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Quake and UT


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[Hot-off-the-press update: see here (secretly situated further down this very thread) for server details.]


Alright dudes.


Just a quick message - Benny asked, nay demanded, some hot Quake and Unreal Tournament (both the 'first ones'!) action around Christmas time, so naturally I was only too happy to be forced into obliging.


There will therefore be some Quake/UT shenanigans at 7pm GMT (British time) on Sunday, 21st December 2003. That's 2pm EST, 11am PST, etc. I'll post server details and stuff nearer to the time, but if you're interested, please reply to the thread to let us get an idea of how many people might turn up. Thanks!

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Its not christmas without multiplayer quake and christmas music booming out in the background. Fragging Gabez to Silent Night is more festive then even this.


Erm, but I might not be around next Sunday, I might be, in which case I will be, but I might not, in which case i wont fact-fans.


So I might not, maybe, perhaps, will be there, possibly, yes.



I'd also like to point out that the Quake and UT neednt be hot, I will quite happily accept lukewarm.

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Speaking of which, the server's all ready now.


Connect to qworld.dyndns.org for all your hawt QuakeWorld and/or UT action. You'll probably want to speak to one of us on IRC (#monkey-island on irc.gamesnet.net) or MSN/ICQ (see profiles) first, otherwise you might find the server rather empty.


The mojo3 map for QuakeWorld can be downloaded here - stick it in the 'quake\id1\maps' folder. If you can't be bothered, just connect to the server and it'll download automatically - but very slowly.


In case your brain is on holiday, in QuakeWorld type: 'connect qworld.dyndns.org'. For Unreal Tournament, you should just need to click here!


You can also see some hot stats (plus the lame result of my boredom) on El Web-Site-o.


Remember, 7pm GMT (British time) on Sunday, 21st December 2003 is where the real "action's" at. UT first.

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Less than an hour to go, dudes. Less than an hour. (Remember the timestamp on this post will be wrong - LucasForums = stupid and all that. Maths is fun!!)


BLATANT PLUG: If you turn up late and want to check whether anyone's still playing, see here and let your eyes drift to the top-right. Drift, I say!

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