Strategic Academy that has all the mods we ever use or recommend. You can view the server status and link to the download page from here. We now run OJP "Enhanced" (gameplay changes with a new saber system, ledge grabbing and other interesting changes) on Fridays, which OJP Basic (same gameplay as basejka, plus fixes, tweaks and new game mode options) the rest of the week.



OJP (Open Jedi Project Mod) and I have joined forces!


Meatgrinder OJP Server is now the place to go!


RazorAce, who recieved a server from EscapedTurkey in gratitude for his tireless work on the mod has generously agreed to let me admin his server, and the new name reflects this change.


So expect the same kind of hassle free gameplay you've come to expect, plus the speed and freshness of a regularly updated mod that acts as an unofficial patch to JA!


This 26 man server is fast! So come on over and have some fun!


The server rotates the basejka maps... CTF, Siege, Holocron and Jedi Master, with other modes available on request, including the JA Bonus Pack maps and Siege Destroyer. Jawa MP Mod supported! Runs the latest Beta of the OJP Basic Mod (nothing required to download!). Help test this great and useful mod while having fun.





Keep in mind this is a BETA mod (though it has come a long way), so there may be some bugs in it. So far though I see it as an improvement over basejka, and unlike some other mods, it doesn't contain anything abusive or gameplay changing that would ruin the "purist" gameplay you've come to expect from my server (it is NOT an abusive admin mod like so many others).




The latest IP is also shown in my signature.


I'm using:

  • -Custom Bots
  • -Debugmelee (grapples/kicks w/ melee)
  • -Idle Saber Damage (realism)
  • -Saberdamagescale 2 (useful & balanced against guns)
  • -Full Dismemberment (as long as you have it turned on client-side as well! cg_dismember <#>).
  • -Bot challenges (turn off one blade to challenge a bot in FFA)
  • -NO RULES! (Except killtrackers must be set to silent or off & teams must be as balanced as possible!)
    Special OJP Settings* (when using this mod):
  • -Autoteambalancer (teams are forced to be balanced every 30 seconds, meaning people will get switched if they don't switch)
  • -Tab Bots (Bots play Siege, use different player classes, completing objectives and play other gametypes more intelligently and a bit more human-like)
  • -"Gibs" from Explosions When you nail someone with an explosive or say the primary Flechette or secondary Concussion Rifle, they get dismembered, often into multiple bits. Long falls can also "gib." Looks a bit funny sometimes, but kinda cool other times.
  • -Teamvotekick Using:
    \callteamvote kick <name>
    in the console you can kick teammates who are screwing around and not helping (vote Yes or No like you normally would right in the menu). This prevents vote-kick abuse, while allowing the game to flow better.
  • -Holocron FFA Just like the classic Jedi Outcast game mode. Works on all the FFA maps in basejka.
  • -Jedi Master Just like the classic Jedi Outcast game mode. This one works on ANY map, including addon maps, due to some auto-magic ness that RazorAce built in. Very cool.
  • -Exploit fixes Now people can't screw up Siege games so easily using known bug exploits. Much more balanced now.


Note: Not all OJP features are always in use, sometimes they get changed for testing purpose or stability due to bug fixing.

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Edit (May 13, 2006): The only "required" files we run on the server typically are the OJP Basic files, occasionally the JA Bonus Map Pack, and that's usually about it, though it will help to have any of the files featured on this (new) page:




(the below information is outdated, but feel free to try any of those if you wish!)



Full list of current mods (all obtainable from pcgamemods.com, lucasfiles.com or elsewhere such as jk3files.com that MAY be in use on the server (none most of the time):


(removed "Wampa Joust" and "Arena of the Rancor" since I haven't used them in ages, and removed "KOTOR Flight School" since I hear there's a newer, better version anyway)


-Asteroids Mod (Created with the help of Raven, advanced ship combat in space! Includes improved edition of Siege Destroyer Assault!)



-Siege Destroyer (An older version of the map, not as good as Destroyer2 in Asteroids, but will be used in its place until I can get the latest OJP linux which includes the Asteroids code!)http://lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=439


-JA Bonus Mappack (Adds 4 new FFA maps, 1 new CTF and 1 new Duel map to the rotation. An early Xmas present from Raven Software!)



-JKII_voices_3.0.pk3 (UPDATE. gives the unique taunts back to JK2 characters and gives multiple taunts in Duel/PowerDuel)



-JKII_ffa.pk3 (JK2 FFA converted map pack)



-JKII_duel.pk3 (JK2 Duel converted map pack)



-JKII_ctf.pk3 (JK2 CTF converted map pack)



-ithorian.pk3 (Ithorian MP skin)



-OJP (OpenJediProject) Basic (various tweaks and fun features like RGB sliders for custom Jedi)



-DDS Ibots Smarter, Faster, Angrier bots!



-DDS Re-routed Bots navigate the FFA and CTF maps much more intelligently and are therefore more challenging.



-Jawa team skins Makes the Jawa skin selectable in the Profile menu with icons, and gives him red and blue skins for TFFA and CTF. Never get confused again!


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Originally posted by Kurgan

-JKII_voices.pk3 (gives the unique taunts back to certain JK2 characters)


-wampajoust.pk3 ("fun" small map with ridable wampas)

Those two seems interesting...


The JKII voices one, if I play MP, can only I hear the voices?

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I have the voices patch going, so *I* can hear it. You won't hear them unless you have it installed as well.


But if you connect you can try to download it if I have sv_allowdownload 1 on.


I may turn it off sometimes due to lag though, sorry. Get it from pcgamemods.com

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Glad you had fun! I tried that tweak that InsaneSith posted, but it didn't seem to help me any (though Darth Vader said it helped him a great deal).


So undecided if I'm going to keep it up when I use that map.


Anyway, updated this thread with links to all those mods.


Too bad there isn't an easy way to put the URL of this thread into my MOTD!

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See that's the thing, why do people never want to join a server that has only bots in it?


If nobody ever does this, then there will never be any players in a server (think about it). And I can reasonably only spend so many hours a day sitting in my server hoping to attract people to use it.


A person should join, play for awhile, and if others see them and join, etc. Consider it a warm-up. But it seems like some people only want to join a game that is already 15/16 (meaning that full servers will always stay full and nobody will ever join an empty server).


My logs are full of people who join, then leave seconds later (not even enough time to say anything to them). They could save themselves a lot of time simply by clicking on "server info" before they join.



LoL... anyway, pet peeve of mine, not aimed at you per se. This isn't a problem just with JA, but all online games I've ever played.

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Before i join your server, i always check if theres anyone inside, if not. I'll go join other servers.


Its not fun playing with bots.


I know if you're playing on the internet, you'd rather play humans, so would I, so would most people, BUT, as I've said...


By that logic nobody will EVER join my server, because somebody HAS to be the first one to join and patiently wait for others.


So if you really want to play somebody on my server, you may have to wait a bit.


At least you click server info though and don't just join and immediately leave.. that bugs me when people do that. ; p



About half the time I'm running a server I'm also sitting here at the computer doing something else. If I see somebody join, I will usually say hi to them (from the console) and try to join the game to play with them. But it takes a little while for JA to load up for me, so if they immediately leave they missed their chance to play with at least one person (myself). So if people would be a little more patient... ; )



The other thing is, people don't need to complain about "lag" within the first 30 seconds of a person joining. That is normal...

After a bit it clears up.


To use debugmelee do this:


seta g_debugmelee "1" (put that in your server cfg file).


To USE it on a server that has it enabled, simply don't assign any force points to Saber Attack (Saber Offense) in your profile.

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I don't know about that, at least as many people have been connecting to the JK2 master server in the last month as have done so for JA, assuming those stats are accurate.


I fired up a server (For the first time) a few days ago and one guy joined fairly quickly.

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Originally posted by Kurgan

To use debugmelee do this:


seta g_debugmelee "1" (put that in your server cfg file).


To USE it on a server that has it enabled, simply don't assign any force points to Saber Attack (Saber Offense) in your profile.

Thaks a lot! Now my server has debugged melee! But it also has sabers.

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No problem. ; )



I updated one of the links to the vehicle steering tweak (I got a new one sent to me that I have yet to try but it may be easier for you).


See my post above with the list of mods.


Great games btw, thanks to all who joined in the last few days!

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Kurgan, can you disable the grip, lightning and drain?


Just now at during a duel map some stupid gh3y n00b always lame and spam teh throw, drain + attack while chatting.:mad: :mad: :mad:


And always repeat of force powers. like grip and drain.


if i were the admin, i'd kick him out and ban him from the server.

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you need to edit yoru server.cfg file a bit kurg 30 min duel limits with bots is horrible, cause it takes 30 min, they loose each other on some maps, plus regular players get kicked when new players join, and the bots stay in some cases


That shouldn't be right, there are always 2 slots free for humans to join and bots should always be kicked when new people come in.


I'll double the time limit for duels and only use two bots (or remove them entirely) for that gametype. Thanks for pointing this out!





Kurgan, can you disable the grip, lightning and drain?


If I did that, I'd have to disable heal, mind trick and absorb as well...


Just use Absorb and you won't be affected by those powers.


while chatting.


If it's a duel, you should be fighting, not chatting during the battle, no offense.


And always repeat of force powers. like grip and drain.


Absorb and he will just waste his mana.


if i were the admin, i'd kick him out and ban him from the server.


But this is my server, and I say that's fair. You just have to adapt to his tactics. Trust me, it can be done.

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