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More LINKage [Legend of Zelda] WIP


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OK, I've done a little bit more on Link. 15160.jpg


Some skinning here and there, adding meshes and removing unnecessary polys.

I have some more skinning to do and I still need to make an alpha texture for the hair - then I can move on. I also redid the Master Sword hilt and re-wrote the .sab file.


This is still gonna take awhile, so don't expect Link to be released before Hanukkah.

I'm also currently working on the JA versions of Yuna and Leela, plus Level editing, skinning, modelling, sound production, ect... for "The Rising Empire" (for those of you who know about my other projects).

Enjoy the update.

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Originally posted by MarcusLeCoy

the fingers need reskining, they look a bit too dark, and the triforce symbol should b on one his gauntlets, with one triangle on it brighter(triforce of causrage heehee)


BTW, are you going to do a child link version? :drink1:


If he doesn't a child link will be made for the SSBM TC mod by someone. ;)


Looks really awesome! ^_^

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Originally posted by Mongo05

No kill, Why can't you speak good english. You sound like a two year old trying to spell simple words.


ho is no kill :confused:


well never mind it is 1337 talk XP

and my name is spelled Nokill :p

and please stay ontopic even i am not copy pasting all my words in word to see if there are some spelling problems ;)


[ontopic] are there going to be some more screens soon? [/ontopic]

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It's only a matter of time now.


Compair this picture with the last one, above.

He looks alot more like Link, now. (I've been getting better at faces)

And now he's a bit scawnier, and less buff. (Something that only looked good for the Fierce Diety)


I'm gonna re-do the belts, and then I'll get working on the skins, and the shaders.


If I keep working on him, I could have him done in a couple weeks - but April 1st seems more like a laughable possibility - for the sake of a cruel joke. :p


Nah, I wouldn't do that. really. :D


Someone better start posting on this forum, or the Zelda TC might never be released.

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