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What the hell are fighters good for?

Dick Cheney

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you all seem to be ignoring my point which is that fighters can zoom over behind the enemy base, hyperspace in a helofalota capitols and blow away the base in less than 5 mins!

I may be wrong, but IMO scouting should best be done by scouts - fighters shouldn't be scouts, they should be .. fighters! ;)

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Fighters in 1.04


You had a limited number, and because of tier 1 corvs and tartans you dont really want to build more. this was in noway a bad thing since it made you think about what you had to use them for


uses -

Primarily you used them to seek mines , then drop off a raiding corv.

They can be used to tag turrets

they can be used to supplement the battle between a corv and tartan..might give you that "edge"

they can be used to distract turrets

they can be used to sit near mines to give players options to hyper stuff in

they can sit on mines, and wait for the right time to build on them when they are safe.

they can contest a mine stalling an enemy from building on it


the important thing however is that you only have 3 fighters meaning you have to be Smart in what you use them for.


Fighters in 1.05


Crap crap crap .With no tier 1 corvs and tartans all you do is make fighters. Drag and drop , drag and drop. watch a big spam of uncontrolled dogfights where you see these little icons stack up. Wow great fun. Build , drag and drop...boring. No more limitations on fighters making you think smartly how to use them..all you do is make tons and send them in. No need to smartly move them since you can drop em anywhere. Its as fun as rearranging windows folders. no wonder people have to tier up ..cos its ****. Fighters are ****e , and in FoC guess what! they are makeing them stronger meaning your FORCED to build and watch the uncontrolled dogfights and spam.

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Fighters and bombers have always had their place and importance in EaW. Furthermore, 1.05 made fighters all the more important. I used fighters (especially Rebel A wings) to do a number of things from run interference for my capital ships (properly placed a fighter can take some of the turbolaser fire for your Nebulon-B or whatever ships you are using) to destroying a Space Station entirely. A-wings are also useful in thwarting a TIE bomber rush because they can distract them with their special ability so your Corellian Corvettes can do their job. 4-5 squads of A-wings, micromanaged properly, can take out a Tartan Patrol Cruiser. Bombers can easily take down capital ships (I used 4 squads of Y wings to cripple a SSD the other day in multiplayer) if the capital ships have no bomber support. Every unit on EaW has it's purpose (except Interdictors, they are pointless).


I will say that Y-wings are quite retarded as compared to TIE bombers, as they seem to fancy flying around targets and doing barrelrolls rather than hitting targets *growl*


Edit: I am referring to online multiplayer games only, Interdictors are useless for that sort of game unless playing a campaign game.

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Sorry to change subject, but Interdictors are very important for an attacking imperial fleet!, to kill every rebel unit is a blessing, against a human player or a computer.

The interdictor's purpose is to stop retreats. But fighters have always have their purpose, besides without them the Death Star could not be killed, nor could easily wipe out a rebel fleet (with some exceptions).

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And speaking of Interdictors, the ability to jam incoming missiles is nothing to scoff at either. 3-4 Broadsides/Marauders can make short work of your fleet unless you can jam their incoming missiles.


Back on topic, though: It will be quite interesting to see what the new fighters in FoC (Phantoms, Defenders, B-wings) does for the Empire and Rebels. That's not even considering the Consortium and their fighters.

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that or their pop cap has been used up one reason not to use eaw without mods. Fighters have their uses a cheap fast way to take out the bomber squads that their your capital ships to peices, and yet another great reason to use mods. Also in swarms the can do quite a bit of damage to corvettes and frigates, same as above statements.

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The game screws with the definitions of these ships. That's the prob.


A Corvette has like 2 guns. How can it annihilate fighters? The Imperial "Tartan" or whatever is stupid too. Imperials should have a Lancer frigate. That is a ship designed for whipping fighters asses.


They balanced the crap out of the game with no regard for the true ship designs laid down in many books over the years. This is why I haven't played anything but the demo. That was enough for me. Rebellion is the superior game.


The developers basically ignored every good game to come out of LucasArts. I could lay to waste a Corvette with one X-Wing or TIE Advanced in the X-Wing/TIE Fighter/XWA. A TIE Bomber with torpedos could cripple one quick. That's how it should be.


In either of those games I could lay waste to an ISD and even the SSD (took an insane amount of time, however). It was fun to have a single fighter be able to do so much, though a bit unrealistic. EEA has taken it to the other extreme, however.

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i quite like fighters, apart from when there is a corvette or otherwise around - they are fast and can evade the capital ships that people seem to load up on once they reach the highest tech level the bombers are extremely useful and i always keep a squad in my reinforcements thing just in case a nasty destroyer appears out of nowhere, then i have something to counteract it - they are also very cheap - just watch out for those stupid corvettes and such

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2 good uses for rebel fighters in GC:

1. As a tactical reserve.

Never deploy fighters the way the computer automatically does in front of your frigates and corvettes as the first thing the AI throws at you are the tartans. Before the battle find out how many tartans there are. Once you've destroy all the tartans with your frigates the fighters will cause merry hell in the capital ship ranks as X-wings are much more rounded and carry torpedos (could be a mod i've got running). If there's tartan garrison you need to get rid of the hangar - rush Y wings or fight with frigates.


Anywho you've got rid of the tartans and now Y wings can slaughter capital ships getting key hardpoints (shield generators make things so much quicker when they're in pieces) on all of the capital ships, X wings can do a multitude of roles - fighter or bomber - and A wings come into their own as in close quarters they are actually better at destroying fighters than corvettes as the corvettes need to manuvour to a good firing position.


2. As a full assault force.

Suppose a planet has two hypervelocity guns as one did that I had to take (knew because R2D2 and C3PO found out). An attack force with just fighters will take the place by storm without a hypervelocity bullet being shot at the precious mon cals. Jobs a good'n'.


Everyone seems to think the corvettes are stupidly good against fighters. If no corvette ever meets my fighters my fighters can kick sweet imperial ass.

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