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Niaj Qad Keep

Fate's Decision

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(sorry I havn't posted in 2w)


Dyce lead his own personal Jedi group out in a hovercraft armored with starfighter parts. It was a very resistant vehicle, the armor had not once yet been pierced. Dyce found it somewhat enjoyable to run over oncoming troops and watch them fly overhead. The Jedi were at the side turrets, blasting away with super-accurate shots. Dyce went in a strait line toward the command caches, smashing into a crowd of Imperials as he went. That's where all of the Civic Army were regrouping. One was already up in smoke. Dyce insisted that every one of them be the same.

"Alright," he directed the Jedi, "coarse B time."

The jedi ignited their lightsabers. They had every color of those things you could imagine. Black, white, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, all igniting at the same time. Dyce alligned the hovercraft parellel to the cache.

"Now!" he commanded one of his own troops. He punched in some commands on the mast and starfighter parts opened out and exposed the awsome Jedi cannon to the outside. And the blaster fire to the inside. Sabers soared in protection of his troops. Just a little closer and...Boom! The force of the cannon actually rocketed the hovercraft backward, slicing enemy lines with razor-sharp starfighter hatches. Down went a cache. Dyce wheeled the hovercraft and...Boom! Down went another! The Jedi army was making a decent comeback.

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Zion watched as the ohovercraft moved. He saw the Jedi ignite their blades. He felt anger. The Jedi had turned their backs on him. Zion wanted to make sure none of them survived. He ran towards them his blade ignited. He heard someone yell. A Jedi behind him

"Zion....stop" He panted

"Phinius? NO! The Jedi have corupted this galaxt for too long!"

"The Jedi are not evil!"

"They have poisoned your mind....listen to reason! The Jedi only want power!"

"That's not true and you know it"

"I know more than you" Zion spat

"I will not alow you to kill anymore Jedi" he said quietly

Zion turned and heard the sound of a lightsaber being ignited

"Don't do this Phinius, you know you can't win"

"It's not about winning It's about making sure you see the truth. Maybe If I fight you..."

"I will kill you if I have to"

Zion moved his blade to Phinius's

"I'm sorry master" Phinius whispered and tried to strike but Zion blocked it

"No...I'm sorry"

Zion struck at Phinius's leg and he fell to his knees. Zion then force pushed him into the wreckage of a tank. Phinius got gingerly to his feet.

"I will not allow you to keep killing...."

Zion force pulled Phinius towards him

"You....are young and foolish...maybe some day you will realise what I mean..Someday"

Zion threw him aside

"please....Zion...Do what is right...Not what is easy!"

"You think this is easy?"


"Goodbye Phinius...."

Zion rasied his hand. He kicked Phinius in the head and knocked him out. He summoned all his energy and called a Jedi Starfighter to their position. He strapped Phinius in and set a coarse to a distant planet. He closed the hatch and the ship rose into the air. Zion watched it go....He didn't want Phinius to be on the planet when he destroyed it. Zion was going to plant a massive bomb in a tunnel not known to many. This tunnel lead to a reactor core that kept the keep powered. When the reactor blew the planet would be ripped in half. A black hole would be created and everything would be sucked ina cease to exist.....Zion shivered. The bomb was hidden in his robes. Zion touched the warp bomb he knew it would all be over soon....

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one of the creats had gotten free. and was attacking the young ones. so he attacked it and killed it.


"why did zion leave like that?"

"i sensed that he wanted to do something. he wanted to do it so everything would stop... and the jedi destroyed."

'he cant kill every jedi single handedly..."

"he knows this..."

"wait a minute...."

"dam! hes heading to the reactor!!!"

"what reactor master?"

"only the masters know of it. its the thing that keeps the keep running if he blows it up we all die!"

and with that he ran off as fast as he could to find the short cut that only he knew of to the reactor.

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Buc Rueben walked past the jedi and moved his units into position. Bac Rueben took the bottom story turrent and turned it towards imperial vehicles. " On my count, we will fire upon the imperial vehicles. 1. 2. 3!!!" Imediately the whole battalion fired upon different vehicles. Eventually, after all the firing, the imperials started losing their vehicles. Bac Rueben then turned his eyes towards the imperial soldiers. He watched as they started falling on the ground and he knew in his heart that they thought they were dying for the right reason. He walked away from the turrent, not standing to bear watching his ex-comrades fall under his own guns. Maybe things could turn out okay in the end and the imperials and jedi could go home peacably. Yet, in his heart he knew this was near impossible.

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Zion's choice meant that all people on the planet would die. Many of them young but so few were inocent. Who was he to say he had the right to live or die? But he knew he had to stop this madness. It was the only way. His blade now at his side he got into a speeder. And sped to the reactor. It was a fair ride via speeder. Zion had heard there was a short cut but he had no idea where it was. He continued. He sensed someone was trying to stop him. But he had his mission. He had to do this. He was 15 minutes away from the tunnel. He put pressed on the accelerator and he sped away in a cloud of dust....

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"What the...." thought Scur as he stood inside the keep watching the battle. "Zion!! I must try and reason with him." He murmured to himself.

"What master?" said a jedi guarding the room.

"Nothing." replied Scur as he tried to sense where Zion was. He pictured a man on a speeder with the robes flapping spedily behind him. "The reactor!!"

"What about the reactor?!?!" asked the jedi again.

"He's heading to the reactor to destroy the planet!!!"

"Who's going to destroy the planet? And how are they going to do that?"

"Nothing, just remain here and defend the Keep." Scur replied as he hurried out the door with his cape slowly raise and lower a he walked out of the room and into the hallway towards the speeders.


Scur launched out the hangar doors as they started closing. He sped across the terrain as he came up to the reactor. he moved a secret rock and the panel glowed as he pressed the code in. The ground lifted and Scur hurried down the lader towards the reactor.

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"Commander!" cried one of Dyce's engineers. "You'd better come see this. The radar has picked up quite a reading." Dyce was not very happy to deprive himself of the magnificent cannon.

This had better be good. he thought. He beconed a Jedi with a red lightsaber over to the command bridge to take his place. He walked over to the monitor leaning on the mast. The entire screen was purple.

"It looks as though a lot of radioactivity has just been unveiled." said the engineer, his gaze fixed on the monitor screen.

"Unveiled?" asked Dyce.

"We weren't able to pick this much up before, and look!" The trooper pointed a finger at a small dot that was completely black with no detection whatsoever. It was moving at incredible speed.

"It's nearby!" Dyce exclaimed. They all looked in the direction of the object. Zooming right past the hovercraft was a Jedi on a speeder bike, robes trailing behind him.

"It's Zion!" said a Jedi with a blue lightsaber.

Another Jedi with a white lightsaber, a Master by his robes stared in horror and whispered "the reactor". Another Master jumped and yelled at the red-sabered Jedi. "Shoot him down!!"

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Zion sped along. He was almost there. He heard a shout "Shoot him down!!" Zion glanced up and was ulmost unseated. He was under fire. He smiled. The whole Jedi order was now probably after him. They knew what he was going to do. He smiled and gripped his saber. He saw the tunnel and skidded to a halt. He looked around. Someone was here...oh well they would meet their end soon enough. Zion grabbed his saber and ran into the cave. He sniffed. He glanced at the ceiling of the cave and focused. He started a cave-in and ran forwards. Nothing was coming in now unless they used the only other way in. Which Zion thought too late would have been the more sensible way to get in. Oh well it led to the same place. Zion stopped. A Jedi was here....he ignited his double ended saber and walked on....

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Bac Rueben saw one of his soldiers speeding towards him, breathing heavily. "What's the matter?" commanded Bac Rueben. " You must leave this planet now." Bac Rueben wondered why he needed to leave but the soldier talked before Bac could ask." I was talking to a jedi and he said that some reactor was about to be attacked and that the planet would blow!" He calmed him down and then ordered him to command all units to meet in the bottom hall. Once they all arrived, they went into the hangar and all entered ships. They then flew into space, finding an imperial fleet there.

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Zion's plan was working. People were fleeing the planet. What they didn't seem to realise was that It didn't matter if they fled they would still die. The warp bomb would destroy eveything near and the black hole left would take the rest. Zion felt his heart race and he turned a corner. Still no Jedi. He sensed one. A strong one. Zion gripped his saber. The red glow of his saber lighted the dark tunnel ahead he could see the reactor. It would all be over soon....

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Dyce stared nervously at the now-blocked cave. Then at the monitor. Not even the heat being generated from the caches showed up because they were overpowered by the amount of radiation.

"Eyol, see if you can match that amount of radiation with anything." he told one of his engineers. The starfighter parts were retracting back to armored position. They Jedi were very horror struck, Dyce wished he knew why.

The computer had analyzed the only possible matches. They all ended in "bomb".

"...where exactly is that Jedi going, and why?" Dyce asked the Jedi with the white lightsaber.

"The main reactor." The Jedi replied. "If he destroys it, the entire keep will be demolished. We must stop him..."

"Then we must get everyone to retreat!" cried Dyce.

"But the Keep is our only sanctuary. If we retreat, we will be overrun. We have no choice but to kill Zion...he is very confused...his thoughts have become twisted into fury and rage, he wants to destroy everything."

"Well we can't reach him now! At least we'll have some chance of survival!"

"Dyce, commander." One of the engineers, Onar Hunde broke in. "Why not leave the planet?"

"How will we do that?!" Dyce asked in a mixture of anger and fear. Hunde pointed at the Grand Starfighter port. There were no Civic troops around, there were enough in the sky to take out twice the size of Eptima's remaining fleet.

Dyce smiled. If they reached those starfighters, they could escape the battle. If they piled all of the Jedi and surviving troops into hovercrafts armored like theirs...

"Let's go for it."

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Scur noticed a red glow shining against the wall and was getting closer and closer. He soon realized it was Zion or another Jedi turned to the Dark Side, which he doubted.


Soon he could hear the humming of the Lightsaber and he decided to hide in the shadows and watch where Zion goes, and follow him, maybe catch him offguard. Zion turned the corner slowly and the red saber lit the room with a red glow. Scur hid even further making sure Zion didn't see him.

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(MR? Main Reactor? You realise with the bomb he is carrying it will rip the planet apart? Oh well I could make it slow and drawn out to increase tension)


Zion looked around. He could see the reactor. He winced as the radiation level grew. He coughed. He stood up still. Someone was here. He tasted the air.

"Come out Scur! I know you're here!" He said in a harsh voice

"You can not stop this! It's going to happen! And the Jedi will be no more!"

Zion was starting to loose what remaing sanity he had

He laughed

He ran to the reactor and pulled out the bomb. And Planted it.

"It's over! HAHA! IF YOU WANT TO STOP ME TRY!" He laughed his mission was almost complete in 15 seconds it would be over....

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zaran had reached the tunnle and he heard people down there. so he ran to find zion and to stop him.

he reached the reactor and saw that one of the other masters was already here.

zaran almost yelled to him but then he sensed another jedi... zion.

he ran over to scur and told him they needed a plan.

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"I've blocked the radioactivity sensor for now, and that returned our communications systems." reported Eyol.

"Good. Contact Commander Tighe and tell him to scramble everyone into hovercrafts and get them to use the route we coordinated." ordered Dyce.

The engineer punched several communication lines but all of them were letting them communicate. The Keep's communication systems were still down.

"Well, I guess we have to go back." Dyce said.

"It will be too late by then!" said a Jedi with a purple lightsaber. "We must stop Zion! It's the only way!"

Dyce glanced out of a turret window. The Keep still stood. But it was so far away.

"We each board a different starfighter and go and pick them up." suggested the red-sabered Master who was currently piloting the hovercraft. Dyce had come to the same conclusion. It was risky, but much less risky.

The port was somewhat guarded, but what could they do to a dozen Jedi Masters? The starfighter parts opened and the Jedi jumped out and began destroying the Keep's defences. Dyce and his troops were having trouble keeping up with them. Finally the port was free of guards and pilots.

"Alright, everybody grab a different starfighter. Our mission is to rescue as many men as we can from the Keep. Thats where most of them have retreated to, but are there any others still on the battlefield?" asked Dyce.

The Jedi thought.

"What about Master Scur and Master Zaran?" asked a light-green sabered Jedi, who was still quite young and not yet a master.

"Yes," said the purple-sabered Jedi. "We cannot forget them...Ronin, are you prepared to collect them as your Master Task?" he asked the young Jedi.

"Yes Master, I will not fail." he replied without a moments thought.

"Find them. Their lives are in your hands, Ronin."

Ronin boarded a Grand Starfighter and took off over the battlefield. The rest of them then boarded seperate starfighters as well. Dyce took off with Jedi in his lead, to rescue the remaining Jedi order.

But all for naught.....

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(Well go ahead and do it)


Dyce reached the Keep's port in a hurry. He and the other Jedi opened the cockpit to show that they were friend.

"Alright, Jedi are FIRST priority" Dyce privately commed his engineers. Soon, Dyce had 24 onboard Jedi of miscelaneous rankings. Dyce flew up and out of the dock toward the GS port as hurried as he could possibly be. As soon as he was back in the air, he decided that this time he would rescue his friends. Tan Relod, Borse H'jall, Kep Albro, Naial Penlei Bac Reuben...where was Bac anyway? No time left...but he had to save his friends...

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The imperial fleet was powerful, but Bac Rueben knew all their space battle plans. He also knew their weaknesses. Bac flew into the battle with his men and zoomed past them. Jedi starfighters outran the imperial ships easily. They soon landed in the main capital ship and fought all the pilots there. If they could get through, he would destroy the ship's internal systems, causing it to lose it to be nearly destroyed and head towards the planet and crash. This would send the fleet into disarray, and Bac's men could get through.

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Zion's smile faded slightly. No hassel? They had just given up? Oh well.


The bomb ticked. And it exploded. The warp bomb created the energy Zion needed and Zion disapeared. He re-apeared just outside the cave. His energy was low. He felt the reactor blow and felt the earth beneath his feet shake. The planet would implode soon and then a black hole would appear destroying anything in it's path. Zion knew he would not survive but then again....you couldn't kill something that is already dead....

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when zaran heard the explosion he though he was dead... but it seems he was not yet destined to die. he passed out agian..

when he awoke he was in a pich black room... he couldnt move.... he used the force to sense his surroundings. he was underneath a pile of rock..... he then used half of his full force to through the rocks in every directions.

he was back at the keep. and there was zion. he didnt know how or why but he had been sent back in time. he igited his light saber.

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Dyce zoomed in and out of RIG fighter formations and hurried onward to the Keep. He had passed over the hills and it was now in sight, but then he felt a sick, churning feeling. A small luminous sphere of energy was forming at the base of the keep. There was nothing he could do. The Jedi Keep errupted in several explosions. The Keep was demolished. Fissures were branching from it, the ground began shaking hard with the force of atomic energy. But Dyce was unaware of his surroundings. He gazed fixedly at the collapsing, still exploding Keep. His friends were gone. Then the image of the dark Jedi appeared in his mind. Dyce knew only three about Zion: he was a Dark Jedi with a red saber, he was near the cave that he had entered, and that he would soon be dead at the hands of Dyce Fondoa.

Dyce turned around his Grand Starfighter to face the cave's entrance and there he was, somehow outside of the rockslide. Dyce fired some well-aimed shots at Zion, not at his head, but in symbolism of vengence; directly at his heart. Dyce curved up, flew a short distance and turned back around. Zion was unscathed somehow through that barrage, and Dyce knew that the only way to kill him was to fight him one-on-one down on the Niaj Qad soil.

"Dyce?" his comm interrupted his battle plan. "Dyce get out of there!" It was Eptima. "I've received a final transmission from War Admin Maas Corva. The Emperor is replaced by an evil man named Rures Sith...we must terminate him if the galaxy is to live peacefully ever again. Don't waste your life on grief Dyce." Dyce cared nothing of the galaxy any more. His only moral, his sole mission in life was to avenge his friends.

Dyce belly-landed on the hard-as-rock surface of Niaj Qad, near his only hopes of destroying Zion, a lightsaber. Dyce opened the cockpit and slid off the huge starfighter. He Immediately picked up the black lightsaber blade of a Master whos corpse was nearby and pocketed it. Dyce charged his spread blaster and fired. Zion twirled his dual-bladed lightsaber and blocked all of the shots.

Dyce didn't know how to use a lightsaber but he was going to learn fast. He ignited it and walked calmly toward Zion.

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