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Custom Commando Project

Darth Hyukan

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Could anyone make this commando for me? (with printshop plz)


1. Fog

2. Dark red, black and green

3. DC-17 sniper attachment

4. not animated

5. The arms and legs are all black but everything else (including the helmet is red), the visor is green.


(can i also have a sig of him too)


(thanks ahead of time for whoever does it.)

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I wanted to post it first... this Thread is the leading Thread of "Absent Without Leave"

Leading with over 400 posts and over 15,000 vews!! "GO CUSTOM COMMANDO PROJECT!" and thank you Darth Hy for starting this, and thank you TXH-1138 for keeping it going, and I hope it shall lead on!

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Firstly, i'd like to say you guys are doing an awesome job!

secondly i'd like to make a request if you still take 'em.

Name: Sicari

Color: much like Ajax


But without the yellowish smudges, a bit of blood spatter across the chest and then a little bit more wherever you please. A few dents and scratches but not too much - when sicari fights it's rather one sided. The lighter grey color a tad darker but still lighter then the dark grey. Darker Visor as though designed for stealth (but still that nice blueish color 'cos it looks so damn nice :) )

Weapon: DC-17m sniper attachment but if you can, with a larger scope that standard and a laser sight attached with visible (red) beam.


Thanks, it'd be much appreciated :)

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man this always happens; big lulls between requests and then a bunch all at once. don't get me wrong, though, it makes me feel appreciated. first i'm going to do RC-archangel's, then Colonel Ordo's, then LordOfTheFish's.



here is sicari, i know the blood spatter sucks... those are the one things im still incapable of rending. do you like the laser?



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