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Mercenary Crew: Age of the Empire: Discussion and Recruitment thread


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This is Probably me trying to flog a dead horse but I'll give it a go anyway.


I think it's safe to say the Mercenary crew thread is dead, May it R.I.P.


While doing it i noticed several problems with the situation. The most notable was the fact we were being 'Good Guy' criminals against a 'Good Guy’ government. Another problem was the lack of planning as a group (This was mainly my fault.) The characters were on the ship together for months and the crew barely knew each other and seemed to have no other relationships.


The first problem could be sorted by a simple change of the Time line (a 4000 year difference.) and take us to the period between revenge and Hope. This is so the government is tyrannical but we won't get involved in the whole Film storyline. This thread sorts the second problem.


This Thread is to sort out characters and the storyline, work out what the other members of the crew know and don't know about your character. We don't want crewmen who are open books but we don't want the exact opposite and have someone who is only known by 1 letter.



The Story


9 years after the form of the 1st galactic empire and the purge of the Jedi. The Echo captained Nic White flies across the galaxy, taking on jobs no matter how hard or illegal. The Ship and Crew do what it takes to survive and keep flying in the galaxy.


The Missions

starmark2k:'The Passenger'

The Crew looking for some more legitimate work take on a private transport job. They End up taking a mysterious passenger, The passenger turns out to be a Jedi on the run from the Evil sith controlled Empire…

Writer:'An Old Friend and a New Job'

With the crew now heavy one Jedi the Echo carries on to Alderaan along with a Mysterious Hitchhiker from Jana's past. After narrowly avoiding one imperial Fleet they soon find themselves up against none other than the Dark Lord of the sith Himself, Darth Vader.


On a trip to Naboo the crew of the Echo are caught by a traitorous Imperial Captain who makes a deal with them. In exchange for their freedom the crew must still information on the location of an old Clone Wars Ship. Reluctantly the crew except and attempt to con a Moff out of the information by sending Nic and Beryl in as a married Couple.

stingerhs: 'Fraught with Disappointment'

In an attempt to rescue her lost love Ryshana recruits the crew to help her infiltrate an Imperial prison facility taking Beryl along for the ride. Meanwhile Nic and the rest of the Crew come across Ghosts from the Captains pass when an Imperial Ship boards them for a routine inspection.

JasraLantill: 'Brothers in Arms' (or 'Out of the Frying Pan...')

Two months after the Prison escape that saw Ryshana Killed with Beryl and Nic both being taken captive the Two prisoners find themselves on Carida looking to escape. Meanwhile Jana and the rest of the Echo's crew are Constantly on the Run from Imperial Pursuers, while at the same time Conway and Max are on a mission to rescue the Corellian pilot. Once the crew are reunited they go to stop Beryl's Brother and his evil experiments.

Rogue Nine

Discission about the future...




The Ship- The Echo


Rougth internal Layout- http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Echo.jpg


A medium Kuat Freighter that dates back to the clone wars. It's has greatly improved Engines and shields. It has also had a second turret placed on the dorsal hull and has had part of the Cargo hold turned into a 'quick drop' Hanger for a Z-95 Headhunter. The Bridge has a small forward bridge for the captain, pilot and a passenger, This leads into the common room where food can be prepared and consumed it is also where the crew can relax and play games like Dejaric or Sabacc. The Opposite side of this is a small corridor with access to the ventral and dorsal turrets. This then leads to the engineering section. Off the corridor are 10 Sleeping Quarters for the crew and passengers. Ladders to the lower level are located in the common room and the ladders to the turret also lead to the lower level.


The lower level is one large cargo hold with catwalks along walls, The rear has a small hanger that holds the Z-95, the cockpit is accessed via the catwalks. The hanger has doors under the hunter to allow the fighter to drop out of the ship and quickly get to action. The loading ramp is on the starboard side of the ship.



Crew Positions (on a first come first serve basis.)

Captain- Nic White (Starmark2k)

Pilot- Jack Goren (Steven)

Engineer- Cloud Strife (Extreamjedi12/NPC)

Medic- Oliver Van Impe(Dec'd)(XoRRoX), Conway Harlowe (Rogue Nine)

Turret gunner(First Mate)- Jana 'Shortstuff' Vincent (Writer/Grace)

Headhunter Pilot- Beryl 'Psycho' Quitaan (JasraLantill)

Fugitive Jedi- Ryshana Oliaya(Dec'd), Jeez(Stingerhs)













How you were recruited:



Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.

no 'super' character

no killing without

No char controling

Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs



Position: Captain

Name: Nic White

Nickname: N/A

Species: Human


Age: 35

Allignment: Light

Appearance: http://www.armchairempire.com/images/Reviews/gamecube/resident-evil-4/resident-evil-4-2.jpg

Weapons/Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Vibroblade (concealed in Boots.), Short-range scatter shot blaster rifle (Shotgun).

Bio: Nick White was born and raised in the capital city of Naboo, Thread. His mother was one of the queens handmaidens so he was brought up within the walls of the palace. His father was a Lieutenant in the Naboo security force and took to the Security force. Soon after joining the Clone war began, Naboo only saw small fragment of the war and was only attacked once causing the Republic to place a base on the planet. This caused the Naboo security force to only take on low level policing. Nic noticed how the clone troopers seemed to be working there way into the government. When a Governor was appointed to ‘look over’ Naboo Nic knew that this was leading to something worse and left the NSF. When the Empire was formed he decided to get away from his world and took to the stars, He joined a small team of mercenaries where he learnt new skills. He did many missions and made a name for himself, during one mission he had to meet a contact in a cantina he ended up helping a women in a fight. The women, Jana Vincent, didn't need his help but appreciated him all the same. Nic introduced Jana to the world of freelance mercenaries and she took to it like a duck to water. They ended up working together on many jobs and after one successful mission nic joined a ‘friendly’ game of sabacc with an old retiring mercenary, The stakes kept getting higher until it came down to Nic and the old merc. The Old merc put is Ship in the pot which would have forced nic to leave if Jana hadn't stepped in and gave nic her life svings. Nic Won the game along with the Echo.

How you were recruited: He own the ship.


We can work out relationships between the crew later. This can be how crew members are related, married or old friends. The only one who can't have a previous relationship is the jedi.


Remember that your first Character Sheet does not have to be set in stone as relationships will chnge things.




59 BBY- Jack Goren Is born on Naboo.

44 BBY- Nic White is born on Naboo. Beryl Quitaan was born on Corellia.

43 BBY- Ryshana Oliaya was born on Ryloth.

42 BBY- Jana Vincent is born on Corellia.

39 BBY- Jack Goren joined the Naboo Space Security

38 BBY- Oliver Van Impe was born on Dantooine.

32 BBY- The Trade Federation Blockade Naboo and the Sith reveal themselves to the jedi for the first time in many years. (ep1:TPM)

31 BBY- Jack Goren was offically declare a missing person. Beryl Quitaan attends the TCTA (Talus Combat Training Academy) in the Corellian system.

30 BBY- Cloud Strife Was Born on Alderaan.

29 BBY- Jana Vincent begins attending TCTA.

27 BBY- Quitaan Scholarship Fund established and a new TCTA flight control tower is built by Rade Quitaan of the Corellian Engineering Corp to replace the one that was irreparably damaged by an over zealous Berly Quitaan doing a hot-shot flyby and blowing out the windows. Jana Vincent is awarded a Quitaan Scholarship for her high scores in turret gunning and contact combat.

26 BBY- Nic White joins the Naboo Security Force. Cloud Strife's father leaves Alderaan and goes to Naboo and joins the Royal Guard.

24 BBY- Beryl Quitaan becomes a test pilot for CEC rival Incom-Subpro for the Z-95 series fighters where she earns nickname of Psycho. Oliver Impe’s father is murdered by some Bounty Hunters.

23 BBY- Ryshana Knighted by the Jedi.Oliver Impe meets Fenric Khan, who tricks him and takes Oliver to Naboo.

22 BBY- The Clone War begins. (ep2:AOTC) Jana Vincent graduates from TCTA and returns to Corellia, lives there for a year.

21 BBY- Ryshana given the rank of General and given command of a platoon of Commandos. Jana Vincent leaves Corellia and goes to Alderaan, a month later, she travels to Coruscant.

20 BBY- Jana Vincent runs out of money and begins working in various restaurants and bars on Coruscant.

19 BBY- The Clone War ends and the Republic becomes the Empire, The Jedi are all but Destroyed. (ep3:ROTS) Nic White leave Naboo to become a mercenary, He joins a small team. Beryl Quitaan is fired with the creation of Incom Corp due to the availability of less expensive clone test pilots from the Empire.

18 BBY- Nic White becomes a Freelance Mercenary. Beryl Quitaan begins working under father Rade as CEC test pilot for new CR-90 Corvette series cruisers. Oliver Impe meets a girl and falls in love with her, he also begins a career in medicine.

17 BBY- Oliver Impe turns to drink when he discovers his true love is a smuggler after she is arrested. Cloud Strife is found to have great skill in mechanics when he disassembles an engine and puts it back together in 5 minutes.

16 BBY- Nic White and Jana Vincent meet in a bar fight. Nic White and Jana Vincent become Good Friends and pratically Mercenary partners taking jobs on together.

15 BBY- Beryl Quitaan becomes a blockade runner. Her father, Rade Quitaan, dies (of natural causes). Due to his alcohol problem oliver impe is fired from his Medic's job, this causes him to become a social recluse.

14 BBY- Nic White Wins the Echo. Jana Vincent Joins the crew as the First-Mate and Turret Gunner. Oliver Impe gets his job on the Echo. Cloud Strife joins the crew of Echo.

13 BBY- Cloud Strife falls in love with Aerith Gainsborough, later she gets killed by Sephiroth.

12 BBY- Cloud Strife Leaves crew for a while to seach for Sephiroth.

11 BBY- Cloud Strife Rejoins the crew of the Echo. The Echo's Pilot is murdered, Jack Goren saves Nic White's Life and becomes the Pilot of Nic Whites ship. Beryl Quitaan's ship was impounded by The Empire while Blockade Running. She escapes and wins her place on the Echo by beating Nic White at Pazaak

10 BBY- THE RP. Now.

00 BBY- Alderaan is destroyed by the Death Star. The Death Star is Destroyed in the Battle of Yavin. (ep4: ANH)


BBY= Before Battle of Yavin (Episode IV: A New Hope)

All dates from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_wars_timeline

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Position: Turret gunner 1/First mate


Name: Jana Vincent


Nickname: Short Stuff


Species: Human


Sex: Female


Age: 33


Allignment: Light


Appearance: dark brown curly hair falls mid-back, dark brown eyes, 5' 2" tall


Weapons/Equipment: She's had extensive training in hand-to hand combat... anything she can lift is a weapon in her hands. Other than that, she carries a modified blaster pistol and a long knife anywhere she goes.


Bio: Jana was raised by her father and mother on Corellia. Her life was not much affected by the Empire, though she was living during the government switch. Her parents had always been concerned for her safety and therefore, when she was old enough, they sent her to a combat school.


At combat school, she excelled in nearly everything she tried, specifically, turret use. She was also trained in several different forms of martial arts. In the combat school, she heard rumors of the best pilot ever, a girl named Beryl Quitaan. Though Jana would have been interested in meeting the hotshot pilot, the meeting never occurred.


After combat school, Jana left Corellia and went to Coruscant. There, she ended up loosing most of her money, forcing her to stay and work. Stubborn enough not to contact her parents for more money, this is exactly what she did, but it led her to fighting.


In one such fight, she met Nic White. He introduced her to the work of a freelance mercenary. She liked it enough that she stayed close to Nic. When he had a job, she went with him. Gradually, they spent less and less time apart. When he won the Echo, she was watching. When he asked her to be the start of a crew he'd recruit for the new ship, she accepted, becoming the first turret gunner and first mate.

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Name: Jack Goren





Allignment: Neutral

Appearance: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Crater/4736/krussel.gif

Weapons/Equipment:Custom-made blaster-riffle + Light Armour

Personallity:Dosn't speak much. At all for that fact, he only grunts his replies. He only speaks when he's insalting someone or has a very good point to make.

Bio: Not much is known about Jack expect he was a piolt in the naboo secerity air/space force. He was up for an award for his bravery during the battle against the droids however he never attened it. The next day he was offically declared missing. And he remained missing untill two months ago he was recuited on board the Echo as their new piolt.

How you were recruited: They met after Goren pulled Nick out of the way of a landspeeder which was trying to run Nick over in Mos Espa. He also helped Nick kill the thugs that tried to them over. They talked alittle at a cantina and Jack learnt that Nick was a captain of a ship and his piolt had recently been killed. After some more talk Jack was recuited as the ships new piolt.

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O.K i made various mistakes in the first post so i'll edit it, The main one is the fact i haven't put the rules in... I know it's my thought but one of my Rules is always no 'super' characters. This includes spenies that can be shot 50 times and still be standing. With or without armour. So sorry Steven, But your character is in violation of that rule... Your bio is good and it will work with pretty much any species so i hope it doesn't cause to much inconveiniance.

But i'm sure you see my point as it makes characters to unbalanced which makes it unfair to other players.


I also added Sex and Allignment to the Char sheets


I'm sorry but is was a long post with alot of info in it.

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Position: Medic

Name: Oliver Van Impe

Nickname: Impe

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Allignment: Light

Appearance: Very small, long red hair and not-fancy clothes.

Weapons/Equipment: A little blaster, and three boxes with medic equipment.



Oliver was born on Dantooine, where he did work for his parents on their farm. His childhood did end, when his father died by some hunters in the area. That did hurt Oliver. He decided, that farming wasen’t his life. He wanted to be something great. Like a general or something. Maybe one of those guys, with the ”lightsabers”. Like the story says.

But he choosed the wrong freinds. Fenric Khan, one of his old childhood freinds cheated him. So he didn’t arrive to Coruscant, where Oliver thougt he could be a politician. Oliver was on his way to Naboo.

On the way, while Oliver was in a really bad mood about his travel to Naboo, he did meet a young girl, who was a soldier. She was medic in the army – and they falled in love on the very long trip. She learned him everything about to be a medic – and he did have a great talent. But when they arrieved, the girl was arrested. She was a criminal – and Oliver couldn’t forgive that. He is very lawful, and he decided, that he never wanted to meet her again, and took job on the ship called ”Echo”.


How you were recruited: Did get a job by the captain.


(Sorry if the english is bad. I’m not perfect to english, but i will try my best.)

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hmm, i'll take the renegade jedi. and if you don't mind, i'll use a character from my fanfic. :)



Name: Ryshana Oliaya

Nickname: Shana

Species: Twi'lek

Sex: Female

Age: 34

Allignment: Light

Appearance: Deep purple skin tone with barely noticable black spots on her lekku(head tails)

Weapons/Equipment: yellow lightsaber; plain, unassuming clothing

Bio: Excerpt from a deleted Corellian Database

corrupted portion....397!*&@!


ii**``&..served with distinction as a General in the Clone Wars as Commander of i@iii!..corrupted portion.... led the Commandos through the swamps to raid the Seperatist Command Center at the Siege of 974ii..corrupted portion... and served with Gunnery Sergeant 0089 who was later discovered to be Jedi Knight Yajisif Quiinzara that had been secretly inserted into the Clone ranks by the Jedi#iiii!!..unexpected end of file


Excerpt from the Imperial Bounty Database

...is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. As a former General during the Clone Wars, she was able to bring about the only betrayal of any squad of Imperial Soldiers during the conflict. Having been executed as traitors, her squad of Commandos is not a threat. Utmost caution is still highly advised.


((if that's too much, or if you need more, just let me know. ;) ))

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Ummm well part of the first thread is your char joining so no need to worry about the joining , History wise You can put down info which would be on an imperial bounty sheet, or which would be on public databases. As my char will probably check those after we discover you are a jedi.

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Position: Engineer

Name: Cloud Strife

Nickname: Cloud

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Allignment: Light

Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/50/Cloud_Strife_art.jpg

Weapons/Equipment: Sword(seen holding in picture), E-11 Blaster Rifle, a wrench, and a belt of grenades.

Bio: As a small boy, Cloud Strife read many stories about the Jedi. He loved exploration and space. He was so smart, he took apart a hyperdrive and put it back together when he was in 10th grade in under 5 minutes. After collage, he opened a starport/mechanic shop on Aldeeran(sp?). He spent hours in that shop, doing what he loved: fixing and repairing things.


Once when he was a mercenary, he was doing a mission with some of his friends, he meets a young flower girl named Aerith Gainsborough. After some adventures, she is killed by a soldier named Sephiroth. Cloud vows to kill him if its the last thing he does. After about 6 months, he returns to his homeplanet, to cope with the loss of his love, Aerith.


How you were recruited: It was a hot day. Cloud was sitting on a hammock when the Echo landed in the landing bay. Nic ordered a repair and Cloud decided to do the job personally. He did his best and Nic was impressed. He invited Cloud to join his crew and he said yes.

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Now we almost have a full crew, we can start to work on the relatioships between the crew... Remember that you can continue to change your character how you want (within the rules.) As the Relationships may change your bio. I.E If me and someone decide to have been comrades in the NSF, bios and recruitment will no doubtibly change. Also if to people intemd to be in a relationship loke a husband and wife this will also change the bio (it may also change the recruitment although you may have first met on the ship.). Also in relationships work out if there are certain characters your chacacter hates, We are stuck on a confined ship together so we won't be one big happy family. This is also an opportunity for you to voice your opinions on other peoples characters, Keep your critisisms constructive if you do so.


o.k so if you want to have a bit more of a story on how you come to be on the ship post what you would like to do. It can be anything You could have been stealing from me i caught you and you managed to blag your way on to the crew. Also i'm willing to have a pre-echo relationship with one person- wither as a person i served with on naboo, or worked with as a merc before i won the ship.


Also in the event we don't get a headhunter pilot it will become a drone fighter, And if we don't get gunner 2 the captain (me) will take the turret in emergancies.


We won't start untill everyone is happy...

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In the beginning, i don't relly have a relationship with others in the crew. I would tryk to play Oliver, as a man there had to many bad memories about humans/aliens in his mand. He is actually a lonely person.


But it could be nice, if the captain could have "a pity" (Say if it looks stupid) relationship to Impe.

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Ok, so the engineer place is taken. :-( I'll take the Headhunter Pilot.


Position: Headhunter Pilot

Name: Beryl Quitaan

Nickname: Psycho

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 35

Alignment: Loyal to Captain Nic, and that’s all that matters

Appearance: 5’8”, short blond hair, toned, pretty--but does not normally dress to impress

Weapons/Equipment: Blaster pistol, and various other sharp and pointy objects hidden amongst her person

Bio: Born on Corellia to a CEC (Corellian Engineering Corporation) engineer, Beryl was the only girl out of eight children. She’s a tomboy, a gambler & thrill seeker, and more than a little rebellious, but a “damn good pilot” as her father used to say. Three of her brothers have joined the Rebellion, but her father has forbidden her to join them. So, she’s doing the next best thing she can think of.

How you were recruited: Playing Pazaak with Nic one night, she bet that if she won he would take her on as part of the crew. He lost. 

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XoRRoX- That sounds fine, But why would Nic take pity on your char.


Wildjedi- Sounds good, So What do you want our pryor relationship be, I'm willing to change my bio and possibly my homeworld (as most planets would of had a local security force.) and i can proberly change my age by 5 years either way and still keep the character as the guy he is.

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I like your character and recruitment, makes my character a bit of a gambler.



Well We could have been In the NSF or another military together before the Empire and decided to leave when the empire was formed becoming mercs and working together, When i got the Echo you could have joined as the first mate




When i left the NSF we met while i worked as a freelance merc, Got to know each other became friends (possibly more but thats up to you.) and i won the echo and you followed. becoming my first mate.




We knew each other from childhood but when i left the NSF we lost touch until years later when we meet up again, I already have a ship and you need a job so i take you on.




Anything you can think of...

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Thanks, Starmark. I think Psycho and Nic would have one of those 'try-and-best-me-if-you-can' type relationships. You know, a little competitive, but all in good fun.


@ ExtremeJedi12--And since Psycho grew up in an engineering/piloting/shipbuilding type of family, she's a pretty good mechanic. She'd be more than willing to lend a hand to Cloud when (or if) he needs it. She might come across to him as a know-it-all though. Could be some friction there, if you like.


@Steven--If Goren's gruff and tough all the time, Psycho will like him. He'd remind her of her dad. But she'll probably tease him just to get a rise out of him once in a while, but never in a mean way.


@ZoRRox--Psycho's a thrill seeker and likes to live dangerously, so she gets herself cut, bruised, & battered quite a bit. (Hence her nickname being 'Psycho'!) I imagine that she and Impe will be well acquainted! Don't worry though. She has a high tolerance for pain and her injuries are never really that serious. (You know, broken ribs, black eyes, the occasional gash on the head...nothing really life threatening. Just irritating. :) )

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K guys so we don't get confused with the time lines, i'm going to make one up in the first post, i'll proberly start it around my chars birth, But i'll extend it later to put in everyone elses. It'll go up to when we start the rp and possibly beyond so we know how long it will be to the events of the new hope. The time line will include key events in all characters lives and when people joined the crew. so once i put it up (i'm on my lunch break at the mo so it'll take me an hour once i finished work so 6 to 8 hours time.) you can give me your time line which i will add to the main one in pos 1.

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Starmark, I'm changing my char slightly yet again... Nic and Jana didn't grow up together... part of the reason I say that is the difference of planet. We met after you left the NSF. Jana was just getting into freelance merc work and partnered up with you a few times before deciding to tag along.


I'll explain it better in my post above.

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