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Mongo05 - can you please turn the guns back on on the server... They're one of the features I need tested!!! :)


Thanks to everyone I played against thismorning!

Now you may have realized the reason this map desperately needs play testing/balancing!


Thanks :)


If anyone has any questions they need to ask, PM me straight away!

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hey ONE Mushroom can u lower the max ping on your server cuz it always has "server for low pings" message appear when i wanna test on the ONE server


ok bug time...

(1) Luke with two lightsaber stance. I noticed after being kyle katarn (heavy weaps) that when i changed to luke (jedi) he still had kyles two saber stance! This is fixed when you press saber stance buton and luke returns to normal 1 saber stances and does not retain the two saber stance.


(2) Invisible switches. As some would have figured out by now (I hope) the only way to summon elevators to you is by being at entrance to elevator and pressing the use button. It's not really a big problem, but its not user-friendly, especially for first time players of the map. I recommend ether adding switches next to the elevators, or have auto-summon elevators, though its your choice


My other problem is not really a bug, but just something i noticed. Although i havent played this map with any other testers yet, i have noticed that the areas where controls to vaders meditation chamber, bridge activation etc are, the walkways are very thin on the outer ring of the levels, and i noticed that this area is goig to be very annoying for games where multiple people encounter each other here. As there are no handrails to stop yourself accidently falling into the "damage" area at the bottom of the pit, people will simple be annoyed of falling into the pit and dieing even whn not fighting, and they simply lag for a moment. Now consider that when people battle in this area, the changes off lag will increase and many peope will probably die when they believed they were safe....

ummm..sorry for rambling...need to learn how to make it short and sweet.


Also monsoontide i find that although the Assault classes have nice guns :p , concerning balancing, i doubt many people will see an advantage of using the Assault classes as they have no resistance to enemy force powers and only have force jump 1, but i cant realy tell how this will work out in a proper game, so...


ANYWAY that problem isn't much, and i LOVE this map and the fps is great, so i cant wait to REALLY test this out with a proper siege match

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The switch/power room was a recent addittion - combining two redundant areas into one more interesting area so it still needs more adjustments (Hence BETA) ;)


I admit the lifts thing takes getting used to. May make some "switches" though they won't do anything since I need the func_brushes elsewhere


As for the assault teams, Jan has a cloaking device and the Noghri is the fastest player (& quick kickass with that reapeater!)

Both also have Heavy_Melee - which is kind of like double damage melee.


I'm online on one of the servers right now - so if anyone wants a game - now is the time!!


BTW... Where is everyone located (roughly) - so we can organize some matches in accordance with when people will be awake!

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I'm in the UK.


I propose a team game on ONE clanserver at 16:00 GMT Saturday and Sunday. I'll increase the max latency too.


This, I think, will be an excellent map when it is finished.


What I have found so far:


These falls are 2D, and significantly aliased in side view.




Visually it appears that it is possible to drop down from the shuttle pad to the fuel pump via platforms and pipes. It is not.


Pod engine flame thrower does surprisingly little damage.


Alora has melee and level 3 lightning. This means two handed lightning. Is this what you intended?


The switch room is a major bottleneck. There are two lifts in from below, which could be guarded by demos. I shall test to see if the Sith can spend the whole game camping there, and win.


As ace_rogue1 said, it is easy to fall onto the deadly floor in the switch room.


Is there a way to tell which of the four power nodes for the tractor have been disabled? Otherwise, could they be labelled to make team communication easier?


It is easy to roll through the window over the walkway when trying to get out to the power nodes, and fall to death.


It is not always obvious which lift to take. For example, when descending into the map room there are two lifts down. One leads to the power node area and the rest of the castle, the other to the holocron lab, a dead end. Maybe label lifts to dead ends?

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Im in Australia, and its 8:26 pm here now, bout to go to servers now

ill keep looking...

oh and figure out what difference your own locations time is from GMT, then you'll know the times people are talking about, and post what times you are planning to test in GMT and hopefully we can get more people together

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ok testers, use this site http://www.worldtimeserver.com/ to determine your times and such...


...Mushroom with that site i figured that those of us using EST will have to be on at...3:00 am...so i'll probably sit those out, though i might be up for it sat morning, as ill probably be getting home from a party, if its early finish :p


Pahricida get onto the TDS server NOW im on it waiting for someone

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Originally posted by [ONE]Mushroom

I'm in the UK.


I propose a team game on ONE clanserver at 16:00 GMT Saturday and Sunday. I'll increase the max latency too.


Sound good but i all way's eat at that time. So i don't know how long you all wil be in the server then but i could be a little late.


Btw those round torture droids (for got the name.) All most never hurt you even if your walking into them. But it did go to you fine. And yes i was a jedi at the time.:rolleyes:

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i havent played the map through yet but here are some comments


1) :confused: i played it now for about 40 minutes and still cant figure that good out where's what, i used noclip to scroll around (confused: how to get in that room above the tractor beam thing; what the holocron at the bottom is, and the one at top)




1. No information given in the objectives menu for #6, imperials

2. the holocron tab in objectives has 2 different places? (one given for imp one given for rebels)

3. could be because of a pk3 file in base, but when i loaded the map i got these results


shader "textures/doomgiver/bigpipe1d" and

shader "textures/bespin/botton_off" .. has lightmap but no lightmap stage, i have some missing textures around the first rebel spawn area which are the shield at top and the doors at 2nd floor


and something wrong with

models/player/n1_mst -> animevent.cfg animations


BOTH_WINGS_OPEN (_CLOSE) not found or something like that


unknown cmd identity


4. Rebel spawn point 1; the luke falling noise i get when passing floor 2 is irritating and pointless :\

5. difficult to get out the spawn point if you're coming sideways

6. the turbolasers seem to float a bit. story issue: turbo lasers cant even hit starfighters well (they're intended for big targets), they're not supposed to hit moving persons :\

7. The map looks very very weird from the outside (you can see it very well as a castle on a piece of paper and a big box around it), the yellow stuff in the whole map is a bit too bright and the place outside where it drips down, looks awful from a distance (i can provide screenie)

8. In the join menu, Heavy weapons imperial: the name is strange (dark jedi destroyer); and use of some words "this heavy weapons"..."he can.."

9. set normal speed for scout a bit higher


well i will test it later more thorough about the objectives, for balancing issuesi'll have to play it with ppl

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Keep the feedback coming!


Will try and join in some games this weekend!


Alegis - As for #4: If you look into the cell, you'll notice a torture droid torturing a prisoner as you go past :)


#7 THere's not much I can do about that since its a technical issue with the "skybox". If anyone has any ideas on ways to fix this I'm open to suggestions


As for the other things - good spotting. :)

I'm aware of some of the stuff in the menus - I have to get around to finishing it all. - I think the objective icons don't X out 'cos they need a shader.


The turbo lasers were static - but I thought it would be more interesting if they did something! Imagine these small ones are the equivalent of the rebel laser towers in the Hoth Siege map. :)

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I really like this map, it is a great map. all the bugs mentioned are all the ones i have seen too, exept for when you enter the castle and its like a museum, in the red tube there is an object with a missing texture, just to let you know ;)


so ya, thats it i hope this map turns out great after beta (is that possible? its already so good)

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Luke Katarn - Join in if you can find a game going. But I must have as much feedback on the GAMEPLAY as possible and all feedback comes to this forum.


Pahricida - Yeah - those pipes are a problem - I can't cap them in radiant - 'cos it does totally wierd things to the caps since the pipes are so small. Not sure what to do there.


Ahh - I notice in your screen shot you've got locations turned on! Can you post how to do that for everyone - it'll make the game considerably easier for those having trouble finding the other players in the map!


I'll be around tonight if anyone wants a game - Between 9pm and 11pm LA Time which is GMT 5am - 7am!!!!! - No wonder no-one is ever around!!!! ;)

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For Team Overlay View:


Setup -> Game Options -> Draw Team Overlay Status (or smoething like that) ON


and I guess he chose Mon Mothmas Head cause you have to send the Data to the new Republic ... so it would be rather unwise to send it to the Emperor. (who doesn't even live anymore at the time the map plays :D)

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