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On what system are you geting BattleFront 2 for? (POLL VERSION)


What system are going to play Battlefront 2 on?  

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  1. 1. What system are going to play Battlefront 2 on?

    • PC
    • X-BOX
    • PS2

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I am getting the PS2 version! I am not paying extra money for a new X-box, PC, or PSP. My PC is out of date and I have no plans to buy a new one until student loans have been paid down. I am a loyal Sony supporter and Playstation and Playstation 2 fanatic. I also plan on buying me the new Playstation 3 next year. I assume this the last Star Wars and Lucasarts game for X-box and PS2 since X-box 360 is coming out in November 2005 and Playstation 3 in 1st quarter 2006.

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I am buying BFII for the PC, i have BFI for the PC also - Jedi academy etc star wars games...


Anotherwords you can call me, a star wars geek. :vsd:

I just know BFII is gonna be a great game - working up Modifications in the future..

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gonne buy it on PS2 the verry day it commes out, and gonne spend all my time there, most fun with the people there ,gonne buy a secconde PS2 to be able to be online on HARDWARE ONLINE ARENA to, and after a whille the PC version to, love modding and adding new stuff, is cool with gta vice city to, so commanderobiwan you wont be alone, oh and my name changed to ZNEAKY DESIRE now still got to change it here :monkey4::lightning

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i just noticed...in the 1st bf more than 50% were getting it for PS2...now..it goes backwards ahhaha...lol i'm getting it 4 PS2...i don't have a cool pc...and i like consoles better...besides...microsoft is not getting my money...at least not with starwars argh :p i'm a sith (random)

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