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Star Wars Battlefront 3 (wishlists)


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EA doesn't make games, they publish them. LucasArts would be the publisher of any Star Wars game, not EA. So no worries there.


On the other hand, LucasArts' games since 1999 have by and large sucked. So maybe you should expand your policy to include them too.

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So what are your ideas? I would like to be able to go from planet to planet in ships and live a life style. It would be cool to make your own soldier and make your own alliance and ships and so forth but the main reason is so we could have a awsome battlefront/galixies concept for a game. I would also like to be able to play single player instead of just massive online multiplayer. :duel: It make me so mad that I can't play galixies because of feese. :firemad::lsduel:

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But, EA bought the team that made Timesplitters, and Timesplitters is actually a good game with humour, and replayability. EA do have internal creation teams, ask any Westwood studios/Command and Conquer fan or visit their boards and see what happens if you mention what they did with the franchise.

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I think that there should be more "realistic" space combat and combat in general. The ships should have the weapons they have in the movies/ect. For example, the Belbullab-22 should have 2 laser cannons and no missles. The factions should be carbon copies of each other, each side should have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Rebellion might not always have a Mon Cal Crusier, bu they're starfighters can warp in without needing a larger ship to be based out of.

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yea, i wish they would make a Star Wars Battlefront III


no offence to some fans here, but Battlefront 2 needed to step it up HEAPS

i mean, when you put something new in you throw something out, and i know my favourite map was Bespin Platforms and they took it out.

Lucas Arts needs to start listening to its community, look what happend to Battle for Middle Earth 2, all from opening there ears to the public. here are a few of my ideas

-It needs to be more open

-larger maps

-in space you should be able to pilot the capitol ships and have tons more frigates and capitol ships in a fleet so that you feel like your in a real battle

-expand on the galactic conquest

-make it so you increase in rank and command a larger fleet with more advanced weaponry

-choose a planet when you start the game so you can help it increase in power and rule the galaxy

-Instead of going to a loading menu after a land battle you have to find a transport to take you back to your capitol ship and then you can just roam around your capitol ship or train and increase your battle stats

-make it so battles are HUGE with hundreds of soldiers per alliance so that the battles last longer


I could think of so much more but i think the only good things about Battle front 2 were the beefier graphics and the jedi. Lucas Arts needs to listen to there gaming community, this is the only way its going to get any better.

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