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Just Bought Ankh, played about half way through it and I must say it is quite impressive, the puzzles are really similar to LucasArts which is great! and the settings are nice also. The game is far from flawless but it is the closest thing we will get to Monkey Island for the time being.

Just wondered if any of you guys have played it and what you think of it?

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I played the demo and watched the trailer before it came out. The visual presentation and such was alright, but the combination of suspicious voice acting and bland humour made it fairly cringe inducing. I don't think I'd be able to take an entire game full of that.

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Luckily the German version got an absolute voice acting bonus there, at least for German movie lovers:


Assil - Oliver Rohrbeck (Ben Stiller's German voice)

Thara - Ranja Bonalana (Reneé Zellweger, Sarah Chalke)

Osiris - Frank Glaubrecht (Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Costner, Al Pacino)

Dinar - Ernst Meincke (Patrick Stewart)

The Pharao's Daughter - Dascha Lehmann (Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Love Hewitt)

The Mummy / The Sphinx Trader / Palace Guard - Thomas Danneberg

(one of the most versatile German voice actors, as he lends his voice to John Travolta, John Cleese, Sylvester Stallone, Dan Aykroyd, Nick Nolte, Terence Hill, Rutger Hauer, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, making Arnie sound like he could actually act!)

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I started playing it, but for some reason couldn't even get out of the house. Since I always try to avoid walkthroughs I thought I'd check back later.


I think there's a bug in there, at least there was for me. Can't remember how I got out of it.


Ankh was... okay.

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