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CA mod (Clone Academy mod)


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The clone rifle was made by AOTC TC, so please acknowledge them please. I only sent them to you to possible skin and get in game. So dont forget the people who did alot of work, just to close things down and release nothing else of there work.

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it wasnt my fault i wasnt there! besides, the only really turned against you when they saw u had quit! do u see people quitting clans because they acted like an idiot? u didnt have to leave!


also robert, id like to be allies, seems a good idea to me. also it wasnt ur fault, i dont think you actually knew that warfang had come from another group.


if you wanna see our forums you can go to:


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I don't know anything about this, but I suggest if you make a video for this, use the song Clones by Ash.


eh ye but iam not so filmer. and besides this is gana be a part of my mod,

and its far from done :redbounc:


but i can keep you guys atleast updated :)


the only way to get the DC-15B fore now is to join CA.


if someone want to rigistrer then they can say it on this forum and tel me the best way to make contact.


besides. if someone want to help with:



-making the website of CA





then you can tel me that here.

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