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Niaj Qad Keep

Fate's Decision

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Scur quickly reacts with a force push to the unsuspecting jedi, making him skid back a couple feet but till standing. The angered Jedi stood up straight and then charged at Scur, jumping before him He swung as hard as he could at Scur's head. Scur blocked the swing and skidded back about a foot still holding his saber from touching him. "He has much anger" Scur thought as he pushed the jedi away from him. Scur decided to only defend, to make sure he made no mistakes. Zion started a fury of saber swings at Scur as he blocked every swing, making it look easy. Zion backed off for a few seconds.

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Zion turned fast and relentlessly attackd Scur not caring what happened. His blade might not connect with him but Zion wanted to scare Scur. His power was increased beyond what Scur could imagine. He hadn't even begun to show off his power. Zion smiled

"You think this is it? You think this is all I have? My anger hasn't even started yet!"

Zion struck at the walls. He connected with a control pannel and a door slid bewtween the two fighters, Zion smiled. The light flcikered and died. The corridoor was now in complete darkness. Zion moved silently. His plan was simple. To kill Scur in anyway possible....

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(oooo fnice fight u 2 i want to see more now lol)

zaran was saddened by his oppenents lack of loyalty. he had sacrificed his own men to try to kill him. it didnt matter now the man had dissapeared. so he decided to head back to the keep to help defend them. when he got there he saw 14 soldiers trying to break into the keep. he threw his light saber killing 9 of them. the other 5 opened fire but were killed when the light saber came back.


(you didnt think it was over did you?)

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Zion sneaked back into the hanger. He saw the droids repeairing the ship. He destoyed the droids and damaged the ships beyond repair.He took a deep breat and held onto a metal pole. He threw his saber at the rayshield generator and it exploded. The ray shield went down and the contents of the ship was sucked into space. Zion managed to use the force to get his saber back. He waited, sure enough a metal sheet slid across where the ray shield had been. The ships were now floating uselessly in space. Zion smiled. He walked in total darkness into a deserted corridoor. He sensed Scur and he smiled. The Jedi was worried. Zion laughed quietly and said in a horse whisper

"Im coming for you....."

His cloak billowed in a non existant breeze and he searched on....

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As Scur felt the jedis starfighters were damaged and in space, he quickly spoke to the awaiting jedi. "All of you go to the Bridge and take control of it. Don't destroy the bombs, whatever you do. Also once you have control send it down to the planet to land not crash. Got it? Go!" The jedi started off towards the bridge and disappeared behind a corner.


Scur turned back around and looked around for Zion, in the darkness.

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"ok you 3 take those tables and put them in the hall way. you take the other tables and blockade the door once the others get back." ordered zaran

"also let us know when you break threw the firewall. we need that code to get to the secret hangar."

"sir, look at the secruity screens. that guy is comming back"

"ill hold him off. you keep working. you 3 come with me."

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Zion felt the ship start to move. He concentrated...he could see the outside of the ship....it was heading towards the planet. So Scur thought he could lead him into more Jedi? No matter he would kill them too. Zion smiled and waited for Scur to find him or the ship to land whichever came first....

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Scur felt a presence behind him, he quickly snapped his head in the direction and seen something moving. He walked over and noticed Zion started jumping out at him as both men ignited their sabers.


Scur blocked the hit as he slowly walked backwards. Zion took a couple of swings at Scur as he blocked them. ((Once Scur thought he had a chance of hitting Zion.....((Hey Jediofdoom, I was wondering maybe we could be like stunned by some Civic survivors. Want to?))

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Bac Rueben looked up to notice that the jedi were back ( dang ). Bac Rueben stealthily moved behind a destroyed vehicle to survey the scene. It didn't look pretty. They were preparing to defend. Bac knew he didn't have enough men so he did what he felt was best. Save his men and surrender. He built a flag of white and tied it to a metal pole and waved it.

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Bac Rueben was surprised. He knew the jedi would probably let them live but he didn't think they were that kind. Still, he was suspicious. Could this be a trick the jedi are using to get us on there good side? He didn't know. He did; however, accept to their kindness and left to fight the rebels and recieve reinforcements.

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The Civic Empire launched their secret grand frigate's giant missile salvo, destroying the main upper hideout. As soon as the Civ Imps saw a good clean opening it was open-fire on all of the jedi. Only 3 survived. All of the RIG fighters went kamakazee into the remains and victory was claimed. So end the first jedi council and the Niaj Qad Keep. Thanks for playing!

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maby now we will have a chance to make the soldiers realize that the jedi were not a threat. but if he returned and attacked zaran would have to kill him. he had shown his enemy mercy. and if his enemy showed that he did not want mercy by returning as an enemy still then he will not recieve mercy.

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Zion sat in the darkness. Listening and sensing his surroundings. He knew the ship would touch down soon and he would encounter many angered Jedi. No matter her knew how to fight. He took out his second lightsaber. He focused on them and in a flash of light he combined them into a double bladed lightsaber. he switched it off. And stood up. The ship was in the atmosphere and was close to it's destination. Zion walked into the hanger and released the blast shield. In a rush of freezing air most of the things in the hanger were sucked out. Zion held onto a pole and watched as the ground came nearer. When he was sure he could survive the jump he ran and flung himself out of the hanger and falled. He hit the ground but using the force he did not receive damage. Where his fist had landed a creater had apeared around him. His black hood came down and revealed his now scared face. He smiled and made his way to what was left of the keep...

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General Rasco advanced upon the small fleet, a white flag in the midst of them. It only twisted his unreadable lips into an angry smirk. As he approached, he caused several privates to back up in fear. One took a small step forward.

"G-Generral Rasko. I...I think we should surrender. Think of what we’re doing-"

"We are in the red. There is no need of surrendering."

"Our morals, what do we gain from this!? Stop this battle at once!"

"Follow orders. Just kill, do not ask questions."

"I refuse to abide by this tyranny! If the Jedi are not evil, then the empire must be!"

General Rasco shot the trooper directly in the heart. He fell to his knees, swearing. Rasco's face changed to a crazed grin.

"So let us be evil. Hatred brings power, and power is the ultimate moral. I serve a higher authority than myself.

Rasco pointed his blaster at their commander, Bac Rueben.

"If you will not turn, you will die."

He turned to his backup.

"Kill them."




Civic War Admin Maas Corva ran down the short hall to two guards in crimson uniforms, guarding a door with two electric spears. Maas tried to walk up to the door as if the guards weren't there, but their spears overlapped without moving any other muscle.

"Access to the emperor is str-"

Maas made a wide kick and the two guards were thrown on the solid black floor. He put his Admin key into the slot and the door slid open. He walked in. The Emperor's chair was empty, the only person in the room besides himself was a dark robed man looking out the window as if he was deaf.

"I must see the Emperor immediately. Where is he?"

The man slowly turned to him, his yellow eyes locking onto Maas's. "What is it you want to speak to him about?"

"It's about the Niaj Qad order. I must speak to him now it's very urgent."

"Ahh, the Niaj Qad order. Yes, what is it?"

"It's for the Emperor to he-"

"Why Admin Corva, do you not recognize your dear Emperor?"

Maas's expression changed from urgent to a rage.

"WHAT?! What have you done to the Emperor?!"

The man merely cackled.

"Funny, you're the first to realize he's gone. I have disposed of him and taken over the Empire myself."

Maas withdrew his blaster from it's holster.

"Who are you?!"

"Rures Sith. Pleasure to meat you."

Maas pointed his blaster at Rures.

"Calm down boy, that blaster will be of no use to you," smirked the fiend. As if an invisible hand had grabbed Maas's blaster, it jerked out of his hands and into Rure's.

"Why are you doing this? How do you know the force?!"

"So many questions. There is little point in telling you, you won't be alive much longer." He grinned. "Do you know what power is? Surely you do, you are a War Admin I see. I know the force because I am a Jedi, obviously. After becoming a master I decided to go on an exploration for a grater power. My own master told me I was selfish to want power greater than the force was intended, and that he refused to let me leave. He told me I was needed at the council and I would have to live in the way the force had chosen. Without even going on an expedition, I found it. A power so great that I was able to kill my master, one who I had loved for so many years. This love-conquering power was called hatred. With hatred and the force, I was able to influence the galaxy under my control. I attacked the Jedi Keep to secure my position and have no other force-using competition. Hatred is powering the troops down on Niaj Qad, keeping them under my control. I have even persuaded a Jedi Master to the dark side."

Rures's roguish smile retained undiminishingly throughout the story. Maas practically exploded.

"You...you killed my emperor?!?!"

He pulled out a heat dagger and jumped at Rures. Rures shot Maas with his own blaster, no effort involved.

"Yes, young Maas, the old empire is dead, and the new empire...is mine!"

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Zion ran until he could see the jedi fort. He showed no evidence of slowing down or no effort not to be seen. He wanted the Jedi to see the one who had killed so many of them. Zion was looking forward to fighting the others. he gripped his double bladed saber and leapt over the ruins of a speeder. He saw a white flag in the distance and a commande yelling orders out. Perfect he would be the first martyr. But then Zion sensed Jedi.....He stopped. He saw some of the advance. Perfect. He ran forward and jumped. Whilst in the air he ignited his double bladed saber. He hit the floor on one knee and took out two of the Jedi's legs. He then jumped and kicked one over. He swung his blade around and sliced off a Jedi's arm. One of the jedi without a lower leg was on all fours panting and moaning. Zion kicked him in the side. He flew a few feet in the air and rolled. He landed in a bleeding heep. Zion pointed the blade at the mans throat.

"Zion....what are you....doing?" He panted

"Taking revenge on the Jedi for what they have done" Zion said violently

"Now tell me who is in charge?"

"Like im going to tell you"

Zion moved the blade closer to the mans throat

"Tell me and I shall make your death quick and painless"

Zion moved his blade over the mans chest. He screamed in pain. The blade cut into his skin and left a deep trail of blood.

Zion focused...

"Zaran? Your thoughts betray you"


Zion left the man the bleed to death as he looked for this Jedi....

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Dyce woke up to a crash. A civic grand starfighter had crashed not 200 feet from where he was. The big problem was he didn't know where was "here". He was off the battlefield, and alive. In fact from where he was, he couldn't see anything, didn't know which direction to go. He looked higher to see if he could spot the peak of the keep. He saw a large cliff in the distance, was the keep located near a cliff? If it wasn't, he could always climb it so he could spot the keep. Then a AO-OT flew right over his head, landing on it's side. Okay. Dyce began to walk slowly toward the battlefield. More vehicles flew past, one by one. "Okay...that's...kind of weird...," Dyce mumbled to himself. They were all in good condition. As soon as he reached the peak of the hill, he realized that he was behind a Civic assembly area the whole time. I Jedi was in the goup as well, a very experienced Jedi. He was blocking with his two lightsabers while slicing through anything and everything. He was also throwing unmanned vehicles at the crowd, which was actually fairly effective. Dyce decided to go around the assembly. Unfortunately, he was spotted.

"He's one of Eptima's troops! Get him!" Dyce found he had about five Imerials chasing after him. It would have been pretty funny, if they wouldn't have been shooting at him. Dyce decided to lead them to his infantry...wherever they were. He finally saw the Keep. And the battle. There were so many blasters firing, Dyce thought he would go blind. Since his troops were preoccupied he turned around and shot the Imps himself with his spread blaster. This was getting pretty intense.

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Zion walked slowly towards the keep. Laser fire was being directed at him but he deflected it back with his duel lightsaber. He jumped onto the wall. A sniper turned around just in time to see Zion's foot connect with his head. The sniper fell to the floor below. Some troops looked up

"Jedi scum!"

Zion jumped down and sliced their heads off. The others watched in shock and amazment

"Kill him!" one of them screamed

Zion blocked back the blasts easily and then sliced through one and then another when he got to the last one he kicked him over

"Please..." he said

"I...I thought Jedi were supposed to be mercyful!"

Zion smiled

"I am no Jedi"

He then stabbed the man through the chest and his head hit the floor

Zion stood up and turned his saber off he looked around the remaining soliders stood frozen in fear. Zion stamped the floor and the troops fell over, they got to their feet and ran at Zion. He ignited his saber and spun around so fast he was hardly visible. The apporaching soliders were sliced into bits as Zion spun. He stopped suddenly. The group of mutilated soldiers were all moaning and screaming. He smiled and left them to bleed until their deaths. He entered the main chamber and continued his search for this jedi named Zaran.....

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